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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 3


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 1

“Abimbola rested on the arm of the chair, her
hand over my head and my head directly
under her medium size bweast”

Abimbola: I go dey run from all of una now
sef, Abeg no join them oo snakie, all these
guys are corrupt already
Micheal: No worry, we go initiate am……na
only small tym e remain
Tunde: Yes oooo…na gaucho we go first give
am make e bleep the hell out of his head
Me:who be gaucho
Kay: that babe wey dey stay down the street
Me:U mean Rukky?
Kay: yes now….
Me:una wan kill me abi, d babe wey be say na
all the confra wey dey this school she don
bleep finish
Kay: All join now…u dey fear?na wetyn go
make u strong be that..u no once u don do
that one, u go get mind to enter any hole
Me:Before or after my death

Tunde:Anyone oga
Abimbola: No mind dem oooo snakie, abeg,
me I still love near the girl ooo………No
be that useless geh cos fyt wey happen for
junction that day wey dem drop one guy later
Me:ehn… na the babe, why una com
dey call am gaucho
Abimbola: na Tunde go fit explain that one
Tunde:U no say na we bam the geh when she
resume this school two years ago……you know
who the real gaucho be now
Me:U mean Ronaldinho gaucho?
Tunde: Yes now…….The geh na world best wen
it comes to bleeping………The geh be
professional for sucking……..she nearly kill me
the first tym she s—-d me, u see that her
round mouth ehn..if she use am grab p—k, no
matter how huge or big the thing is, I swear
your p—k go disappear for her mouth and u
go forget your name instantly…… got to a
stage wey be say no be me dey bleep the babe
again, she nearly kill me with bleeping before I
transfer her give gbengulo
Me:so, all this thing dey happen and I no

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Kay:how u wan take know? U dey stay for our
place ni………………
Tunde:No mind this baba weyrey wey dem dey
call kay, nah in put me enter her runs but the
babe heavy pass me wallahi…even gbenga sef
no fit cope
Abimbola: no mind dem…na the kind of geh
wey fit them b dat………….The geh win both of
them for every angle not until they join hand
together before they were able to win her
Me:Join hand together as how…………
Abimbola:Ahhhh..dem never play you the
film…………make I play u abeg
Tunde:stop jhoor…..that one na bygone
Abimbola:No oooo..i go play am for
Tunde:If u say anytyn there wallahi I go break
your head
Abimbola:Come break am now…I go talk
Grace:talk jare Bimbola
Kay:I no say na wetyn ur ear go rise up to be
Grace:before nko?
Abimbola: Na dem gist me ooooo………One
evening like that, them go take Ale, opa eyin
and ponmo for iya uche place, Micholo get
assignment with one babe that day but dem
come follow am go, awoof things now, na so
the geh com dey wakka pass…….dem greet her
but on her way coming back, gbengulo stop
her come dey psyche the geh…..he follow the
geh go her hostel and they came back
together…like play like play, the geh follow
them come house, u no say gbengulo get
sweet mouth now……..Micolo enter room with
hin babe come leave three of them for sitting
room, before Tunde go know wetyn dey
happen, gbengulo don carry gaucho enter
room too, he no easy for him to enter the geh
head to bleep am but she later agreed
sha……..Na shoki Tunde think say dem just
wan do but not until he started counting
tym..seconds becomes minutes den later it
became hours……
Tunde: E don do jhoor…shut up..ode
Grace:Shut up ko, shut down ni…talk jhoor

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Abimbola: Konji na b—–d, I hear say before
night come, Tunde try to control all his babe
but all disappoint, Gbengulo came out looking
so tired like person wey spirit suck hin blood
come meet tuned for sitting room
so dem agree say make Tunde too go try her
luck say hin don tire but e b like say d babe
never tire ooo..unto say there was no light
now…..Tunde enter the room, I no even know
either the babe slept off or not but according
to Tunde, he just pounce on the babe and
started bleeping her too…..
Me:And the geh no notice?
Abimbola:U think say na play dem dey call
person Gaucho?
Me:na wah oooooo…….
Abimbola: Wait now…..when God wan catch
dem…….Tunde never stay up to 20mins before
NEPA restored light, dem no 4get to off the
light of the so the babe realized say
na Tunde dey bleep am.

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