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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 16


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 1

Leke was on canine style with Abimbola
sweating like Christmas goat…………they paused
immediately they saw me….i shook my head,
closed the door and went back to the sitting
room, Leke came out like five minutes after
and went straight to his own flat…I went to
the kitchen to prepare and was eating my
noodles when Abimbola came out to meet me
after taking her bath…she was on one of my
top with a bump short. She went and lock the
door then knelt in front of me
Abimbola: Snakie pls am very sorry
Me: Sorry for what?
Abimbola: For what just happened?
Me: What happened? Notyn happened now,
atleast we are not in any relationship
Abimbola: Uhmmmm……To you we are but to
me its not the same
Me:what the difference
Abimbola: The difference is that I hold u in
high esteem but am ashamed of myself, am
ashamed of the kind of person I am…pls
forgive me
Me: Sincerely, u didn’t offend me, life is all
about choice and u made yours but it will be
an understatement if I said u didn’t disappoint
me…I never expected this, even if u want to do
this it should have been outside and not
within flat to flat
Abimbola: (Started crying)…………….Please
forgive me, I promise it wont happen again
Me: Whats my own even if it happens? Am
less concern
Abimbola: Pls now snakie, you are angry with
me……..But u know u also offended me
Me:Offend do? What did I do 2u?
Abimbola: What of Amaka? Even if u want to
do her, you should have respected me
Me: so, u think am as cheap as you? For your
information, Notyn happened between me and
Amaka and I can call her now to confirm…..All
I was saying that day was just to hype myself
in the midst of guys so that they wont mock
me….u think I dig my p—k in every
hole?…dont even say anytyn regarding that
Abimbola: So notyn happened between u and
Me: Yes, notyn happened
Abimbola: (still crying)……….pls forgive me
Snakie, cover my secret pls and don’t let
people hear this
Me: ohk……I will only forgive you on some
Abimbola: Whats that? Am ready to do anytyn
Me: How long has this been going on and
what’s the issue between you and Labake? I
want notyn but the truth or else, everybody
will know what happened…………..
Abimbola: Pls, don’t let us go to that abeg…
pls am sorry
Me:Its ohk….case close then, we are good
Abimbola: Are u angry?
(I stood up)

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Abimbola: ohk..wait, I will tell you but you
have to also promise me that nobody will hear
it from you
Me:It’s a promise that will never leak out,
even Labake wont hear about it..i only want
to know the truth on why you guys have been
behaving like cat and dog….
Abimbola:ohk……have known Labake for some
years now even before Leke moved in to this
place…then I had a boyfriend in Ogere and it
was through this my boyfriend I met Labake……
She was a friend to my boyfriend then, so I
believed. The guy was into yahoo and one of
the richest guy in the school, we use to run
different parols together, we engaged in so
many things way back then…………..anytym am
around, Labake will also come around
Me: So, u guys were like friends then
Abimbola: Somehow sha……………we even grow
to know each other much better
Me: so, what brought about the enemity?
Abimbola: Labake later introduced me to some
of her other friends and we all became friends,
we roll together and do lot of things together…
One thing led to the other, I found myself
initiated into their runs
Me: Initiated as in?
Abimbola: I became so close with one of
Labake’s friend, we were so intimate that
nobody could come in between us……………along
the line Labake started getting jealous
Me: intimate as in sexual intimate?
Abimbola: Yes……………………
Me: so, you guys were lesbian?
Abimbola: That was way back then cos am
not into it again but am sure she’s still into it
Me: How sure are you…………………..
Abimbola: She’s been doing it for so long
before I met her, she initiated me into it so I
don’t think she can stop……………more reason i
dont count it as anytyn undressing in front of
guys cos to me it means notyn and i hardly
have d feelings 4 guys like that except few
Me: uhmmmm……Am listening, so, what now
Abimbola: Labake’s lost her girlfriend along
the line so, she wanted me to be her partner,
she enticed me with everything but I didn’t
give in to her…this caused serious problem
between her and my own partner when she
discovered cos she wanted to take advantage
of us, she believed she brought us into the
game and can have anytyn at will……life was
threatened, people were hurt and things

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. Me: What do u mean by life was threatened?
Abimbola: My partner was threatened with
death…..It led to her being r.aped, molested by
guys hired by Labake, she had to run away
when she couldn’t cope cos everybody sees
Labake as god, hardly u can defeat her and
she’s a very jealous babe, she goes to any
length to achieve whatever she want…….same
was also did to me but mine was not with
guys but with Labake and some babes
watching us at gun point…I couldn’t do
anytyn….i was held captive by Labake in the
house for a full week, all we did was just s-x
and s-x……….at the end of it all, they asked a
guy to sleep with me and video it then
threatened me to say what happened to
people and see how my life will be wasted…
they let me go and I went to treat myself..
Me: uhmmmm…………na wah ooooo
Abimbola: I vowed since then not to engage in
any act of lesbianism again cos it’s a death
trap, very easy to entice you in but hard to let
go most especially if you have a partner that
doesn’t wanna let go, they can even go to the
extent of killing any guy they see with you out
of jealousy…forget the jealousy between a guy
and a lady……when a lesbo is jealous of her
partner, they can do and undo…………….I visited
ogere after two months of that incidents and it
was a big surprise when I met Labake pants
down in my boyfriend’s house, Labake was
bleeping my boyfriend, there was no remorse
from herself and I was asked to do my
worst………..i was devastated, that caused the
break up between me and my guy…..the
question was why must it be labake? After all
she did to me…………………she’s snatching my
boyfriend too

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Me: uhmmmmmm…uhmmmmmm
Abimbola: I didn’t say anytyn, she still has my
videos and anytym I remember there was
someone out there who can blackmail me, I
was never myself cause it will be disastrous…I
let evrytyn cool down for like a month, then I
arranged guys from our school to pick her up
too…….she was also molested while I watched
them live and I also cover one of the event…we
asked her to do so many things from sucking
of p—k to riding a horse…….she was with us
on the 3rd day when we got a call from her
own people in ogere…her people and my
people are the same unknown to me……so, a
meeting was called to settle things for us…we
seated on a round table and it took us hours
before we could settle the issue
Me: so, u guys finally settled

Abimbola: Yes………and have never been to
ogere ever since then………………Though I later
learnt from people that she was later a
changed person and doesn’t involve herself in
the act but i still dont believe…….It was a
surprise when we later met here and realized
Leke was his boyfriend…….So many tyms she
has had encounter with guys around this area
Me: encounter as in?
Abimbola: When she first started coming to
this area, anytym she’s passing by, guys on
the street will be calling her and asking her
out but she always abuse them and show
Me: But at least they didn’t treat her fucck up
and they are not disturbing her again
Abimbola: they are just looking for the day
she will fall into their trap, Na ogere she get
mouth and no be for here at all

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