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Travails Of An Abused Woman [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 9


Travails Of An Abused Woman [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

Emerald then proceeded to narrate hi story. “I worked for a family years ago, the father and his two sons pounced on me one night and raped me. Ever since then, I never gave my heart to any man except you now, I want you to know this so that there won’t be secrets between us.” She moved to sit beside him while he shifted from her. “What! OMG, so the girl I’ve been dating is a dirty little thing and I even taught of having sex with you. Tell me how many rounds did they go? Yet you carry yourself like a innocent virgin yet you are a f—–g w—e.”

Emerald looked at him in horror “Alexis, why are you like this, I thought you love me.” He shyed away from her. “Don’t touch me, everyone must hear this. Get out, out right now, it over, I don’t want to ever see you again, you filthy tthing.” He barked out words as she pushed Emerald out of his apartment.

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The following day, the whole faculty had learned of Emerald’s story, many people mocked her, abused her, called her cheap and dirty. Emerald couldn’t bear the humilation and did the unthinkable, she attempted suicide.


Emerald almost lifeless body was discovered by Sophia who screamed and immediately alerted her mother. Doctor Manuel gave her first aid and rushed her to the hospital, she then called Jofin who was angry and worried at the same time. It was a big relief when Emerald woke up few days later. “Emmy, look at me. Thank God you are awake.”

She bursted into tears. “Aunty why? You should have let me go, the humilation is too much to bear, the rape was never my fault. I dress decently and never for once encouraged them but they raped and abused my body anyway.”

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“Shhhhh, it’s fine, what you should know is that as long as we your family loves you, nothing else matters. Remember you are the only one Jofin has left, don’t ruin him by leaving him.”

Doctor Manuel stood up and smiled. “He is very worried, I will let him in now.” Jofin came in and hissed at his sister. “Jofin, I-I……….” He snapped at her. “Don’t even start making excuses for what you have done. I am so disappointed in you. I didn’t know I meant nothing to you, if not you would consider I have no one but you before contemplating suicide.” Emerald sighed. “I am sorry bro, am really sorry, I was devastated, I just wanted to die when I learned that Alexis told everyone, forgive me please.” He sighed deeply and moved to her bed.

“You are my mother, my sister, my precious, I know it’s hard but life goes on, you have people that love you, that’s all that matters. One day your prince will come and he won’t care about what happened to you but only who you are.” Emerald embraced her brother fiercely. “Thank you Jofin, you are all I have and I love you so much, but I just want the humilation to stop.”

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He smiled. “I know big sis, just rest, get well and when you get back to school, no one will bother you again, I promise.” He la!d her head gently on his lap. Half-asleep Emerald asked. “Jofin, what will you do?” He smiled. “Oh! Don’t worry. Myself and Alexis have an unfinished business.”


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