Must Read: My Teenage Mind (18+)- Season 1 Episode 91 – Stories


The next time Raymond and I saw,he made a pass at me that I finally changed my phone. And when I told him about Dera,I don’t know why but it took him time to believe it. He sounded and looked happy for me; telling him how he would give Dera tutorials about how to treat me right.

I laughed till I could laugh no more. When I told him that Dera knew about Kamsi,he was surprised and then again,he apologized. He wanted to say something about his wife but I stopped him,telling him never to mention his wife anytime we were together. Dera and I fixed a date for the introduction but it couldn’t hold because I had to be operated on(appendix) and after I got discharged,he had a terrible accident which left so many injuries and fractures on him. We waited for him to recover and hopefully,he did. Everyone who asked was told that he travelled out.

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Trully,he recovered and had to make up for his absence. He travelled to avoid suspicion and while returning,he bought me another phone(which I gave to my mum),changed my wardrobe and bought lots of goodies for the family. I was happy to have him back because I had grown to love him. He told me he was leaving again for a business which would change our lives more. In order to wait for him,I’m working at his brother In-laws construction company. He’ll be back by next month. How time flies. Raymond wouldn’t believe it. He didn’t believe a lot of good tidings would hit my way at the same time.

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