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Story: Enslaved Secretary (21 +) – Season 1 Episode 25


Story: Enslaved Secretary (21 +)

the saddle with the pus drain,” Tara said firmly. “Let us get you up there and strapped in, then you can piss all your little K!ttyC@t desires.”
Sharon was pushed up onto a device much like the first. But this one had a scat like a saddle. As her back and legs were strapped into the contraption, and her wrists locked to the handlebars, she wearily glanced down and could see a shallow metal trough built into the seat. It tilted and drained to the rear, beneath her Unclad butt0ckz.

“Can I pee now?” Sharon asked, but she knew it didn’t matter what they said. She was past holding it in, and her piss was going to flood from her K!ttyC@t with permission or without.
“Be my guest,” Tara said sadistically. “But I’d advise you to let a little Pour go first.”
Sharon shrieked in agony before the first few drops flowed. But then the first Pour came, prying open her pinhole, and the golden liquid hissed down into the metal drain.

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“Aaeeiii!” the tormented secretary screamed as her whole body went rigid. The electricity from a wire in the trough had walked up her piss stream and into her K!ttyC@t. It felt like she was sitting in a executioner’s chair as her whole body violently shook. The current slammed her pisshole shut and cut off the golden stream. Quickly, the searing current died and left the s*x slave’s body as limp as a rag.

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“It’s killing me!” she screamed. “I can’t! I can’t!”

“You’re going to stay there until you do!” Tara shouted, then both of the evil women broke into sadistic laughter.

Sharon added screams to the noisy confusion as piss hissed down the tube from her bladder and burst from her K!ttyC@t. The liquid blast splashed into the trough, making a wet connection with the live electrical wire.

Shocking current walked up the golden piss stream and seared its way into her tortured K!ttyC@t. Once again, Sharon’s whole body went rigid and began to violently shake in the straps, but this time the piss had broken completely free of its restraints and it continued to pour, rushing from her K!ttyC@t even faster.

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Sharon felt like her whole body was on fire. It felt like her soul and her life was streaming out of the pinhole of her cunt. Her mind became full of the terrible shocking pain as she was caught in the grip of the current. She was beyond fright and agony and, as she finally passed out, she was certain that she was going to die.

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