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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Episode 6


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) - Episode 1

That was how I started my relationship with
Shade. Everything was going on smoothly and
as times goes by, we tend to know more about
her. Shade was actually a reserved lady unlike
her outward flamboyant look, she doesn’t
have a strong mind like that (so, I guess),
she’s an orphan, she lost her mum while she
was giving birth to her while her dad died
5years back, she was the last of 5 children
and her elder brother who already had grown
up children take care of her.

She stays with
her sister in their father’s house and her sister
served as her mother. She doesn’t lack much
as all her siblings contributed to her well
being and she had four source of revenue.
Since I started my relationship with Shade,
there was a bit of distance between me and
Bola even though you hardly see me and
Shade together in school..our discussion was
always on phone and sometimes in the hostel
and the highest thing we have ever done
together was just kiss like twice (maybe on
her way going home), hold her hand and hug.
Have never feel her b—m before talkless of
seeing her unclothedness, we never talk about
s-x either as I cherished her so much and I
believe all those things will come at the right

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There was a big crisis that happened in my
school during that second semester and the
school was closed down almost a year. During
this time, we visited each other at home and
she does too and within this period, have been
able to meet all her sisters and not the guys
cos she was scared of their response of her
being in a relationship. I also introduced her
to all the members of my family, it was love at
first sight for my mum as she truly love her
like a daughter and warned me that she
should be the only person she want to know
(before nko? Who will have all these and be
looking for another thing again).

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During the strike, my uncle got a shop in
computer village as work was not really
coming through, he started a business and I
use to go to his shop to help him out with
sales. Didn’t take long before our
technological system was introduced to
musical/software downloading. He bought a
laptop and I was in charge of it. Musicals
150naira, videos 200naira, softwares minimum
of 1,000naira…….He said he wanted me to
have enough savings before going back to
school, have business mind and be
independent of my parent as am already
becoming a man.

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