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I got to the front of his house and I started feeling my stupidity. I didn’t leave with my phone and I didn’t even call him. How was he going to know I was around? I stood in front of the gate and some minutes later,the gate opened. It was his mum. She owned a bar beside the house and that was where she was going to.

Me: Good evening ma
She looked at me with a frown.

Mrs: Good evening. Why are you standing there? Are you waiting for someone?

I quickly remembered what Raymond said about his mother not supporting any relationship at that time so I had to keep quiet.

Me: Not at all ma. I’m resting here. Will soon move on to where I’m going.

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Mrs: Okay.

She walked away.

I continued with my thought. How was I going to alert Raymond? I spent about thirty minutes more before Raymond came out of the gate.

He was surprised to see me.

Raymond: Hey! What are you doing here?

Me: Good evening.

Raymond: Thanks but what are you doing here?

Me: I left home.

Raymond; You what?

He looked at me like I was crazy.

Me: I had to. They would have killed me tonight so I just had to leave.

Raymond: Ha! Its going to be difficult o. Why would you leave home? No matter what happens,they are your parents and they still have right to beat you anytime.

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Did I forget to add that Raymond was in my house that afternoon when my Sis left the house after the fight? I did not. Okay,now you know. So,I’m sure she must have mentioned to mum and dad that I brought a guy home,though she didn’t let him see her.

Me: Nooo. I can’t o. Not when I don’t even know what Ella must have told them.

Please o,I can’t go back there tonight.

We argued for a while before he took me into the house. He took me to the part of the house upstairs which was not ventured into. I felt safe and in order not to raise suspicions, he excused himself to go to his mum’s shop.

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That night,I couldn’t sleep. I slept alone,not like I was expecting him to sleep by me anyways. Very early the next day being Monday,Raymond came into the room. He la!d beside me. We didn’t talk,we just la!d there. One hour later,he told me he was going to school (school resumed that day,mine was supposed to resume the next week). He asked me to lock the door from inside. He showed me a yoghurt that was in the room and asked me to take it. He promised to come back early so we’ll talk about my going home. I thanked him and he left.

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