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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 4


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 1

Grace:Lolzzz…..wetyn come happen
Abimbola: nah hin the geh start to dey para
for middle of the night ooo…begin to dey shout
say wetyn dem take her for, this and that…
hin dem com start to dey plead, beg the girl
Me:but them don bleep her individually before
Abimbola: Yes but e pain the geh say dem
play on her intelligence. Say, if to say dem tell
her before hand, she go know wether to agree
or not but dem take her as mumu
Me:na serious yawa be that oooo..wetyn com
happen? How dem take settle am
Tunde:Stop jhoor…Amebo, na wetyn we go see
am for b that
Abimbola:Na Micolo help them beg the babe
after so much pleading and all sort but she no
get option again as night don come………………
Me:Na wah ooooo…………………….
Abimbola: After the girl cool down, do u know
Tunde still went inside to the geh
Me:And she no break bottle for hin head
Abimbola: The babe na real Gaucho…….i no no
wether dem drug am abi na juju, she been dey
sleep wen Tunde enter the room, she just cover
hersef with wrapper and she no lock door, Na
so my guy come dey kolobi the girl so tey he
remove wrapper for her body, start to dey suck
the babe and finger her
Grace:And she no wake up?
Abimbola: She did oooo…..when she open her
eyes see wetyn Tunde dey do, Na she come
even dey drag Tunde to do am harder……. nah
in the babe start to dey bleep him. Gbengulo
later join them na so dem do three somes
ontop the girl that night but upon that, na
them still tire…….dey just dey look like mumu
the following morning, na micolo babe suffer
am the following morning as dem just dey
shout for food.
Me:na wah oooo…na hin be say the babe later
enjoy the film now
Tunde: No mind the yeye girl jare
Grace:But hw u take do am Tunde?
Kay: Shut up…..oya go inside jhoor…..i dey
come meet u
Grace:Shut up ko, shut in ni……continue jare
baba oko mi (continue my father inlaw)
Tunde:The babe dey very useless anytym she
dey sleep, she can sleep anyhow…..Na sitting
room me and gbengulo dey after we settle
everytyn, cold come start to dey catch us for
midnight then I decided to go in and look for a
wrapper to cover ourselves. I opened door and
she was fast asleep, coverless, the wrapper
she used in covering herself has removed from
her body and she was facing up totally
unclad. My p—k stood up immediately, I used
one mind to move towards her. Even if Gaucho
is dead, once your mouth touch the tip of her
right Tip, wallahi she will wake up. The Tip
was my first contact and I started sucking the
right one without touching her, she begin dey
move her head sideways after a while and
didn’t take long before I started hearing
uhmmmmm silently and her hand was all over
my body rubbing my head and back.

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I balanced well and concentrated on the two
bossom, sucking both of them
interchangeably, I started finger bleeping at
the same time too. The moment I relaxed to
pick up CD and start working, she opened her
eyes to talk “Not yet Tunde”……I was happy
inside me as we switched position and she
came on top.she moved down, stroke my
p—k, I was lost in her mouth within twinkle of
an eye, I never knew I could speak and pray
like that, so many prayers coming out of my
mouth…I didn’t even know when I came, all I
remembered was that she was riding on me
unprotected going up and down while my
hand was handling her bweast…..What a sweet
experience as we switched position again and
I lifted her to the reading table and started
bleeping her. We were so carried away that we
didn’t know when gbengulo entered and was
watching free blue film live and direct, it was
when I lifted her back to the bed that she saw
him, I thought she will get angry but she just
excused herself and stepped out of the room, I
was still gisting with Gbenga when she came
back with a bottle of Vodka from the fridge,
she had almost finished the bottle, I was on
bed when she moved closer to gbenga and
started kissing him, I was dumb founded as
they both find their way to the bed, I wanted
to stand up and excuse dem but the babe just
grab my p—k and started playing with it. It
was then we realized we will be doing three
somes. It was a wonderful experience as it got
to a stage it wasn’t her again and the drink
was having effect on her..she will drink small
and continue with us until she finished the
whole bottle, we got tired after like an hour
but the babe was still eager to go, 3 of us
later relax on bed with her in the middle and
shared her bweast among ourselves.
Grace: some girls sha and anybody wey see
her cool face will say she’s so gentle and
doesn’t know anytyn………………………………..
Abimbola: Na professional ooo, I no even fit
compete with her. U come know wetyn come
end their life after like 3 weeks of the scene?
Tunde:wetyn? U no go keep quiet before I
break your head now

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Abimbola: na me u fit shout on…….Gaucho na
your oga, na she I go call come meet you now
Tunde:Your papa

Kay:You sef e don do Abimbola
Abimbola: Your mama too Tunde…Both of
them tested positive for Gono after 3
weeks………D babe give them STD na why dem
no dey go near the babe again..dem come dey
regret afterwards. Na the babe wey dem want
make snakie go bleep be that…….
Tunde:sebi u don talk am finish now so wetyn
remain? Snakie get odechi 4 body now….too
much power, STD no fit catch him
Me:I hear u abeg…This una neighbour noise is
becoming too much ooo……..make una go
separate them now
Kay:Oga, u fit go separate them if you want,
people wey be say give dem two hours now, u
go see them outside dey caress each other..e
no go even look like say dem argue some
hours ago talkless of fight
Tunde:na so the tyn dey be oo…dem go just
put u for middle ni……..i don try to separate
them one day but they almost break my head.
Kay:Abeg, make I go watch their film small
Grace:where u dey go? Abeg come back here
Kay: I dey come jhor
Tunde: Abeg, make I join u
Abimbola: na wetyn we go see them for be
dat, Aproko is my hobbie..oko Gaucho
Me:This thing is getting serious ooooo with all
this sound coming out from their flat
My friend were actually right as I saw
neighbour and his girlfriend later in the
evening outside in a lovely and romantic
mood. (Who will say this babe just received
beating of her life early today)

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As days becomes week, everything was
becoming interesting with gist here and there
while we were still doing our clearance for
service. Hardly a day goes by without a lady
visiting us in the flat, the list of my friend has
two girlfriend and the funniest thing was that
most of them knew each other, it was like a
competition, u either fight for your place or
find your way out. Most of the girls always
commend my kind of person being gentle with
no girlfriend and all sort but with will I do
now. They will be inside the room bleeping
each other most times while I will be in the
sitting room perceiving their noise and
watching film sometimes.
Something happened one day that changed

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