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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 21


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 1

I made up my mind not to have anytyn to do
with either of them again cos i understand
that it wont be easy for me if everytyn burst
out….am bleeping labake and bimbola,leke is
bleeping bimbola and bimbola is bleeping
every guy. I cant even settle with either of
them cos this babes can do and undo. I fear
for my life,cant believe my p—k pushed me
into this.


Over the next one and half month,i try as
much as possible to fight all temptation from
abimbola,there’s always one excuse or the
other from me anytym we were alone,i believe
she never sensed i know her dealings…..during
this time also, i tried as much as possible to
stay away from labake but i fell into her trap
for the first time,it wasnt easy for the second
tym as those girls had turned s-x into a
hobbie for me……labake’s package was too
tight to do away with,i always fall for her
bweast cos of it attractiveness…….from once,
it becomes twice and thrice till she started
confessing her love to me and was looking for
a way to elope with me and do away with
leke….all her claim was that she doesnt love
leke again and her life has changed ever since
she started having s-x with me…..she wished
to start a new beginning with me but i always
explain to her that it might not be possible
sighting excuse that have been gilted by a
lady before,i knew what the feeling will be
like,i cant do same to another guy….
We were all in the sitting room on this fateful
sunday, it was already around 10am and
bimbola was not out of her room which was
very unusual, i volunteered to check her out
and what i saw was bimbola in a pool of her
blood holding her stomach…i shouted and all
guys came inside, blood was gushing out of
her K—y-Cat, her gown and pant soaked,she
was already weak,she couldnt speak nor
move……all guys were even scared to carry
her….i lifted her up from the pool of blood,i
was soaked instantly too…..kay took the car
key as we rushed downstairs, none of other
guys joined us. we started moving to the
hospital. We got to the first hospital and after
bringing her out, she was rejected immediately
when the nurse sighted her and said they
couldnt attend to her, we were advised to take
her to general hospital…..

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I was getting scared already, on our way out,
a woman advised we should take her to either
sent nicolas or luth for better
treatment…….we started heading to luth, kay
was moving as fast as possible, the
unexpected happened when we got to
itire……Abimbola was not breathing

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