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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 20


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 1

I saw a used condom that was not flushed in
the toilet…I was so sure that it was not the
one I used with bimbola earlier cos I make use
of the toilet before I went out and there was
notyn of such there. I met Micheal and Kay
downstairs by the time I came back, Kay went
upstairs with Abimbola and it was remaining
just three of us…(me,micheal and gbenga)
Me: when you come house Gbenga
Gbenga: Around dat kind 6pm………….
Me: You carry babe come?
Gbenga: No oooo
Micheal: Why all those questioning now, u be
hin papa ni….
Me: The guy used condom throw am inside
toilet and e no flush am
Micheal: How u take sure say nah in use
Me: Bimbola wan use condom…….i dey sure
say nah in use am
Micheal: Bro, wetyn happen……I don believe
snakie now, u get any assignment wey u just
Gbenga: No mind am jare, na premier league I
go play jare against Birmingham Fc
Micheal: For wembly abi?
Gbenga: Yes……….

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Micheal: Baba ooooo………… sef suppose
enter that league very soon ooo…….make I see
wether I fit come play friendly for wembly
Gbenga: U dey craze, we wey get town never
dey use am very well, u wan come from la liga
wan come play friendly for our
stadium…………..u dey craze
(Tunde met us on the discussion)
Micheal: U no say the last tym, na champions
league final I come play there and they almost
won me if not for my extra extra
time I take win the game


Me: Guys, make una stop all this thing now…
make una feel me in (I already understand
what they were talking about, Bimbola was
actually the Birmigham FC while wembly
where they played the game was our flat)
Micheal: Forget am snakie…………No be
everytyn dem dey expose jare
Gbenga: Snakie still dey for championship,
snakie na like Sheffield united, when the time
comes, he will get promoted to the premier
league and he will start playing at wembly but
for now, make hin still dey for that place…………
Tunde: Una no well ooo…why una come turn
una friend to Ajao now…..snakie, no worry, I
go feel u in later on all wetyn dem dey talk
Gbenga: U no say Kay na agbaya
Micheal: How?
Gbenga: He don play for wembly tire no come
dey send again……………………

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Tunde: make una leave that egbon jare
Gbenga: Shut up, u sef dey talk……u wey be
say you qualified to go play for wembly once,
na beat dem beat you come house
Micheal: Lolzzz……The guy no strong at all
Me: all of una dey craze, na me una turn to
mumu abi…e dey una body
Micheal: u dey go? No go now….oya come
make I tell u who Gbenga carry come house
Me: I no wan hear again…..una no well at all
I never imagined that kind of analogy I just
heard, to them, I don’t really understand what
they were saying but to me, I understand them
perfectly…………A devil will always be a devil,
why wont this babe change, I would have
strangled them to death if both of them
happens to be my sister ( what am I even
saying, God wont even let me have this kind of
being as my family member not to talk of

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