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Office Matter – Season 1 Episode 4 – Stories


“I’m……,…………….” I was screaming now.


As he rammed me faster and harder,I came with so much force,I was shocked at the way my juice was flowing. I decided to do same for him

“Wait” I said,it took him some seconds to process my request,but he did.I slipped from under him and mounted him,making sure just the tip of his d¡..k was in me as I rotated my hips about 360 decrees

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“Oh sh¡tttt” He said…… “where did you learn that?” He questioned,the look on his face was priceless

I just concentrated on what I was doing,and kept on wriggling my hips on him taking him in inch by pleasurable inch.


“I cant take this any longer” T.k p@nted under me and held my hips and rammed me unto his d¡ck and proceeded to buck against me,hard.I moved my hips in sync with his and arched my back and placed my hands on the bed,the pleasure was almost unbearable as I came

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“Oooooooh T………k” Pleasure unlike any I’ ve ever knowm bombarded me and

,,………….I guess I passed out

I woke up and was disoriented,till I felt the body next to mine,and the details of last night came rushing back.

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“Welcome back”

I looked up at T.k and saw him smiling almost swelling with pride.


“What happened?” I asked

And he proceeded to show me,in details

***Draws Curtains****



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