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Revenge Of A Dead Girl [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 15



They are all panicking that they didn’t notice the teacher’s dead body and some other students who were unfortunate and got struck by the lightning, making their bodies cut into bits. There was a mess of blood and entrails on the floor as if someone played with a bucket of blood and body parts and scattered it everywhere.
I just stood there frozen in place, unable to move from what I just saw.

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There, at the back of the room. Standing still and watching everyone pitifully try to exit the room, Young Ji appeared once again. And this time, she looked back at me, raising her right hand telling me to reach for it.

Whenever she’s around, I feel so at ease and calm. At this moment, I just want to cling to her and cry my eyes out for missing her so much and apologize for everything that I have done to her.
I want to be with her already…

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I slowly walked towards her not even blinking and kept my gaze locked on her stunningly beautiful figure, at this point I have no idea what I was doing. All I know is that I was walking towards my best friend who I longed for so long.
My hand were inches apart from hers, I could almost feel her warmth passing it to mine. As if a strong force was sU-Cking my life away as I got close to her.

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But then…

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