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Sexcapade Gone Wrong [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 13


Sexcapade Gone Wrong [Completed]

After leaving the banking hall i went to were their ATM is and change
my password i return home straight, i got home and met madam Laveda
in my frontage waiting for me i was surprise and shock at the same

Me: what are you doing here?

Lave: just open the door lets talk inside.

I open the door and we enter inside.

Me: so start talking what are you doing here?

Lave: i dont know any other place to go police are looking for me everywhere.

Me: then you shouldnt have commit the crime na and why you come come my house you want put me for me trouble I nor want ekelebe wahala.

Laveda: i hate nonsense and from now on i will be living with you and if you
try to escape or report me you will end just like my ex boyfriend,

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Me: like seriously?

Lave: yes from now on am your girlfriend and you are my boyfriend
we will be staying together till we roundup.

Me: hmmm thats not big deal so far i can manage but know that i dont have food oh.

Lave: hmmm you look confident and not even scared.

Me: why should i? I do really love you after our last sex but i
just cant talk to you cus of your rude behavior (i have to act cool if i
want to come out of this alive).

Lave: hmmm this is new then am sorry for threatening you just that i
dont know what else to do.

Me: nah dont worry we will manage together and welcome to my house.

That is how me and laveda started living together, I told her
everything we do in school and during exam she will sneak in and write

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the exam and also disappear we live together, eat together and most
of all we fucck together like two mad dog.
i open the account but i never do any transaction with it, why is that
none of my people have stanbic account so nobody to send me money there,
thats how i left it till three months time when my brother called.

Me: hello sir

Bro: how you they?

Me: i they oh na money i just need.

Bro: i wan send you money but here wey i they na only stanbic bank they here.

Me: i get stanbic account now.

Bros: really oya sharperly send am.

Me: okay sir.

I cut the call and send him my stanbic details, the next day he called
me and told me that he have transfer the money to me I was happy and thank him very much but why stanbic no send me alert na? i quickly took my
ATM and told Lave that am coming, i enter first bank and quickly insert my ATM i
check my balance and saw #150,000, i was like waoh i dont believe it
this is the first time for my bro to send me money even though him they work for
oil company, I tried to withdraw 50,000 naira but i cant they say
i should contact my service provider I was angry so i just quickly
enter keke and vanish to stanbic bank.

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