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Travails Of An Abused Woman [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 15


Travails Of An Abused Woman [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

It wasn’t long before the relationship between Jilha and Emerald bloomed. Everyone in the clinic called them the perfect couple. Jilha went to visit her in school on his off days while Emerald did likewise whenever she had time to get away from School work. It was almost the end of Jilha’s internship and Emerald still had few months before the end of her law school.

“Hey princess, I missed you so much.” Emerald frowned. “Haha, but it had only been two weeks, abeg free me joor.” Jilha smiled. “Princess, it’s not my fault, you know I loved you so much, I feel like we should be seeing each other everyday.” Emerald sighed heavily. “Jilha dear” She twisted her hands nervously. He wmiled and answered. “Yes darling what is it?” She smiled nervously. “Isn’t this the time to stop this relationship?” Emerald asked worriedly.

Jilha refrained from her embrace. “What! Why Emerald, it’s just a little over ten months now, have I done something wrong?” She shook her head.”No, it’s just that you are going back to your country soon, how will we manage long distance affair, moreover, there are more beautiful girls over there that are better than I am, and am scared you won’t remember what we share and………..” Jilha glared at her. “Stop it, just stop it Emerald.” Jilha said angrily. “What am I to you? Someone to pass time with? Well I am not like you who don’t trust people. Yeah right, let’s end this right now, I can’t deal with someone who has no trust in me. It’s over.” Emerald held his hands. “Jilha, why are you like this? What have I said wrong? I was only voicing out my fears.” He removed his hands from hers.

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“Don’t ever call me again, whe you learn to trust then you will have a lasting relationship. It’s over Emerald.” He left angrily while Emerald stood rooted on the spot stunned. Emerald left for home the following week, Jilha wouldn’t call her neither did he pick her calls. She was very worried and scared.

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The days that followed were unbearable for Jilha, he looked haggard and unkempt. Jerry his friend was very worried and advised him. “Why are you doing this to yourself Jil? Brooding won’t solve this issue, you should run after her, persuade her.” Jilha sighed heavily. “Will she listen? What I said to her was horrible.” Jerry moved to sit beside him. “I bet she is as miserable as you are now, go after her idiot.”
The day after, Jilha went to Doctor Manuel’s house, he met Sophia who ushered him in. “She is inside the compound” She told him. He nodded and entered into the compound where he met Emerald. “Hey princess, good afternoon.” Emerald turned to gazing at the sky. “You should leave Jilha, there is nothing more to be said.” He sighed.

“Wrong Emerald, there is still a lot to be said. First of all, I am sorry please forgive me, I should not have gotten angry to that extent the other day. I love you Emerald, you are everything to me, I don’t care what you have passed through, what I care about is what you have achieved. The guy that lefy you is a big idiot, but it is a blessing for me coz I found you. Your past does not bother me princess, it is who you are now that does.

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Please give me a chance to prove my love to you. I care about you.” With tears streaming from her eyes she asked. “You love me still, very much?” Jilha held her hands and said. “Princess, I love you even more now knowing that you still came out strong after all the tragedies in your life, you are a great woman and that is the kind of woman I want in my life and love too.”

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