Must Read: My Teenage Mind (18+)… Season 1 Episode 5 – Stories


Me: Hello dear

Frank: Baby,how are you doing tonight?

That voice didn’t belong to my Ebuka and a quick thought told me who the caller was so I quickly ended the call. In less than five seconds,he called back;

Frank: Its me Frank,I’m sure you didn’t know I was the one.

Me: Yes.

Frank: How are you?

Me: I’m fine. Please dont be upset,have you heard from Ebuka?

Frank: Ebuka has left for Abuja. He will be writing his waec there.

Me: Ahn ahn. But school just vacated.
Why would he leave for Abuja immediately?

He didn’t even tell me.

Frank: He said he has missed his sisters and would love to spend a lot of time with them this vacation.

Ebuka’s parents were divorced. He was the only son out of five kids. His mother lived in Abuja with his sisters. His father was out of the country so Ebuka stayed at their house in Onitsha with his cousins(two boys and a girl).

Me: Okay. We will talk later. I need to call him.

Frank: He didn’t travel with his phone.

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Me: Eh?

Frank: He asked me to tell you that his sisters doesn’t like him using a phone so he broke his sim card and gave the phone to Ugoo.

Out of annoyance,I hung up. What’s his sisters’ business if he uses a phone or not?

He purposely did that because he doesn’t want to reach me anymore. I also brought out my sim card and broke it. He doesn’t want to communicate,fine,we won’t communicate at all.


I made sure not to see Frank or Ugoo until vacation was over. I started staying indoors,would google up some romance novels using my sister’s laptop and i’ll ask mum to help me buy them. They kept me busy and my plan was working. Three days before I was to resume school,something remarkable happened. It was on a Wednesday,I was sitting at the sit out with my sister’s laptop playing some songs. Nobody was at home. My parents to work,my elder sister to a place I don’t know and my siblings went for a hair cut.

A heavy banging on the gate got my attention.

I was scared. My instinct asked me to run inside and lock up all doors but being the curious girl that I was,I walked briefly to the gate.

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Me: Who is that?
I whispered in fear.

Vivian: Rose,ashawo,alacrity(a name someone who bleeps a lot is called),open this gate now.

The voice was that of a friend but the words and the tone belonged to an enemy. I opened the gate and a hot slap landed on my face. My lips swole up immediately. I looked up and it was Vivian and Somtoo. Somtoo was Ebuka’s ex girlfriend. He had told me about her and I had seen her pictures in Vivian’s phone.

Me: Vivian,what is this now? Why would you hit my face?

Vivian: You still get mouth to talk abi? You wan make we kill you for here?

Am a very fearful person. Little things scare me a lot. Hearing what Vivian just said,I got very scared but I tried my best not to let it show.

I always knew that Vivian was more of an agboro than who she claimed to be.

Me: For what nah? what have I done?

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Somtoo: Bia(come),shut up. No just utter one word for this place again.

Me: Impossible. In my father’s house?
I should be saying what happens here. Vivian,what is the meaning of this one nah?

Vivian: Don’t just call my name. No try am. So you went behind my back to date my boyfriend abi? You’re not even ashamed of yourself. All you do is take people’s boyfriends. Why not get yours and stop tapping from someone else’s current? Stay away from Frank o. Leave him for me. I can kill because of him o.

I stood their surprised when Somtoo started her own.

Somtoo: I no wan talk before but since snatching na your hobby for this area,I go show you say na we we for this Onitsha o. You appear from nowhere come snatch Ebuka from me. He ran away from you and then you faced Frank abi? Bia,e don do for you o.

She ranted on and on and I just stood there like a fish in a cold room.


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