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Travails Of An Abused Woman [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 13


Travails Of An Abused Woman [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

Mansoph clinic was Doctor Manuel’s clinic. “Come on, our internship is here and until we are through, there is nothing you can……………” “What now?” Jerry traced Jilha’s gaze to a very beautiful girl. “Wow, she is so hot.” Jilha glared at him. “This one is mine Jerry, take your eyes off her.” Jilha marched to where Emerald was standing. He cleared his throat. “Haem! Good morning my lady, I saw you afar off and I realized it won’t be fresh not to say hi.” Emerald looked at him and decided to ignore him. She decided to leave while he ran after her.

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“Did I do something wrong? Please talk to me.” Emerald sighed. “Why don’t you leave me alone, I hope you know you are late as an intern.” Jilha smiled. “Well, you are right am an intern but is that why I can’t talk to you?” Doctor Manuel arrived at that moment. “Emmy, you are here.” Emerald smiled. “Yes aunty. I decided to visit you that’s why am here.” She embraced Doctor Manuel. “I missed you aunty.” Doctor Manuel smiled. “You too dearie.”

“Knock knock” Jilha knocked on Doctor Manuel’s office with his heart slamming against his chest. It was a month now since he had been trying to speak to Emerald but he failed miserably each time. His friend, Jerry then advised him to speak to Doctor Manuel since it was obvious Doctor Manuel and Emerald were related. So he summoned courage and went to her office.

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“Come in the door is open.” Jilha went in and closed the door. “Good afternoon doctor.” Doctor Manuel smiled. “Yes, Jilha what can I do for you? Sit down.” He sighed. “Well, I came to discuss the lady that comes here with you, the one you call Emmy.” Doctor Manuel nodded. “Oh! And what about her?” Jilha sighed again. “The thing is doctor, I really like her, I am not trying to break her heart or use her, I want her very much, my heart melts whenever I see her, please help me talk to her, I am not a bad person ma’am.”

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Doctor Manuel sighed heavily. “Emmy has some trust issues but the decision is hers. I will tell her to give you a listening ear.”

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