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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 13


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 1

Leke:are u going to the junction
Leke:come in lemme drop u
Me: thank you (we entered the back, all
labake’s eyes was on Amaka)..where are u
going this evening?
Leke:just want to see someone close by here
but labake jst want to pick something in the
mini market here
Me:ohk…..good evening sister labake
leke:its u dey are greeting now…
Labake:ahhh……good evening, my mind was
not even here again
Leke:wat are u thinking about…
Labake:dont mind me jare…..i guess this is
her uncle snakie

Leke:wat kind of question is dat….have u ever
seen him with anybody before?
Labake:datz y i wang to confirm now
Me:leave dat one now egbon leke
Leke:ohk oooo……whatz d name sister
Amaka:amaka sir
Leke:i hope we will see ur face very soon
Amaka:dat depend on snakie but i will
definitely come again
Labake:pls do come ooo cos we will like to see
ur face more often in our house
Leke parked as labake kissed him before we
all highlighted from the car….she didnt even
wait at all as she just turn her back to the
market way…….

didnt take long before i got a bus for amaka
and she left. I make my way to the market and
started loking for labake, i finally saw her in a
shop buying things
Labake:ehn ehn….wat happened , what do u
Me:ahn ahn…..are we fyting already
Labake:did u c cane or cutlass with me
Me:but ur expression says it all
Labake:wat expression, atleast its cos of that
thing u av been avoiding me
Me:baby, pls am not avoiding u now…….i just
want us to have a perfect time and a perfect
place for us….we need caution pls
Labake:which caution…..spare me pls oko
Me:Amaka is jst a friend now labake, notyn
Labake:i hear u……
Me:ohk….dont worry, i promise u there will be
time 4 us 2moro
Labake:are u sure?
Me:yes am sure…i wont go out cos of u
2moro provided leke wont be around
Labake:he is going out tomorrow but am not
sure when that will be…..i guess he has
appointment with one of his girlfriend too
Me:u and this ur leke sef, i dont know why
someone wil av a gorgeous lady like u at
home and still be looking outside
Labake:is it not u guys?i jst pray God help me
before its too late
Me:God will help all of us
Labake:sebi ur wife is also back now and she
will start monitoring ur movement up and
Me:no now baby, there wont be anytyn of
Labake:i will say u said so
We talked about so many tyns on our way
back home teasing her about her beauty and
physique,the moment we had together on
sunday and she make jest of d way i ran out
of the room….we got to the house, she
colllected the bag i helped her with and parted
way at the entrance of our individual flat. I
waited for her to open their door, she caught
me starring at her…..
Labake:go jhoor….ashewo, oko amaka

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I moved towards her door and use my hand to
block her from closing the door, i moved her
inside and closed the door behind us, i
located her lips and started kissing her,she
responded and kissed me back,she dropped
the bag on her hand as placed my hand
inside her top, pull up her bra and started
handling it, she unbuckled my belt and dig her
hand inside my jean and brought out my
dickson moving me towards the chair….i
moved along with her and decided to allow
her sit on the chair and that was not without
pulling up her carribean skirt revealing her
white pant with black designs…..i knelt down
in front of her and started sucking her left
bweast,didnt take time at all before she left
out a moan….uhmmmm…..i pull down her
pant immediately,shifted her forward to the tip
of the chair she dragged in my dickson inside
her wet k—y cat before i even adjusted
myself,she rounded her leg over my thigh and
closed up fully, i was held captive inside her
k—y cat as i couldnt move my body.continued
sucking her left bweast while playing with d
ryt one in that position, she released her leg
from me after like two mins den i started
doing the real job by bleeping harder going in
and out of her k—y cat……labake’s k—y cat
swallowed virtually all my dickson to the top
and it was so strange……..i was bleeping real
hard as if i wont come back again and d
feelings on her shows she was really enjoying
it….she had already started thanking me
before we finish…..yes….thanks so much
baby, i love u baby….. (love me ke)…..i love u
so much leke (ahhh…it was a mistake)
……have missed u so much…yes baby (all her
gilbrish was none of my business)…
Hearing her say all those things spur me on
as that was when i started going harder, i
managed to lift her up to the dinning table,
thank God there was nothing there aside the
cloth….she laid on it while i maintain a
standing position….i started bleeping all over
again, my dickson was fully inside her this
tym around , i was inside her going in and
harder baby….pls harder……..and i was going
harder like a remote control, i was going faster
and faster, tears was already flowing out of
labake’s eye before i knew what was
happening…..she was crying seriously and i
didnt even look at her, i was all smile, i hit her
harder after a while counting from one to five,
she rise up at my 5th jerk and held me tight
close to her….so tight, i was coming too,i
wanted to release myself but she held me so
tight to herself……our body came down….”am
tired pls, snakie am tired”……….its ohk,
lemme clean myself up and go

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I rushed to the rest room, clean myself up,she
was rearranging the room when i came back
inside and she was almost through holding
her pant with the bag of d food stuff she
bought at the market, she had already spray
the room, didnt know hw fast she was able to
do that. I made my way out of her flat and
close the door behind me. I opened the door
to our flat then i heard a foot step coming up,
i waited a bit to know who it was and alas, it
was leke…we greeted as i make my way inside
our flat thanking my God

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