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She threw herself on the bed pulling me along. She started tickling back,my ribs,my stomach,I was so lost in laughter that I didn’t feel her hand on my b0s0m. When I eventually did,I looked at her and memories of our primary school days came rushing back to my head. I couldn’t stop her. She started kissing my neck. I wanted to fight it but I was loving the feeling. I started giving out little m0ans. Of course she took as my approval of what she was doing so she climbed on top of me and started grinding her crotch on mine. She was kissing my neck and fondling my breasts at the same time. I was putting on a chemisole and a short,no bra or p@nt because I don’t enjoy wearing innerwears when I’m at home. I was so lost in the heat of the moment that I didn’t even know when my chemisole was pulled down to my stomach. I felt a cold air on my Tips and I shuddered and quickly opened my eyes. She smiled at me before feeding herself with my Tips. She sU-Cked on the left and used her fingers to pinch the right. I was m0an!ng softly and kept begging her not to stop. I wanted to touch her but she wouldn’t let me.

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Slowly,she pulled off my short. I wanted to scream at her for being too slow. I was on heat and I needed something in my virgin p**sy. She opened my legs wide and looked at my virgin cunt which had little hair on it.


Vivian: You’re so beautiful Rose
I had to beg her. I’m not proud of what I did that moment. I looked at her and begged her to touch me.

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Vivian: You chose Frank over me. Do you think he will be able to please you the way I will?

She asked still looking at my wet p**sy.

Me: Vivian please,touch me. I promise to be with you alone.

Vivian: But you chose him . . . . . .

Me: No. No,I didn’t. I don’t even like him and I’ll never let him touch me.

Vivian: Promise?

Me: I promise with . . . .

She quickly buried her face between my legs. She sU-Cked on my cl!t and I started bucking my hips and m0an!ng audibly. She slipped a finger into my virgin hole and that was when I came back to my senses. Lawrence’s words that night was the first thing I remembered;
“I should have believed those who said
that you were a l£sb!an.”

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I quickly jumped up and ran into the bathroom pushing Vivian off. I made sure to lock the door.

I sat on the toilet seat and started crying.

Vivian started knocking on the door.

Vivian: Are you alright dear? If you feel something then its normal. You would think you want to pee when only its your orgasm that is coming.

Who told her I didn’t know all those things?

Thanks to that mighty book titled “every woman” that I read in the school library.

All the same,how come Vivian is so free to talk about it?

Vivian: Baby open the door let me guard you through this.

I stopped crying but refused to open the door.


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