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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 7


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Season 2 Episode 1

I dragged her hand as we started running to
look for a safest place but all houses already
locked their door , guess this has been
happening way before we started hearing the
gun shot…..we decided to settle for a covered
uncompleted building like 3 houses to our
houses. To our surprise when we entered one
of the room of the uncompleted building,we
saw a lady and a man bleeping each other ,
they paused the moment we ran into them
and Abimbola as a naughty geh,she decided
to take a proper look at their face and called
their name before i later dragged her out of
the room and we both settled for another
room in the building
Abimbola silently)….snakie, no be that lady
for number 8 b dat?
Me:seems so
Abimbola:thats her with ikechukwu now…
Me:seems so…….
Abimbola:na wah oooooo……….the babe just
marry last year and she’s bleeping her
husband boyfriend
Me:how that one take concern u abeg, na
family affairs
We heard another gunshot like 2tyms close by
which shows the guys were on our street,
Abimbola moved closer to me and held me
tight in fear…..we stood at the edge of the
room,bimbola body was on the wall while my
left hand was round her waist and my right
hand on her chest, our head locked
together…..didnt take much tym b4 i locked
my mouth into hers too…..we stayed glued to
each other like that for almost 10mins and
that was not without my right hand moving
all around her chest…..i tried to play around
her cleavage,moving my hand around her
bweast at the same time, i started moving my
mouth up and down on her too as she stood
still without making any move……that was an
advantage for me as i make use of the
opportunity. ….i moved my hand downward
into her braless top and started playing with
the Tips,handling the bweast gently at the
same time…..konji na b—–d as i was so
hard and dickson was so eager to enter her
k—y cat…….Abimbola responded by
responding to my kiss after handling the
bweast….i pull up the cloth and moved my
mouth down and started sucking,since i was
so eager to enter,i didnt bother to use my
hand to play with the bweast while sucking,i
use my hand to unbutton her short skirt and
pull down the zip too straight to her k—y
cat…everywhere was very bushy as bimbola
was without pant…my index finger was
straight inside her k—y cat as i started
digging it in and out…..i make sure i led her
seriously in the mood before i use my hand to
pull up the skirt, i lifted her up with her leg
rounded over my waist and her back on the
Abimbola:wait snakie, are u with condom?
Me:no……am clean now and i no u are too
Abimbola:yes but dont want to take the
risk…..cant do it without cd
Me looking disturbed)…..pls, just in and out
Abimbola:no….where is my purse,there should
be a condom there
I quickly opened the wallet and alas,there was
3 pieces of cd there…i was so surprised….she
just starred at me as i removed the cd and
preparing mysef 4 action…..i switched back to
position and started kissing each other again
as she responded fully…..i lifted her up with
her leg over me and dickson enters her k—y
cat from under,supported with my hand,i
started bleeping bimbola, it started with
yes…..yes….uhmmmmm……yeh…..the sound
was unbearable after a while,i lifted her to the
window after a while ,i placed my trouser on
the window,she sat on it and i stood infront of
her..dickson was inside her again doing
justice as she held me closer to her, i was
jerking faster and harder and the noise of
uhmmmm…uhmmmm from bimbola was out
of this world as i was just praying to come
quick and stop, she held my body closer to her
after a while and gave me a passionate kiss,i
was glued and couldnt move……i guess she
was coming…our standstill lasted for like two
minutes before i continued gently again….i
came after like five minutes interval and i
removed the cd…….
She stood up and zip her skirt while i also put
on my boxer and trouser…..
Abimbola:your body don come down now abi
Me:wetyn u mean now…..
Abimbola:wetyn i mean as how…..sebi na
advantage u use
Me:advantage as how now……
Abimbola:no worry, boys go hear about am
Me:no problem now…….no be bad tyn we do
Abimbola:u sure?
Me:yes now……..
Abimbola:just joking jhoor…..boys will make
jest of us abeg and pls, this is notyn ooooo…
Me:notyn as in?
Abimbola:i only pitied ur condition as i
realized ur body is filled up and u nid to pour
it out
Me:lolzzz..u are not serious
Abimbola:datz the truth…..what happened
just happened and never think it can happen
again….moreover u are matured and this
should be secret between us
Me:no problem…….
Everywhere was back to normal as we moved
out of the buildibg…..ikechukwu and his
brother’s wife were nowhere to be found
again…..we make our way back hone, our
gate was still locked and we called one of my
guys to come and open gate for us….we
entered inside
Micheal:guy, watz all this stains on ur trouser
and even bimbola skirt?…..u even dey smell

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Abimbola: u no see wetyn dey happen for
outside………………we fell down now……….those
guys were almost close to us
Micheal: hey yah…..sorry, we were even
worried where u guys would have been cos it
didn’t take up to 10mins u left that they
Abimbola: U wont believe hw I fell on the floor
while running……..thankz for snakie that
carried me
Gbenga: Carried u ke? How
Kay:from back or from front?
Abimbola: Anyhow………………….thank God we are
safe sha….but who them be sef?
Kay: No be those boys, I guess they came to
treat some pple fcck up and they would have
obtain a lot of pple
Me:Na rob dem come rob now…..
Gbenga: Hope you guys lock gate while
coming in?
Me:Yes now…….I dey hungry seriously, lemme
go and take my bath then eat
Kay: Na wah oo..u still dey hungry upon wetyn
Abimbola:make e no eat ni? Abeg make I
prepare our food sef wan baff before
Kay: Abimbola, e be like say ur neighbour don
dey argue again ooo
Abimbola: Which one be my own
snakie be their family member..Snakie
suppose dey go stay there permanently now
Me:say wetyn happen now…cos I don settle fyt
for them come mean say wetyn now…
Gbenga: On a serious note, there’s notyn
there, since the guy listen to you, you can
always talk to them cos this their fyt all the
time is not it
Me:Na tym..i believe they will still stop but
the babe love the guy truly but the guy eyes
no jst dey stay one place
Tunde: Life is too sweet now….u think say
everybody go be like you
Kay: leave am ooo

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Gbenga: wetyn snakie no know be say, girls
and boys issue na like someone that went to
where they sell garri to buy garri ijebu, u have
to taste different ones to know the best
Tunde: yes oo..padi mi
Abimbola: See analysis, u see una
lyf?…….snakie, pls don’t join their league
abeg ooo cos no gain there at all……as dem
dey so ehn…..dey will still taste one that will
hook dem on the neck
Kay: Na today?
Gbenga: Na 3k Dr Kayode dey do am….e no go
even reach five minute, u no go no say anytyn
commot for your body
Micheal: Bad guy……but if we start to calculate
how much Dr kayoed don collect from you
guys, e go don reach to buy land ooo
Me: wetyn Dr kayode dey do for 3k?
Abimbola: Just dey look at them jare………I wan
go crash abeg

I felt fulfilled after taking my bath and my
night was not without so many thought, how
it all happened, the chance I took, the
blessing in disguise, I thought about wanting
to do it again in an atmosphere where I will
have enough time. Abimbola said she only
pitied me that I shouldn’t put my mind in it
again, can I achieve it again? What even bad
there if we started dating? Will she accept?
What will be reaction of boys? Is it worth it Or
am I jst desperate to be attach to someone?
My usual greeting of good morning with
labake has now become staying for like five
minutes to ask about other things. The week
run so fast and we were already looking
forward to the party at the place ikeja. Egbon
Leke and Labake had another scuffle during
the week, I was around to settle their fight
again. Me and Bimbola never talked about
what happened between us, it was as if notyn
happened and guys didn’t hear about it also.
Everything was normal in the house for
Abimbola. It was a big surprise for me.
Here comes the day of the party, all guys were
set and it was full house, All of my guys had
plans for their girlfriends to be there too..Just
me and Abimbola were the singles

I drove one of the car to the party, entered and
everything was going on smoothly, we
organised a table for ourselves and was
enjoying every bit of the moment. I
encouraged myself by dancing with one of my
friends girlfriend after which Abimbola joined
me when the lady left. It was around after
1am when we saw Egbon Leke and Labake
walked in…They came to our side, initially
Leke was dancing with Labake and I was
watching but it was like Leke got tired and
decided to relax after a while. Labake sat on
her laps and it was all gist.
Dunno what happened and how it happened, I
realized Leke had abandoned his girlfriend and
he was nowhere to be found, Abimbola too
had gone her own way but two of my guys
were still around…
Me: Hope you are enjoying yourself
Labake: Am trying
Me:You have been in this position for almost
an hour, aint you tired of sitting
Labake: Am okay jare………….
Me:No, u cant be okay ooo, moreover this
place is not meant for sitting…
Labake: “smiled”
Me: Lets dance a bit if you don’t mind..pls
don’t say NO…………….
Labake: “thinking” ……………….
Me: Pls…..(stretched out my hand)
Labake: Ohk………..
She stood up and we started dancing…..dunno
if she was shy or not but her dancing wasn’t
quite more of it in the beginning before I
started a conversation with her while my hand
was a bit behind her back and moving my
mouth closer to her ear
Me: Hope Egbon Leke commended your look
Labake: As in?
Me: You look gorgeous………………
Labake: Thank You….
Me: uwc…we spoke briefly this evening and u
never told me you will be coming here
Labake: I never knew I will be here either
Me:what now happened?

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Labake: I forced myself down here when Leke
wanted to abandon me alone at home
Me: lolzzz….its good sha
Labake: But he has already abandoned me
here already
Me:But you are not alone right now……cos am
here with you
Labake: Lolzz…….
Me: Datz the truth…atleast am representing
him cos I cant let any guy take u away from
Labake: Who are the us
Me:Uncle Leke now..i have to protect his
Labake:What about your own property..where
is she?
Me: Am a free man as u know…..and I guess
God purposely want to butter my bread datz
why you are also here to be in company of
each other…..atleast till uncle leke shows up
Labake: uhmmmmm……datz interesting
DJ started playing Paul play angel of my life
reggae mix and that got into her as we started
miming the song
With the way we were, a neutral person will
believe maybe probably there was something
within us. We were so much carried away with
the music that I didn’t know someone was
already looking at us in dismay

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