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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Episode 7


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) - Episode 1

I was making a lot of money during this time
with nothing really much to spend it
on.atleast I make nothing less than 10k in a
day on my own….money was coming in, I lack
nothing likewise my lovely wife too “shade”.
Due to the money that was coming in for me, I
make up my mind that even when school
resume, I will still be coming even if it was on
Saturday alone or on some Friday that are
lecture free day. Making 20k within two days
means a lot and its enough to be a big boy in

School resumed after ten month and I
couldn’t believe my relationship with shade
was almost a year without any form of
intimacy not to talk of spending a night
together…I trusted her with my life and I never
cheated on her with any lady. There was a bit
of space between me and Bola already due to
the strike as all my attention was on shade
and our relationship was like a perfect one
made from heaven.
I was in school on a Friday afternoon as usual
when I stepped out of my faculty and decided
to make my way to our canteen, I got there
and was eating when I saw a lady seated on a
guys lap, I looked very well and it was shade?
Why will she be doing dat when there were so
many space there, though all those people
there areher course mate.

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I picked my phone
and called her
Me:whats up shade?
Shade: Am fine….
Me:where are u?
Shade:Am in my department………..
Me:*****shuuu****** Department? Hope you
are good, I just say lemme find out where you
Shade:Thanks dear..hope u are ohk too
Me:am fine…..we will talk later.
I finished eating and step out of the place
without her noticing I was there. I take life
simple as anything else, even though its
normal to jealous, I always give whoever am
dating a benefit of doubt and I don’t listen to
gossips neither talk about. When I trust, I trust
someone totally from my heart.

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Later in the day after close of school when I
got to the hostel, I called shade again
Me:whats up babe, where are u?
Shade:am just leaving school
Me:ohk…so, are we seeing before going home
Shade:am not really sure cos I want to go
with Emmanuel to his house and spend
weekend there
Me:Emmanuels house?
Shade:Yes, he said his mother has been
longing to see me all this while and I just
want to go and spend this weekend there
Me:what if I didn’t call u
Shade:have been planning to call you too and
I thought maybe I will see you in school before

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Me:oga ooooo
Shade:Baby, pls can I go……pls and pls
Me:what do u want me to say?
Shade: Pls my love can go.
Shade:Thank you dear, I love you so much
Me:I love you too……..
“she cut the call and I started thinking “am I
ohkay? Was shade trying me? Emmanuel was
the same guy I saw in the afternoon carrying
her on his lap? Why was it Emmanuel? She
has never spend a night with me before nor in
my own parent house ever since we have been
dating but she told me she was going to
emmanuel’s house to spend a weekend and I
approved for her to go…………is it cos of love or
am scared to hurt her? I don’t think am even
ohk sef I concluded”

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