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t became official that Vivian was truly pregnant.

Everyone spoke about it. My younger brother came home one day and told me he saw Vivian and she told him that she wanted to see me.

I was surprised. Why would she want to see me?

That evening,I went to their pay call shop and she was sitting there with Ebuka. I greeted them and she asked me to sit down.

Vivian; Nne,sit down please.

I was surprised but I sat down. Ebuka wouldn’t take his eyes off me.

Vivian: Ebuka,can you excuse us?

It became obvious to me that they were not in talking terms but who cares?

Ebuka stood up and left without saying a word.

Vivian; Nne,how was school? And waec?

Me: Fine. We wrote well.

Vivian: Same here.

Me: Thañk God.

Someone came to the shop so she had to leave to pick something. I sat down there and kept asking myself why she was being polite after refusing to talk to me for months. She came back some minutes later,settled the guy and she sat back down opposite me.

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Me: Junior said you wanted to see me.

Vivian: Yes.

Me: Why?

She began to sob. I hate it when people cry for no reason. I looked at her and couldn’t stop myself from talking.

Me; What’s that one kwanu? You called me here so I can watch you shed crocodile tears abi?

Vivian; Nne,no. Please,forgive me. I have wrong you and feel awful about it. Please,gbagharam(forgive me).

Me: I still ask myself why you stopped talking to me. I know I did nothing wrong but even if I did,what stopped you from calling my attention to it? I was very disappointed.

Vivian: I was jealous. You barely stay here yet whenever you come around,you seem to be getting all the attention.
I laughed inwardly but appeared calm

Me: It’s wrong to be jealous of someone you call a friend. But it’s okay. I’ve forgiven you.
She stood up and hugged me.

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Vivian: Thank you so much. You’re more than a friend.

Me: Its okay. sit down.
She sat down and I felt it was time to get the information I needed.

Me: So tell me,is it true?

Vivian: What?

Me: The pregnancy rumour?
I felt tears well up in her eyes. She struggled to keep them from falling. I looked away.

Vivian: Will it stop us from being friends?

Me: Ah! Can that ever be possible? You’re like my sister and the best I can do is to stand by you during your tough times. But,what are your parents doing about it?

Vivian: My dad,you know he now has stroke. He’s the one who discouraged my mum from sending me out of the house. Now,everyone has come to terms with the fact that I’m pregnant.

Me: And the father of your baby,what is he saying about it?
She started crying again.

Vivian: He says he is not ready.
My blood started boiling immediately.

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Me; Is he mad? He is not ready to father a child but he is ready to lay you? Who is this crazy fellow? He needs GI be taught a lesson. No gentleman will get a lady pregnant and refuse to accept it. Who is he?

Vivian: Nne please,let’s not go to that. I’ve accepted my fate.

At this point,Vivian had every reason to cry. I watched her cry and I felt bad. I can’t just let her cry like that so I stood up and went to her. I hugged her and consoled her the best way I could.

Me: But tell me,who is he?
She looked at me and started crying again.

Me: I won’t mock you or even approach him. Since you’ve accepted it, who am I to fight him? I just need to know who he is.

Vivian: Nne,I’m sorry.

Me: For what again? Just tell me his name.

Vivian: It’s Ebuka

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