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For the fact that your own idea or perception of living differs from other fellows does not invalidate or depict inappropriate the others’ perception. I don’t think you have the right to treat other persons harshly that can demoralize or bruise the person’s ego. Just because you feel you are right does not make the other person wrong, we all make our senses, different things contributed to the sense and life that we have now and our different senses and ego is the person we have make ourself to be, you are you.

Abuse some times you try to want to know the reason why the abuser can’t respect the abused feelings, just because you are more powerful or stronger does not make you right, we are human being first before we became the name we bear or the wife or child that we are. Our society is filled with people that live their life in the ego of their mind and expect every other person to accord them what they feel they deserve not minding how convenient it is for the other person and when that is not done like they want it, their pride and temper takes over and they become slave of their temper and their pride rules from the dark blind naive and cruel corner that tend not to want to know or acknowledge the struggle and feelings and respect of their victim, they just vet their anger that controls them on their victim, a disrespect to the creation of the creator.

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Even verbal abuse, the condemnation of the body, hating somebody because of their size or probably because of the shape, their definition of what’s sexy and what’s not, even the issue of who to marry, the abuse of another person’s pride, just because you’re not of the same race or judging because of size, really you wonder the criteria they use when they want to abuse, the selfish pride of self superiority.

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I think it’s pride, ego and no respect for the other person’s feelings, it’s taking advantage of who the person is, because before any abuse is the sense of superiority and the bullying spirit, hurting someone to please yourself, that’s been cruel and wicked and what if the table were to be turn around I bet they won’t enjoy the treatment either, so the question is, why treat the other person the way you won’t want to be treated?

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Always remember Karma is no respecter of anybody.


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