Must Read: My Teenage Mind (18+)… Season 1 Episode 4 – Stories


Ebuka came forward and hugged me.

That moment,I wanted to cry but the tears refused to come down. I returned the hug and we stayed that way until Frank cleared his throat..

Frank: I understand that you both are best of friends that is why I decided to come through him. He understands you more than anybody else. Sweetheart,you won’t regret this. I will . . . . . . .

Me: You may go now. I’ll think about it and give you a feedback and mind you,before I give you a response,I must talk to Vivian about this.

The two boys looked at me in shock.

Frank: Why?

Me: Yes. She’s my friend and I can’t bear to hurt her. I was not raised up that way . You may go now. I need to speak with Ebuka alone.

Frank: Okay. I will see you later. Please take care of yourself for me okay?

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I didn’t respond to that. He shook hands with Ebuka and we saw him off to the gate. I locked up immediately and dragged Ebuka to the backyard. I broke down instantly. I was heartbroken,betrayed and lost.

Ebuka: Baby. . . .

Me: Don’t baby me. . . . He has left and you are back to calling me baby. Ebuka . . . . . . .

Ebuka: I understand how you feel.

Me: Don’t you dare say that to me. What did he say to you? Tell me,what did he give you?


Ebuka: Nothing dear. Since that day at Vivian’s house,he’s always talked about you. I,for one,has never told them anything about us. The day I planned to do that,was the same day he declared his intentions about you so I had to keep my cool.

Me: You’re crazy. Did you ever think about me before making that decision? Did you ask yourself how i”ll feel or what will happen to me?

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Ebuka: Baby,you’ll come around. I . . . .

I gave him a hot slap on the left cheek.

Me: Get out. Get out of here. You are wicked and very selfish. I don’t ever want to see you anywhere around me. Get out now.

He held his cheek and looked at me. I could see the tears he was struggling to keep from falling.

Ebuka: I love you Rose. God knows I do. But,I have learnt never to fight for something that is mine. I’ll be leaving town today anyways but just mind you,I’ll still come back for you,and please be careful.

He gave me a peck on my lips and I watched him leave. A part of me wanted to call him back. I didn’t want him to leave. But he had already walked out of the gate. I sat on that bench and cried.. “how could he think of another person’s happiness and ignore us?”

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A horn at the gate brought me back to my senses. Before I could get to the gate,my younger brother was already there. I stood in front of the door and waited for mum to alight.

I greeted her and rushed to my room.

I dialled Ebuka’s number but it was switched off. I sent him a text saying that I didn’t want him to leave..

After dinner,I went to my room and checked my phone,three missed calls from an unsaved number. Thinking it was Ebuka who wanted to reach me with another line,I called back. . . .


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