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Travails Of An Abused Woman [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 4


Travails Of An Abused Woman [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

“This is my last wish please obey it. Open my trinket box and take the money there, use it for your education when you get there. But remember Emerald, keep your honour and dignity, never let any man in between your legs unless he is your husband, remain pure. Jofin! Please do not follow any bad gangs, be a good boy…….” She gasps for air. “M-m-make me-me-p-pr-proud.”

After this, Mabeline gave up the ghost. Emerald and Jofin left for Vast City after their mother’s burial, but this was just the beginning for Emerald as she took on the role of a mother for her brother Jofin.

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Vast City is a sophisticated city. If you are not smart then your life might be destroyed in Vast City. On getting there, Emerald immediately enrolled Jofin in a government boarding school, where luckily he was awarded a scholarship in his second junior year.

The money cannot sustain Emerald’s education therefore she opted for a job as a maid in the household of Mr and Mrs Vannak while she attended lessons and tutorials. The Vannaks were from another tribe called “Korsian” in a country called Skornia, so they were quite pleased to let Emerald to be their maid so she could translate sometimes what they don’t understand of ‘Yorsian’ which was the national language of Emerald’s country apart from English.

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“The food is served sir and madam.” Emerald came out from the kitchen and informed them. “Komawo Emerald.”(Thank you Emerald.) Mrs Vannak replied. “I am sure today’s meal will be as sweet and deliciious as the previous meals”

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Mr Vannak added with overly bright eyes filled with lust for Emerald which unfortunately Mrs Vannak didn’t notice. This was the beginning of Emerald’s troubles.

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