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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 26


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 1

It wasn’t a dream after all, it was reality….i
bleeped my cousin so many tyms, my cosin
was the baddest babe ever…what’s it really
my fault? I don’t think so cos we hardly meet
most of our extended families…There is even
one of my uncle’s children that I will never
recognise that we were family members even if
we meet ourselves on the road (most of them
are older than me and some my age mate)
… mood changed instantly, I feel
ashamed…I was ashamed of my past four
month, have been living a clean sexual life
before these devil made me commit an

Our greetings was just Hi and Labake
disappeared immediately without knowing
where she was, apparently she was ashamed
too and never believed what she saw………..I
stepped out and started looking for her but I
didn’t see her, I didn’t know her whereabout
and I later forget about her..its better I let
everytyn die down just like that. I tried as
much as possible to forget about how it all
happened but the memory kept flashing
back…..I was totally into the mood when
somebody touched me from behind and
grabbed my neck and whispered to my ear…..
Labake: Can I see you for a moment?
Me: Ohk……No problem
Labake: Lets excuse ourselves to where
there’s no much noise
Me: Ohk….

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I followed her as she lead the way totally out
of the party arena, we were on our way out
when I ran into my mum discussing with
My Mum: snakie, come…come…come
Me: (Ahhhh………….how do they meet)…Good
afternoon Ma, How is everytyn Ma
Woman: Good afternoon snakie
My mum: do u know each other before
Other woman: Don’t tell me this is your snakie
My mum: Yes..he’s the one ooo
Woman: God shouldn’t kill a child for his
parent oooo……come and see something, no
wonder they said blood is thicker than water
My Mum: what happened………
Woman: He’s in the same school with my
Abimbola and they are friends self not
knowing they are family member
Me: (Mo gbe…………..Bimbola is my family
member too)..yes ma
My mum: we are like water in this life……do u
know that my sister I always tell you about,
that I told you I stayed with their parent when
I was small?
Me: Yes Ma…..
My mum: She’s one of my senior sister…
Me: I don’t understand Ma…..
My mum: Olodo ni e……My mum (grandma)
and their mum are sisters…….Grandma was
even the one that trained their mother………….

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Me: so, she’s my aunt..
My mum: Aunt ko, Aunt ni..she’s your mummy
Bimbola’s mum: The funniest thing is that
he’s always frequent in our house these days
but I never took my tym to ask him about his
Me: (Labake and Bimbola, my cousin…………
have eaten the forbidden fruit)…what of
Bimbola Ma….
Bimbola’s Mum: she’s not even a b—–d………
that’s her coming
My mum: she’s grown ooooo………Husband
should be on the corner now ooo
Bimbola’s mum: Abi ooooo
My heart was beating faster as Abimbola was
approaching where Labake was standing……
hope this babes wont cause scene and scatter
everytyn………………(I don die, e remain make
dem burry me)…….

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