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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Episode 5


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) - Episode 1

They came together twice again before the
week runs out and I was already in talking
terms with Shade even though we rarely talk in
school. Our conversation was only in my
hostel and on phone.
I called shade on this faithful day that I was
having free lecture that I wanted to see her
and she should try and come alone and never
let Bola know she was coming to my hostel. I
also call Bola to discharge her that I was not
around. Unexpectedly Shade came as I said
without Bola. We eat as usual and my heart
was beating so fast as I didn’t know where to
start from.

I let the environment cool down as she laid on
my bed and I was sitting by the edge of the
Shade:so, u said u wanted to see me for
Me:yes, its not something important like that
Shade:so, whats it?
I started perambulating up and down, talking
about my life history, my past relationship,
the future I want to build and the kind of
person I wish to build my future with. I was
just going up and down in so many direction
but at the end, I make her understand that I
will so much appreciate if we can build
something together, work towards the same
goal and build a future together…

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Me:whats funny?
Shade: All what you said is funny now as I
never even thought of it that you might want
to discuss something like this with me
Me: And what about now that have discussed
Shade:Well, it’s a NO NO for me cos have
made up my mind before my admission that I
will never date anybody in the university
Me:well, am not anybody, am snakie and I
believe we could build something together
Shade:what about Bola?
Me:she’s just a friend…a close pal
Shade: What about all those babes that use to
come for your tutorial?
Me:they are just course mate now…..Notyn
between me and anybody
Shade: I believe Bola is good for you or any of
those lady but as for me I don’t think it will
be possible.


Me:pls shade, I know what I want in life and
datz y am coming for you..moreover I don’t
think there’s anytyn impossible cos there’s no
way you will spell impossible without possible
in it….just give me a chance in your life and
believe me, you will never regret it.
***silence in the room********(I think am
getting to her already).
I started again with so many talks and all
stuff talking about what I want all over again.
Still same old story
Shade:sincerely snakie, this is heavy in my
heart cos I don’t know what to say
Me:then you can say YES.
Shade: Just like that? Please you will have to
give me enough time to think things through.
Me:No problem, if that’s what you want…..
It was a silent atmosphere as she left about
thirty minutes later. There was a sense of
fulfilment in me as I believe it was a positive
response from her. I sent her like 3pages of
text message later in the night and called her
to know how she was doing. I saw her in the
school the following day which was Friday but
never talk about our discussion.

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Shade’s house was like 40mins drive to my
house..100 naira bus or 250naira bike.
Something took me to their area on Saturday
with a friend and I called her to find out if she
was around. She described her house for me
and it was so easy to locate. She introduced
me to her senior sister and I was welcomed
cheerfully. We talked about so many things
and her sister was totally a nice person…….
Me:so, what about our discussion
Shade:we will talk about that when we get to
school now
Me:what about wont make any
Shade:lets see how it goes
Me:is that a yes?
Shade:lets just see how things develop
between us.
Me:thanks so much, you will never regret this

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***we hugged and I left their house with my
friend******My friend was already fantasizing
about shade’s physique and beauty and
commended me that she was a big fish.
School resumed on Monday and Bola was the
first person I talk to
Me:whats up Bola, how was your weekend
Bola:fine jare…
Me:I asked shade out and she accepted
Bola:ehn ehn….Good for you
Me:is that what you will say?
Bola:what did u expect me to say now…………..
Me:No problem, I just felt I should let u know
first before any other person.
Bola:ohk…..thats good…wish you the best…..
****she walked away************************
“I just hope have not lost a friend”.

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