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Travails Of An Abused Woman [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 3


Travails Of An Abused Woman [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

“But mama…” Jokai protested. “…..We have been eating that for the past one month.”

Mabeline sighed heavily and faced her son. “Jokai, a time is coming when we will eat better.” Jokai sat beside her and spoke in remorse. “Forgive me mother, I will do as you have said.”

A few hours later and Jokai was still not back. “Where is this boy now eh?” Jofin and Emerald rushed in. “Mother, mother where are you?” Mabeline came out of her room. “What is it?” Emerald pointed toward the front door. “Jokai, Jokai is rolling on the ground outside, holding his abdomen and vomitting blood.” Mabeline gasped and rushed outside. “Ehn? Omo mi(my son). Yee.” She rushed outside to see him.
“Jokai, Jokai.”

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“On seeing him, he was already dead. They all cried bitterly. Mabeline shouted and lamented. “Olorun, oju e daa (God where is thy face?) People came and mourned with her, others came to mock her while others offered their condolences. “E maa ba ara je juu.(Don’t be so saddened)

Despite hearing about all that happened Adong never cared to visit his wife or help his family, he remained adamant still. After the death of her second child Mabeline never recovered, she became a living ghost.

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Six months after Jokai’s death, Mabeline was very sick, she was a shadow of her former radiant self. One day she called the remaining two children she had. “Jofin, Emerald” They both rushed in at their mother’s call. “Hmmmm, my precious, I love you both so much……….”

She coughed heavily. “………..But I sense my end is very near. Emerald!” Emerald shifted to sit beside her. “Yes mama.” She coughed again. “Take your brother and leave this village, go to the city and further your education.”

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“But mama” Jofin said admist tears. “….We can’t just leave you here” He was holding her hands firmly as if he could not afford to let them go.

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