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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 15


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The following morning, things were still not
normal as usual between me and Bimbola, I
waited till around 12pm to see if Leke will go
out but he didn’t, I guess maybe probably
there was another plan……I later went to
school to meet my friends…………Bimbola was
also around but still giving me attitude. I
received a call from Labake around 3pm
telling me she was sorry as she never knew
Leke wont be out (which one be my own now,
body need rest sef), she told me she was in a
salon in our area if I can come and check on
him on my way back from school. Told her No
that I don’t want people to be seeing us
together except if she can come and meet me
somewhere, I described the place for her (My
cousin’s hostel)…..she said she will show up if
she finish early, just told her to call me if she
will make it or not.
She eventually showed up around after 4,
apparently she didn’t make her hair again but
only retouched. We had nice time together for
the next two hours and we went our separate
ways to house……We had s-x again once
during the week in her flat and I totally
ignored Abimbola, our case was like cat and
mouse in the house as she never gave a
chance to explain myself.

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It was getting to two weeks that Abimbola
have been giving me attitude and I never show
concern either, people have started noticing
closeness between me and Labake in the
hostel but nobody suspected anytyn, our
conversations has been mutual and there was
no problem between him and Leke again, she
doesn’t even care again even if Leke go out
and didn’t come back home, I don’t know if it
was love or lust she had for me. Guys went
out and some didn’t return back to the hostel,
it was only three of us around, Me, Gbenga
and Abimbola and I sometimes leave them at
home too. We had a party to attend on Friday
and we all converge at the party on the island,
Gbenga decided he will be coming back to the
hostel on so as other guys…I told dem I will be
going home too so, Abimbola was the only
one going back to the hostel.

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I went clubbing with Labake on Friday evening
before which I already asked my cousin to
leave his hostel key behind for me as he told
me he was going home for the
weekend……….we crashed in the hostel early on
Saturday morning and it was a full round of
s-x as usual throughout the whole
day…….Labake was actually a s-x machine as
she never got tired. I love the fact that there
was no string attached between me and
Labake as we were only enjoying ourselves.

The most surprising thing was that leke didn’t
even call her throughout our stay together.
She begged me she wanted to go home on
that Saturday to pick up something for Leke
as he will be expecting it but promised to be
back on Sunday and if possible we will see.
I saw her off, when I got back, I realized there
was nothing worth waiting for in my cousin’s
place so the best thing is for me to go to the
hostel and crashed. I rested till around 9pm
but I decided to make my way to the hostel
and my aim was to go and crash immediately
am home. I got home and the main door was
opened, TV was on and musicals playing with
loud volume, I went straight to the room to
pull my top and came back to the sitting, my
mind was like lemme check Bimbola in her
room……….i opened her door and Alas what I
saw was beyond my

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