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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 19


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 1

Labake: Na everybody go be like you,
Ashewo….Bro snakie, pls don’t mind him
ooooo……d babe no be that kind babe u fit
enter ooooo
Leke: When u reach our back now….so, u dey
eaves drop wetyn we dey talk since
Labake: when u don dey carried away with
your tutorial and your student was listening as
if it was a five unit course……just no corrupt
this innocent soul
Me: Na wah oo aunty Labake….when did u get

Labake: Don’t mind me jare, not quite long….i
was already home and met the door locked, so
I just say lemme come and buy recharge card
to call him den I saw his car I
checked in and decided to surprise you guys
Leke: Aproko is my hobbie…..e dey ur body
Labake: Thank You……..Una no go gimme
sumtyn drink too…..Mama Uche, abeg gimme
smirnoff jare
We gist about so many things before deciding
to start going home around to after 7. Leke
said he wanted to go to the cyber café but
Labake didn’t believe him..i couldn’t believe
what I heard from Leke cos it was a big
surprise and unimaginable that all my friends
have actually marked their register on
abimbola’s K—y-Cat……………………..cos the
question is, how will a lady be living in the
same flat where she has actually slept with all
the guys she’s staying with? If its true then
Bimbola is definitely a true free giver of life.
I was on my way home with Labake but
instead of going home straight, we started
perambulating all around the area and settled
for a dark coded area close to our street….i
was holding her all through while walking…
Me: Ehn..ehn, is it tru that all my friend have
tasted bimbola’s pusssy
Labake: lolzzz….who tell u that one
Me: Answer me jhoor……
Labake: Na today……………All of dem don mark
register, starting from Kay, to Gbenga,
Micheal, Tunde, John, Bosun……………………..
Me: Inside that our flat
Labake: Yes of course…..and I don’t trust you
av not done urs too
Me: Sincerely, have not…just that I realized
she’s giving me sign somehow
Labake: Giving you sign abi, don’t even try it
ooo…cos am not even ready to share you with
anybody not to talk of that devil
Me: But am already sharing you with Leke

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Labake: Ehn..but Leke has been there before
you now and I can even ditch him for u cos
am even tired of the guy already
Me: Ditch him ke? Up to that…………….
Labake: Am not enjoying anytyn in that
relationship now…look at it, am sure if we go
to that cyber café he wont be there…he has
gone to meet one student to bleep like that be
that and he left me with you
Me: You shouldn’t be bothered now cos you
also have me….You are not also alone
Labake: Abi ooo….i don’t even care about
anytyn he does…..
Me: are not serious
Labake: But promise me one thing?
Me: Whats that baby…..
Labake: That you will never have anytyn to do
with bimbola cos I no she will tempt you
Me: How will I have anytyn to do with her…
she’s a biatch, I cant even imagine that all my
friends have bleeped her
Labake: Lolzz…why do u think I always refer to
her as una wife, I was telling you the other
time how she was sharing it from within the
same room and to another flat..u think say na
joke, if u no believe, ask your friend most
especially Gbenga, she will give u all the
download of how it all happened……….U no say
that one get Ashewo very well and he too dey
Me:lolzz…no dey abuse my friend ooo
Labake: Who dey abuse am… u know
Gbenga asked me out?
Me: lailai..i don’t believe that
Labake: Sit down there, I just behaved
maturely and ignored him cos I don’t do house
Me: whats now happening between me and
Labake: Sincerely, I cant pinpoint wat
attracted me to you…maybe cos of the kind of
person you are and you seems reserved as a
person even though you are not reserved on
bed..You are something else on bedmatics
Me: what do you expect before now………..
Labake: lolzz…..Ashewo, continue eating
another man’s meat
Me: which other man’s meat……..(I placed a
kiss on her and fondled her bweast a little)
Labake: leave me jhoor…u no dey even fear
again sef, u no even dey worry of pple wey dey
pass and if pple see us
Me: Like I care..who will see us from here
Labake: there are some pple with eagle eye
oo…they can see anytyn from anywhere
Me: I hear u……

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Labake: But the truth be say, u no even dey
fear again
Me: Fear wetyn……because I never collect u
fully from Leke…..does he give it to you the
way I do?
Labake: Forget that one…Ashewo, lets go
home jhoor..Leke is calling me already, maybe
he’s home..lets go abeg……………….
Leke only called for Labake to prepare what
they will eat that he will soon be home. We
walked back home and we met Abimbola and
Gbenga downstairs discussing, I greeted
Gbenga, labake and bimbola hissed at each
other…Labake walked out of the place and
went upstairs..Bimbola started questioning
where I was coming from and Gbenga shunned
him that which one was her own…………….I went
upstairs to use the rest room and what I met
in our flat was something else….

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