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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 22


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 1

I shouted as kay stop driving, he looked back
and started the car again then he started
moving as if we were doing formular 1……we
got to the hospital and she was admitted
immediately….apparently she collapsed cos of
loss of blood……Dr came out later telling us
she will be ohk that the most important thing
now is that she will need blood and being
sunday, it might be difficult to get blood from
blood banks………we need money urgently or
blood. All we had on us was not even up to

Kay left me in the hospital saying he needs to
go home and hustle for more money from
guys, i was not even with my atm card to get
cash…….i clean myself up, sent sum1 a byc
shirt to put on while waiting for kay…i waited
for kay till like around 5pm but he didnt show
up, his number was not going again
either…all other guys i called didnt pick my
Dr called me and said we will loose her if
something is not done urgently, i volunteered
to donate blood for her since am a general
donor……..i called my brother to bring money
for me as luth was a bit close to my
house…he only brought 5k…….i couldnt go
home as all i was doing was just praying for
her…….i slept at the hospital beside her and
when the dr resumed the following morning,
he called me to his office

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Me:good morning dr, thanks so much for
Dr:thank God… only doing my
job……..who are you to the lady
Me:she’s my friend
Dr:friend as in intimate friend? you are her
Me:nah……am not, just a very close friend to
Dr:well i guess maybe u are a friend to her
Me:not really
Dr:ohk……what happened was that she used
drug to abort her pregnancy
Dr:yes…..she over used the drug which
affected her, we will need to flush her womb to
stabilize her and this might caused conceiving
problem for her in the near future…
Dr:am only telling you so that you will know
how to break it to her…..her womb was
already weak and i guess she had done
abortion before which she might have been
advised not to do any other one again……
Dr:we will do the cleansing for her later today
and hopefully she should be okay in a day or
two but i will advise you inform her parent so
that they can know all whats happening to
Me:ohk dr….i will call her parent but can i see
her and talk to her
Dr:sure but she doesnt have much strength
yet so, notyn to really discussed with her

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Me:thank you so much dr.
I went straight to her ward, she was already
awake, i sat beside her and asked her for any
of her people’s number which i can contact,
she gave me junior brother’s number which i
called and asked to speak to her mum…i
explained to her mum that she was sick and
we rushed her down to the hospital……her
mum, dad and junior brother came an hour
later…..they thanked me so much and dr
explained all what happened to
them….initially they thought i was her
boyfriend until i told them i was not…..

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