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Me And My Supernatural Girlfriend [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 25


Me And My Supernatural Girlfriend [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

I picked the call with my last mind cus I know nifemi’s call is for a strong purpose..

Me : hello nifemi?

Nifemi : promise, where are you? ( she asked in a furious tone)

Me : (shocked) am at home, what happen?

Nifemi : someone just left your room just now, who is that?

Me : it’s oluzo na.. ( though I know she is taking about caro’s friend) horney what’s the problem

Nifemi : ok! I tell you say I no Sabi oluzo abi? Who is that girl that just left your room now?

Me : em em em! !!! ( before I could utter a word she barked at me)

Nifemi : shut up you fool! Am trying to save your filthy a-s from the hands of those monsters but you don’t want to change your cunning way… (she barked)

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Me : Nifemi! Please am sorry, it was nemesis that caught me, I don’t know what I was doing ni..please forgive me..

Nifemi : just shut up there!!! ( she barked again)

Me : Nifemi pls nah… am so sorry, pls forgive me..

Before I could conclude my words, she hanged off the call on me… yeeeh! Wetin I put myself so o..

I quickly dialed oluzo’s number and he picked immediately..

Oluzo : bad guy! Hafa

Me : oga ! No bad guy me… gobe don shelle o

Oluzo : wetin happen again…

Me : after u comot for my room.. nifemi call me, she come de ask me say which girl comot for my room? I no fit take am again so I come admit say I f–k up, she no wan hear wetin I wan talk again o..

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Oluzo : chai! Harno you self de do like mumu sha! Why you go accept say u do am, you for lie nah

Me : oga this is not the time to point fingers, na solution we need.

Oluzo : ok I de come, mah chop finish!
We end the conversation and I relaxed in anticipation waiting for oluzo to come with the master plan we are gonna use to trick the supernatural nifemi back..

Few hours later oluzo visit me and he brought the master plan on how to get nifemi back,..

Oluzo : harno! Now this is the plan, you go tell am say na d girl de s£duce u, and she lie say if you deny her, say she go shout say u wan rape her..

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Me : but that code de too simple nah! Dat one no fit work..

Oluzo : no worry, u go see as e go work

Me : I no believe..

oluzo :
 oya make we bet..

Me : I no bet jorh! But e no go work..

Oluzo : ok just try it..

Immediately I called nifemi and I told her every according to how oluzo taught me. surprisingly it worked!!

Jezz : omo dis nifemi self na fish sense she get o.. see as that childish code worked on her..i called oluzo and informed him, he bragged a lot and we end the conversation ..

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