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*****SUMMER LESSON******

We got to school around some minutes past 10. I was dressed to look my best,you know,first impression matters a lot. The first person my eyes saw was an elderly lady in her mid forties.

I quickly did a flashback to see if she was there in my primary school days and yes,she was.

With a smile on my face,I went to her.

Me: Aunty Chi-chi,good morning ma.

She looked at me and her face quickly lit up.

Aunty: Rose? Ah! What are you doing here?

she asked giving me a hug? I think that was when she noticed Vivian.

Me: I came for the holiday lesson with my friend.

I pointed at Vivian who came closer.

Vivian: Good morning ma.

Aunty: Good morning. Rose,how are your parents? You didn’t change facially. Look how big you’ve grown.

Me: Aunty,its God o. Mum and dad are fine.

Aunty: You people just left us. What class will you be entering the next academic year?

Me: Ss3 ma.

Aunty: Wow. Your mates should be entering Ss1. You’ve being doing a lot of class jumping. Can I ever forget that you’re the best in your class then?

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We all laughed and she continued;
“follow her to the class then. We’ll talk more before the vacation is over.”

Me: Thank you ma. Have a nice day.

Aunty: You too my darling.

Vivian and I walked to the secondary block and she directed me to the stairs. We went to the third floor which housed the ss classes. We got to the corridor and Vivian stopped.

Vivian: Let’s talk.

I tilted my head and looked at head.

Me: Here?

Vivian: Yes. Its important.

Me: Okay. Go ahead.

Vivian: Its about my class boys.

Me: What about them?

Vivian: Most of them know and and friends with Frank.

Me: So what is my business there?

Vivian: Easy. I just want you to be careful. I’m sure you already know the kind of person Frank is. He might get to hear that you come here and he will send spies on you.

I was surprised. Yes,the Frank I know would do anything to have me to himself but to think I have never thought about him since I returned?

And here I was in the school he graduated from. What has stopped me from doing a quick calculation all this while?

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Me: Thank you. I’ve heard what you said.

Thanks for looking out for me.

Vivian: Its okay. Are you ready to go in now?

I breathed out. Lord knows I was anxious at first but after hearing what Vivian said,I became nervous or should I say scared.

I heard laughter and some noise and I knew I was going to meet with crazy people.

Vivian: Don’t worry. Nothing bad will happen.

I nodded and we walked into a class that was filled with people in my age bracket. They all wore happy faces. Some girls were sitting on some guys’ laps,some guys were throwing paper,the class was just a mixture of crazy people. I was standing there,taking in every face when Vivian held my hand and led me to a chair in front of the class.

She went off immediately to the guys sitting at the back. I wasn’t going to mingle with this kind of people. No,i won’t. I’ll just have to come there every morning,pick a comfortable position and remain there till 2:00pm when school will be over for the day.

Twenty minutes after I sat down,a teacher walked in. He was young and cute,introduced himself as our chemistry master.

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The art students left the class and lessons began. It was during the lesson that I felt someone tap my shoulder,I looked around and it was a girl. She was beautiful,she asked if I had an extra pen that hers stopped writing. I opened my bag and gave her one. It took the opportunity to look at the back,and there was Vivian,sitting beside a guy who she later introduced as Patrick. I felt bad. How could she leave me to go sit beside a guy? A question was thrown to someone behind me and it brought me back to reality.

To be in this school,I should learn to be on my own. My life belonged to me and not to Vivian or anybody so I should learn to do things on my own.

The rest of the day went by slowly. The girl at the chemistry class introduced herself as Lois.

I was in an empty class during Commerce when she came to me.

Lois: Hi

Me: Hello


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