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Myra turned round, waiting for a huffing and puffing Asuka to catch up to her.

“Girl, hurry up. I have a lot of ground to cover.”
Asuka caught up with her, sweat running from every pore of her body. She pulled her water bottle from her backpack and drank half its contents in one huge thirsty gulp.
“Myra” she finally was able to say, “I can’t go on any further. You go ahead.”
“Lazy bum. It’s not far anymore. We’ve just been hiking for fifteen minutes.”
Asuka removed her glasses and wiped the fog on her shorts. She looked up at Myra standing on a large boulder scanning the environment.
“I think we can just make it to the other side down there.” Myra said, pointing downwards. “From there it’s a straight walk back home.”
“No way” Asuka replied p@nting. “I’m turning back. I can see the house from here.”
“C’mon, don’t be a wussy p@nts. You can make it.”
“No Myra. You go ahead. I’ll meet you back at home. Don’t make us come looking for you.”
“Okay” Myra replied disappointed. “I’m forging ahead. See ya at home….lazy bum.”
She sprung off the large rock and landed back on the path. She looked at her friend, shook her head in disgust, and moved away. Asuka watched her as she disappeared further down the trail. She sighed and taking another mouthful of water, she turned back to head home.
Phoebe stood up and moved to the center of the room where Kenny could see her easily. She reached back and pulled the tie for the neck string of her halter loose. Her top immediately fell to her waist exposing her large breasts. Kenny was struck dumb actually seeing Phoebe’s breasts for the first time.

“Do you like them Kenny?” Phoebe asked as she untied the lower part of her top and then tossed it aside.
“Y…Yeah!” Kenny replied. He cleared his dry throat.
“Do you want to see more?” Phoebe asked teasingly.
“Yes….please!” Kenny answered.
Phoebe moved her hands to the waistband of her shorts and pushed them down. The shorts caught for a moment on her hips and then abruptly dropped to the floor. Since she hadn’t worn any p@nties that day, she stood completely Unclad, her musk slowly filling the room. Kenny was awestruck. This was the first time he had seen a girl completely Unclad before. His eyes drank in the vision of beauty that stood before him, his heart pounding in his chest. His J0yst!ck, already hard, surged to even greater stiffness as a strong thrill of lustful excitement thrilled through Kenny’s body.

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Exposing herself to Kenny made Phoebe even hornier than she had been before. Her excitement pushed her to decide to go much further than she had originally intended. Now all she wanted was Kenny’s J0yst!ck in her mouth and in her K!ttyC@t.
“Do you like what you see?” Phoebe asked, slowing turning to show every side of her body to Kenny.
“Oh yeah, very much Miss Phoebe! You are very beautiful” Kenny replied. His J0yst!ck was painfully hard now.
“Oh that’s sweet of you.” She said. Her heart b@nged so hard in her chest she started p@nting. She had to calm herself down. She sat in the chair at the table.
“Now it’s your turn Kenny. I want to see you too,” Phoebe said.
“M…me?” Kenny asked exasperated.
“Yeah. Your turn.”
Kenny slowly got up off the bed where he had been sitting and nervously took his t-shirt off. Phoebe drank in the sight of Kenny’s upper body as he moved his hands to the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down. She could see the shape of Kenny’s J0yst!ck as it bulged out his boxers as if trying to get free from their restraint. Kenny tried to take them off but had to work them over his hard, throbbing J0yst!ck until finally they dropped to the floor.
Kenny’s J0yst!ck jutted forth hard and proud and throbbed with his heartbeat. Phoebe’s locked on it wide-eyed, impressed at its size. It had such an appealing shape to her. She couldn’t wait to take it into her mouth and run her tongue around the purplish head.
“For a young stud, you sure are packing.” she said in awe, licking her lips in anticipation.
Phoebe stood and walked over to Kenny. She immediately sank to her knees. She reached up, grasped the shaft of Kenny’s J0yst!ck in her right hand, and took the engorged head into her mouth. Phoebe swirled her tongue around the soft and smooth head enjoying the feel of the J0yst!ck head in her mouth.
Kenny felt the warm wetness of Phoebe’s mouth envelop the head of his J0yst!ck. He suppressed a loud m0an. It was the most wonderful thing he had ever felt before. He looked down and watched as her full head of hair bobbed back and forth, her lips sU-Cking the very essence of life out of him. He was already very excited and this new stimulation was enough to push him over the edge. Groaning, his J0yst!ck erupted.
Phoebe felt the shaft in her hand jerk and at the same time heard him grunt as a hot blast of spunk erupted into her mouth. She clamped her mouth shut over his shaft, swallowing avidly each jet of hot Pour he offloaded down her throat. She gently sU-Cked the head, encouraging each pulse of jizz to come forth. His orgasm gradually faded and Phoebe swallowed the final dribbles of tasty Pour from the end of his J0yst!ck. Kenny sagged down in temporary exhaustion and Phoebe helped him to lower himself until he was sitting on the floor beside her.
Phoebe cuddled with Kenny there on the floor for a couple of minutes while he recovered from the powerful orgasm he had just experienced. When she sensed Kenny starting to stir once again Phoebe decided to see if she could get him to lick her while his J0yst!ck recovered enough for him to F**K her. Phoebe stood up and moved to sit on the bed. She leaned back and opened her legs, exposing her shaved K!ttyC@t to Kenny eyes.
“Kenny, do you see my cunt?” Phoebe asked, her fingers slowly massaging her lips.
“Oh yeah, it’s…it’s beautiful!” Kenny exclaimed, drinking in the beauty of the girl’s K!ttyC@tright in front of his eyes.
“Do you want to lick it?” Phoebe asked.
“Sure, but I haven’t done that before. I don’t know what to do,” Kenny replied.
“Just lick these,” Phoebe said, flicking her inner K!ttyC@t lips with her fingers. “And especially lick this,” she continued, pointing to and then gently rubbing her sensitive cl!t.
Kenny quickly took the hint. He knelt down between her thighs and buried his head into her groin. Soon Phoebe was squirming in pleasure as Kenny ate her enthusiastically. She was already so horny that even Kenny’s inexperienced licking quickly brought her to a powerful climax. She put her hands on Kenny’s head and pushed his face hard into her cunt again as the powerful orgasmic contractions convulsed her body.

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Phoebe slowly relaxed as she came down from her climax.
During the time Kenny had been licking Phoebe, his J0yst!ck had recovered and was now jutting forth once again. He stood up and this allowed Phoebe to see his renewed horniness and she smiled. She wanted to get that hard thing into her right away.
“Do you want to F**K me Kenny?” Phoebe asked with her eyes on his delicious looking J0yst!ck.
“Yes Miss Phoebe. What do I do? I’ve never done it before,” Kenny replied excitedly.
“Come here, right here between my legs,” Phoebe instructed.
Kenny moved a couple of steps until the head of his J0yst!ck almost touching the girl’s wet K!ttyC@t. The girl reached down, grasped the shaft of his J0yst!ck and pumped it a few times. She guided it to her entrance, tickling her slit few times till she was almost shaking.
“Push in,” Phoebe gasped, her heart pounding in anticipation.
Kenny pushed his hips slowly forward and watched in fascination as he slowly sank into Phoebe’s warm, wet K!ttyC@t. The feel of penetrating the girl felt wonderful and Kenny continued pushing in until finally his J0yst!ck was completely embedded in Phoebe cunt.
“Now move back out, and push it back in” Phoebe choked, her head spinning.
Instinctively Kenny began to pump in and out and Phoebe helped guide him in what to do with her legs. Soon he was Bleeping his tutor for all he was worth and his hard J0yst!ck felt so wonderful as it plundered her very core. Kenny continued Bleeping the girl as the wonderful feeling of her K!ttyC@t on his J0yst!ck started driving him quickly towards another orgasm. Phoebe felt him grow harder and hotter inside him.
“No don’t Pour yet” she said, furiously stroking her cl!t with her fingers.
“Wha…what do I do?” Kenny gasped, near another ejaculation.
She quickly pushed him back and grabbed his balls, giving them a painful sq££ze. He yelled out in pain, but it did the trick. He slowly lost the urge to Pour. She continued to sq££ze his balls gently until he begged.
“Oh Miss Phoebe, please.” He pleaded.
“Do you want to Pour now?”
“No. I…it’s gone.” Kenny responded.
“Good. Now lie down on the bed.”
Kenny complied. He lay on his back, his sensitive J0yst!ck waving and pulsing in the cool air. Phoebe straddled him and guided herself onto his throbbing member. She began to rotate her hips.
“Calm down, control yourself. You can do it” she implored him as she satisfied herself on his J0yst!ck.

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