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My Psycho Girlfriend [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 9


It is test week and I am so not prepared, I have lots of assignments to submit, hostel is so so boring, a girl celebrated her birthday yesterday and she gave me cake, the cake had all those extra extra touch ups, I don’t get the idea of over decorating cakes when most people wouldn’t touch the frosting.

My roommate and I are talking now I have this funny feeling she is preggos, she has been vomiting a lot lately, ehehehe symptoms of pregnancy for sure. My life has taken a turn for the boring, I don’t know why Farhan hasn’t called back since then, I see his stupid sister Farida almost everyday and the gist all over the faculty of science is that she had dumped that her stupid boyfriend for the ugly one with pomo lips, I don’t know why some beautiful girls have such poor taste, khai!

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Ehn ehn, some girls were caught smoking weed in my hostel, they were taken to the students affairs division this morning by the hostel security, one of them is a girl I admire so much, Aliyah can dress for Africa mehn, she has a drop dead gorgeous body too, I also heard her gp is 4.6something, I used to worship her, now I get the saying “do not judge a book by it’s cover”
Jhay has been posting pictures of him on Facebook recently, and it background doesn’t look Nigerian, smh he has forgotten me totally.

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I am getting more bored every minute, I have to go, I would go and “read” in class tonight, lol I hope they won’t steal my phone this time around, and No, I won’t sleep off after reading two pages of Prof. Fajuyi’s boring material.

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