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I swallowed nervously

“Oh” was all I could manage

T.k didn’t say anything else just dipped his finger into the bowl of chocolate and reached across and smeared it on my lips,and reached over to eat it off.



His lips on mine was driving me crazy,as he teased with his tongue and teeth then after sU-Cking off the chocolate on my lips he went on to plunder my mouth,to say I was co-operating totally was an understatement,I was all over him like a rash, intent on drawing out the kiss.


“Take off ur clothes” T.k said

“You first” I countered

He stripped until he was wearing just his boxers

“Hmmm” I said licking my lips

“I’m glad you approve” He said “Your turn”


I slowly stripped till I was just wearing my thongs and a matching bra


“They’ve got to go too” He said pointing at my undies

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“After you” I said also pointing at his briefs.


He took off his boxers, deliberately taking his sweet time,when he was done,Junior was already half at attention,and every inch as big as I had thought.


I took off my bra and thongs very slowly,intent on giving him a taste of his medicine


“Delicious” He said looking at my chest where my girls were standing tall.


He didn’t say anything else just took the bowl of chocolate and led me to the bedroom where he told me to lie on the bed.He smeared chocolate on my n¡pples and proceeded to sU-Ck it off

“Oh My” was all I could say as I felt his lips on my n¡pple gently at first “Oh oh oooh” was all I could say as he increased the tempo and force of the sU-Cking.He switched over to the other n¡pple and all I could do was just to writhe on the bed as he fed of it too.

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I quickly recalled what someone had said,that an inavtive lover made for a boring one,so I decided to even the scores


I slipped my hand down and took his J0yst!ck in my hand and proceeded to stroke it

“Oh yeah,…….Oh…that’s more like it..” T.k groaned

I stroked him faster,and he started bucking his hips,I decided to blow his mind,so I told him to hand me the bowl of chocolate and asked him to lie back on the bed.


I smeared chocolate on the only part of him that was still standing and he kept grunting his pleasure.I then proceeded to lick it off, starting with the tip then moving on to the balls

“Oh yeahhh…Ooooh” was all he could say I gave them a thorough massage as I lollipoped the rest of junior,when he could take it no more he jerked me up and started working on my ´v´j.Needless to say,I was already dripping so he inserted two fingers at first

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and I almost came


“I want your d¡ck inside me now” I almost screamed

He wasted no time and just rammed it into me

“Uuummmmm” I groaned my pleasure

He started slowly at first, allowing my v.j to get used to his invasion.I started bucking my hips against his trying to get him to go faster,and he quickly obliged ramming it in with more force.


“Oh¡t…..” I m0aned out loud my hands on his asss trying to get him to go faster too.

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