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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 6


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 1

Kay: who dey house…………………
Gbenga: Ah …….Sister Labake
Labake: good evening ooo
Tunde: good evening
“there was serious surprise on their face, the
mood both of us are playing game and labake
putting on my top” we heard another knock on
the door like 5minutes later
Labake: Thanks so much for everytyn Uncle
Me:Uwc…….(she stepped out of the room)
Gbenga: kay, something don dey happen for
this house oooo…………eh
Micheal: I dey tell you, neighbour girlfriend,
together with snakie alone in the room,
playing game together
Kay: how come, the babe never entered our
house before…….moreover putting on snakie
Tunde: something is fishy here……tell us snakie
Me:una dey craze, wetyn wan dey
fishy..everybody go be like una?
Gbenga: Oga forget that one jhoor…
Kay: Abeg, make una increase the volume of
the sound system first make neighbour no dey
hear wetyn we dey talk
Micheal: talk tru snakie, na we-we, nobody
dey hear us again…how many rounds una
go..the babe tyt?
Gbenga: You no see the bobbie ni….una no
see as d tyn stand? I dey sure the babe no
wear bra
Tuned: she no wear now
Kay: but upon that, the tyn still stand dat
Micheal:u no go believe say any tym wey d
babe pass me by and greet me, na the bobbie
I dey always dey look
Gbenga: Sincerely, na y god collect yansh from
am come dash her bobbie
Tunde: if you dey talk of yansh….her own still
dey moderate ooo…..the babe over set, see her
height now
Kay: the babe go just dey intimidate snakie
with her height ni
Tunde: Snakie, where una use? Na u dey down
or up?
Gbenga: I no just know why neighbour dey
treat dat babe like that and even she sef, she
no wan go
Micheal: na money now and I guess neighbour
sabi d tyn very well..u no say neighbour sef
gather p—k very well like snakie
Kay:Neighbour p—k no reach snakie own
ooooo………I bet say d babe no go even fit
witstand snakie own but neighbour sef carry
Tunde:so, how the game b snakie cos una no
notice say d babe wakka no dey straight
sef..its unlike her
Kay: yes ooooo……e be like say snakie don
eventually bad pass all of us oo cos this one
world record..flat
Micheal:na so pple like them dey be……dem
dey bad after they don winch dem finish
“I just kept quiet as Abimbola came out”


Kay: so, u even dey house sef
Abimbola: No…I travel commot ni..all of una
mind dirty
Tunde:say wetyn?
Abimbola:see as una dey analyse another man
wife as if una no get una own….
Gbenga: e no still mean jhoor
Micheal: I dey always dey wish maybe she can
even give me chance for once, wallahi I go die
there ni
Abimbola: I don know say na where u follow
come u go follow go before micheal
Kay:so, na you come be referee between
snakie and neighbour wife for house
Abimbola: wetyn concern me….the guy almost
kill the babe dis afternoon, thank God for
snakie cos if not him, I don’t know who will
kill each other between them
Gbenga: Na wah ooo..this neighbour na
something else, e go just dey beat the babe
Micheal: the babe sef dey enjoy am now cos if
not, na by force? Dem never marry now..if na
my sister person dey treat like that..i go swear
for my sister and disown her..rubbish
Abimbola: the guy tore all her cloth ni
oo..lock door and went out na why snakie
borrowed her top
Kay: oga ooooo…..but with the mood we met
u guys, the babe don dey like u oooo
Me:u dey ko, love ni
Micheal: talk true, if e open yansh, u no go
Me:enter fire
Abimbola: Abeg, make una leave snakie, wetyn
una go eat
Kay:eat ke? We no dey eat anytyn ooo…we are
over fed already
Gbenga: except u go gimme b—m milk sha..i
fit drink
Abimbola:where u go see dat one
Gbenga: the one wey dey your chest nko? No
be free God give you
Abimbola:carry straw come now…ode, make
una no just corrupt my snakie, we will go and
buy bread outside then to eat
Kay: next week Friday is dem david graduation
bash at the place and dey said its strictly by
Me:david in sociology?
Kay: yes…dem later join us for AJ and we were
all together till this evening so, we already
requested for 6 IV. They said we will pay for
four and they will give us two free. But I never
know who and who go get interest
Tunde: na everybody now……
Gbenga: no oo..snakie fit no wan go ooo..u no
say e no dey like go this kind thing before
except we force am.
Abimbola:e go go dis tym around…..
Kay:ladies are free..that means micolo go
need go bring his car from home so that we
can move with two cars as I might want to go
with my chikala
Micheal:I dey go home for weekend now..i go
bring am come jare..the car sef just dey sit
down for house ni
Abimbola: snakie, abeg lets go and buy bread
outside before its too late jare
Kay: abeg buy small for me ooo.. I fit eat abeg
Gbenga: Buy for me too
Me:sebi una talk say una no dey eat ni….
Kay: we don change our mind….
Me:make una bring money then
Gbenga:help your brothers now for
us even if na 100 naira or 200 naira
Abimbola: lemme get money inside jare snakie
(she put her hand over my neck as we stepped

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We walked down to junction,i noticed the road
was a bit empty on our way going,even
though our area was not a busy one like that
but it was too dark and empty
Me:whatz happening, people are so few on the
Abimbola:i dunno, maybe pple entered inside
so early….
Me:na wah ooo….

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Abimbola:but its a bit empty sha…
We walked down to the junction, bought bread
for N300 and N200 sardine and started
walking back home, we got to the entrance of
our street but i was still sceptical about how
the road was
Me:wait bimbola, lets discuss here before
going home
Abimbola:ehn…ehn, whats that
Me relaxed by the body of a car)……..what
was the attitude this afternoon about
Abimbola:which attitude
Me:u were just hissing around when labake
was in our house dis afternoon
Abimbola:u noticed that?i thoight love was in
the air and u have no tym for that….sebi u
guys were happy 2geda playing games and
having fun
Me:which kind love b dat?whats happening
between both of u?y d beef
Abimbola:that weyrey geh…..abeg 4get her
matter jhoor
Me:wetyn happenef (my hand on her waist)
Abimbola:there was a tym shaccused ed e i
was dating her husband and it led to serious
Me:fyt as in?hw did it happened
Abimbola:no b hin guy, d guy na confirm
womaniser, he use to bring girls home anytym
d weyrey geh is noaroundnd, u no he has
money now. …i can even count how many
school babe e don bleep
Me;u no mean am?
Abimbola: yes now……he started asking me
out stylishly but i didnt give him any face, i
still have some of d text msg for my fone sef
Me:how she come take accuse
Abimbola:thank u oo…i was at home alone
that faithful day wen leke knocked our dpor
and asked if e can borrow my charger then i
borrowed him,later in d day my battery went
flat and i went to the guys place to collect my
charger…Unfortunately the weyrey geh came
back from school dat moment and met me
going out of their flat…dat was how she
attacked me and led 2 serious fyt…
Me:fyt ke?
Abimbola:yes ooo…..serious one
Me:wat did leke do?
Ahimbola:: he was just begging me dat day
and boys no dey around sef…since dat day, i
don dey look 4 d geh make she cross my line
Me:na wah ooo
Abimbola:and d weyrey geh way no pure ooo
Me:as in?
Abimbola:we know all her runs 4 ojere
now… b only leke she dey date now
Me:hw u take know dat one….
Abimbola:i get all my goons around now….
Me:oga ooo…..what about the babe wey u
wan gimme now……
Abimbola:na tryke package i dey try arrange
4u but e be like say she never sure
Me:tryke ke? I been dey think between bunsky
or cherrybrown now cos have been lookings
towards their packages that any of them will
suite my person…….

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Abimbola: you have to choose one abeg, na
ritababe or cutieepearl dey my mind before….
Me:no b me first talk then before you gave
them to yurme and lumzybo
Abimbola:shey you go manage iyoaye or
Me:iyoaye na onihaxy property now and
ephhay guy na my padi padi….i no dey do dat
kind tyn abeg
Abimbola:ohk….i go arrange either
bunsky,cherrybrown or tryke 4u……..
Me:wa sere…u too sure bimbola
Abimbola:i no even know ur wahala sef cos u
already have labake
Me:stop am now…hw labake take enter our
talk now…….
Abimbola:with wetyn happen 2day, i no fit
forget am oo….wey u just bone me inside d
room dey follow labake play love
Me:oya ma binu….it wont happen again (i
leaned forward and peck her, wanted to move
it a bit further for a kiss but she removed her
Abimbola:we don hear u…..abeg make we dey
go, nyt don dey com, this one wey nobody dey
pass since sef
Me:ohk….pls wait, there’s something in ur
eye…lemme help u and remove it….just close
ur eye

I leaned forward again and moved my mouth
to her lips and kissed her
Abimbola:so, na d dirt wey u wan remove 4
my eye b dat
Me:am so sorry,it moved to ur lips so i heard
to use my mouth to remove it…..
Abimbola:dont worry, you will explain that to
boys wen we get home
Me:e never reach like dat now…
Abimbola:e don reach ooo….cos na me u use
style kiss abi?i be small pikin ba?
We were still on this argument when two guys
and one female started running towards where
we were, still thinking about what was
pursuing them then we started hearing
gunshot…………the dound shows that the
shot was very close to us, we started running
home but by the tum we got to our gate, they
have already locked the gate and no means to
enter the compound……what do we do?

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