Must Read: My Teenage Mind (18+)… – Season 1 Episode 1



Must read my teenage mind, season 1- episode 1, read and do’nt forget to comment.

I had just finished from secondary school so I was always home alone…my mum nd dad were still working class. I was born into a family of eight;my dad,mum nd five siblings.we were born equally:3 boys nd 3 girls,I happen to b d second child nd daughter.

My elder sister was already in d university at Enugu.My immediate younger bro,who I was four years older dan was still in primary six(I was nd still very intelligent so I skipped classes). T

hen,my younger sister and two twin boys…I finished secondary school at d age of 16,but at dat age,I was already a developed woman. I had a well endowned b0s0m.My hips were wide,I had a killer eyeball,a straight leg which am still proud of,a dimple on my left cheek.

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I won’t call myself beautiful but am sure I looked good facially,topped wit my body,j knw I can make guys drool while staring. At sixteen,I was no longer a virgin……..Yes.!my teenage mind dealt wit me a lot and if u don’t mind,here is my story…. my secondary school was far from home.about four hours drive from Onitsha where my family house was(is) located.In school,I was one of d best.Teachers nd my fellow students recognised me nd I loved associating wit everyone.

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While in js3(2006),most of my girlfriends already had boyfriends. some of my class boys approached me but I just didn’t knw why I always said no.But I ll always encourage my girlfriends to accept any guy dat proposed to dem.

Rumour had it dat I was a l£sb!an but who cares?cos I didn’t.The day we wrote our last paper(junior waec),I was at a corner wit my girlfriends breaking our pens and using markers to write on d wall when a guy approached us and cleared his throat.

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His name was Lawrence and everyone of our classmate called him Law.We all looked at him.I turned nd my heart started beating very fast.Butterflies suddenly became part of the worms in my stomach.
“hey girls”, he greeted us wit a smile dat could melt a soldier’s girlfriends replied wit smiles nd most of dem hugged him.They all knew I was crushing on him.Law: u mind if I steal your friend from u for a while?


They all looked at me.Regina,my best friend among d girls tugged my shirt and pushed me to him,

Regina: she’s all yours.
they all laughed and left me alone with him.I hadn’t spoken a word since he arrived.

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Law: Rose,are u alright?

I nodded…

Law: eh?

me: yes….I’m fine.

law: I dont know u to b a shy girl o.when did this one start eh?

I looked at him and couldn’t help but smile.

me: am sorry about that.its just dat u re the last person I expected to see.

law: hmmm. why? or are you not comfortable wit having me here?

me: not at good.

law:,how are you?

me: I’m fine.very happy am no longer a junior student

law: same here dear.look what I bought for u.
he handed me to cards…one was was a congratulatory card..I looked at him and smiled.

me: thank u.

law: open the other one..

I opened the second card….”I love you……be my girlfriend ” was written boldly,den by the side,some romantic words were scribbled in small letters..I was surprised.I looked at him and he nodded.

law: I didn’t want to beat about the bush.

me: but…….

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law: I want us to start our senior year with this relationship.think about it.But know that I love you deeply nd I also know that you feel something for me.

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I kept quiet for a while.I was happy that finally,he proposed to me.But then,a thought came to my mind.


me: Lawrence, wat if I don’t come back for ss1?

he kept quiet and looked surprised.After some seconds,his face lit up.he held my shoulders nd gave out that his usual smile;

law: I know u ll come back,if not for anything,you ll come bk for me.

he pecked my forehead nd walked away.

Lawrence was a handsome boy.At 13,I knew who s handsome and who s not.He had a broad chest and muscles outlined his arms.

He always wore a smile.He wasn’t too tall but more than average.He was also very intelligent. He was very athletic nd loved showing his abs……I think datz d reason I fell for him…..our girls gossiped that some senior girls were asking him out but till date,I never confirmed if its true or not. He was just too Sekxy nd he knew it. I looked at the card in my hand and smiled…

I must return for ss1….yes,I must…

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