Must Read: My Teenage Mind (18+)… Season 1 Episode 12 – Stories


After what happened between Vivian and I,why should I trust her? Why should I tell her everything?

Me: never mind

Vivian: hmmm. You know I won’t persist.

Me: please let’s go home.

I stood up immediately and she followed.We walked out of the school and into the street.

We were already getting to that junction when we met Frank and Ugoo.

Ugoo: Hey. The exact people we were just talking about.

I remembered the letter I had written to Frank,how I said I was deeply in love with him. What would I do now?

Vivian: Ugoo,how far?

Ugoo: I bam. Where are you two coming from?

Vivian: We are just strolling.

Ugoo: That’s nice. Vivian,abeg excuse me,come,let me tell you something.

I knew it was a plot to leave Frank and I together. I ran out of ideas at that moment.

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Nothing came to my head so I just decided to flow with him.

Frank: How are you?

Me: I’m fine

Frank: How was school?

Me: Not bad. How was your waec and neco exams?

Frank: we wrote well.

He shifted me to a corner.


Frank: I can see you’ve reconciled with Vivian.
Perfect! That was it. He has given me what to hold onto to get him out of my life for good.

Me: Yes. But why will you beat her? it’s wrong to beat a woman.
He looked at me an shook his head.

Frank: She beat you first remember? I can’t just let her get away with it,not after you told me how you feel about me. I don’t forgive people who mess with my beloved ones.

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Me: She was fighting for you. Every girl in her shoe would do the same. You just gave me a bad impression about yourself and believe it or not,I can’t date someone who beats women.

He gave me a sharp look immediately. What was that i saw? Anger? Pain? Not my business anyways.

Me: I beg to take my leave now.
I made to walk out but he pulled me back and led me to the front of a closed shop.
I wriggled in pain.

Me: You’re hurting my arm. Leave me alone.
He twisted his lips to a side. Then he pulled out a cigarette from his back pocket and lighted one.

Me: You even smoke? Please,I can’t date you. You have too many flaws.
He quickly left my arm and stared squarely at me

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Frank: I thought you said you were in love with me? how come I don’t feel it? how can you point out my flaws to my face? Dont you have respect at all?

Me: A man who doesn’t respect women can’t be respected. Franklin,I want to go home

Frank: Try walking out on me and you won’t like what I’ll do to you. I’m already committed to you after I read that letter. You can’t just change your mind when it concerns Frank. Ask Vivian,I’m a no nonsense man.

We’re now together and you have nothing to say that will change that face.


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