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Finally,third term was over. I didn’t want to go home as usual but because it was a long vacation and I needed new sets of books and clothes,I went home. I got to upper iweka that day around 4:30pm. I looked for a pay call shop and sat down. I dialled mum’s number and told her I had arrived. She directed me on how to get to the house because normally,my aunt would come to the park to wait for me and bring me home. Thirty minutes later or there about,I found myself standing in front of the person that had turned home into a nightmare; Vivian…… But surprisingly,she came and hugged me and took my box from me.

Vivian: Nne,welcome. How was your trip?

I stood at that point and looked on in shock. She tapped me and said one thing I least expected to hear;

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Vivian: See,I’m sorry for what happened between us. We’re still friends and
I won’t let Frank or anybody change that fact.

Me: What do you mean?

Vivian: Let’s get to your house first. You need to rest inugo(you hear)?

We walked to my house in silence with her carrying my heavy box and leaving me with my school bag.

We got to the house,knocked and the door was answered by my aunt. She alerted my siblings and in the following minutes,we were jumping up and down the house. At a time,I remembered I came back with Vivian so I excused myself from my siblings and went in search of her. I looked in my room and found her lying on the bed.


Me: sorry,my siblings kept me busy.

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Vivian: its okay. I believe they missed you like I did.

Me: okay. Since you’re still here,give me some time let me take my bath.

I undressed in front of her before getting my towel and leaving for the bathroom. I had finished sponging my body when Vivian knocked and came in.

Me: Any problem?

Vivian: No. Just wanted to check if you’re done.

Me: I’ll be out in a short while.
She nodded,sq££zed my soapy butt0ckz and left the bathroom. I read no meaning into that because back in school,you could be taking your bath and a girl will just spank your butt0ckz or your b0s0m and we’ll start playing or running around the bathing ground (those who went to a boarding school will understand better).

I finished and came out. she smiled at me and I just smiled back. I quickly tied a wrapper and sat on the bed with her.

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Vivian: You’ve got a great body.
I blushed.

Me: thanks. so tell me,how have you being?
how is school?

Vivian: school is fine. As you can see,am fine too.

Me: how is Somtoo?

Vivian: Ehm! she is fine.

Me: okay.

Vivian: Won’t you ask about Frank?
I looked at her and shook my head.

Me: Frank is not my business

Vivian: But he is your boyfriend

Me: He is not my boyfriend.

Vivian: But you know he likes you.

Me: See,I don’t want to talk about him. I’ve avoided home like a plague because of the two of you. Now that I’m here,I don’t want to destroy my vacation right before it starts


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