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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 162 – Stories


Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 162
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Grandmother tells Pragya that she wants Abhi to have a child with her and not another woman.
Tanu’s mother tells Grandmother that she is being disrespectful of Tanu and she shouldn’t take her anger out on her daughter.
Aunt Indu tells Tanu’s mother that her daughter will end up an unwed mother because she had a relationship with a married man and they all know what such women are called.
Tanu’s father says Abhi and Tanu were in love long before Pragya came into the picture.
Grandmother asks Abhi if it’s true he loved Tanu before.
Abhi is still unable to face Granmother.
He says he loved Tanu before he met Pragya but what happened was a mistake and he didn’t mean for it to happen.

Tanu’s father asks what he’s saying.
Abhi says when his grandmother brought Pragya’s proposal to him, he went to Tanu to ask for her had in marriage but Tanu rejected him because she was more concerned about her image and career.
Tanu’s mother asks her if it’s true.
Tanu says it’s true but Abhi promised he would still marry her and they had an agreement.
Alia jumps in and tells them that Abhi is saying the truth; she even tried to talk to Tanu but Tanu still refused to give up her contract and marry Abhi.

Grandmother tells Alia not to stand up for her brother because Abhi is wrong.
She tells Abhi that he can now consider her dead to him, just like his parents.
Abhi is in tears.
Grandmother says when Alia made a mistake he punished her but he has now made an even bigger mistake and will be punished.
She tells him to take his things and never show his face in the house again.

veryone is shocked.

Abhi says he can’t live without her.
Grandmother says it’s his house but either he goes or she goes.
Abhi says the house needs her, so he will leave.
He breaks down as he says she doesn’t have to see his face again.
He turns to leave.

Pragya says she will have to leave with him.
Grandmother asks why she’s supporting the wrong person.
Pragya says her home is her husband’s home, so if he leaves, she will go with him.
Grandmother says she can leave but she should know she’s also wrong and it will mean she’s severing ties with the family and will no longer be considered Abhi’s wife.
She tells her to forget the family.
Pragya is shocked.

Alia has a sneer on her face.

Abhi goes upstairs to get his things.

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Tanu tells her parents to leave for now.

Alia tells herself that if Abhi doesn’t live in the house any more, she would be free to do what she wants to do.

Tanu takes Alia to the room and asks why she stopped her from telling the truth.
Alia says if Tanu had told the truth about why they made Abhi marry Pragya,Grandmother would have thrown them out as well.
Tanu thanks Alia for stopping her.
She tells her to try and stop Grandmother from throwing Abhi out.
Alia says she will let Grandmother do what she wants.
Tanu says she has to talk to her.
Alia tells her to just leave things as they are.
Tanu insists she’s going to talk to her.
When she leaves the room, Alia says she wants to see Abhi bow before her and lose his reputation and status and she would need someone to work with, someone who detests Abhi as well.

Tanu goes into grandmother’s room and asks how she can throw Abhi out when she always wanted a grandson and she’s carrying this grandson, so she should be happy.
Aunt Indu tells her she’s the reason the family is falling apart.
Grandmother tells Tanu that she’s the reason Abhi is leaving the house
Aunt Indu says they only accepted Alia back in because she’s a part of the family but Tanu is not, so she should pack her bags and leave.
Tanu says she will leave but her son is still the heir of the family.
She tells them that she will support Abhi and when she gets married to Abhi, they shouldn’t come begging to see the baby because she won’t let them and from now on, Abhi belongs to only her.
She vows to go to court and take everything that belongs to Abhi.
The grandmothers stare are astounded by her words.

Abhi is packing his things.
Pragya begs him not to go because his grandmother was just upset.
Abhi says he knows his grandmother more than anyone else and doesn’t want to upset her more than she already is.
Pragya says she will go with him.
He begs her to stay and take care of his grandmother for a few days.
Pragya asks why he can’t understand that she also needs him and the family will fall apart if he leaves.
Abhi says he needs to be punished for the mistake he made.
He wipes his tears.


Grandmother tells Aunt Indu that something always casts an evil eye on their happiness.
She blames herself for not paying enough attention to Abhi.
Aunt Indu tells her it’s not her mistake.

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Pragya rushes into the room and says Abhi is leaving and the family will fall apart.
She begs Aunt Indu to talk to Grandmother.
Grandmother ignores her plea.
Pragya reminds Grandmother that she begged Abhi not to allow Alia leave he house.
Grandmother tells Aunt Indu to let Pragya know she would never change her decision and Pragya can leave if she wants.
Pragya asks how she can be so cold-hearted towards the grandson she claims to love.

Abhi is standing in the doorway with his suitcase.
Grandmother tells Aunt Indu to tell Abhi not to come to her for any blessings because he has lost the right.

Abhi turns around and goes downstairs.

The rest of the family members are gathered downstairs.
He apologises to his uncle.
His uncle hugs him and tells him not to apologise because he’s a good nephew.
Abhi hugs Akash and apologises for not being a good role model.
Akash says Abhi is his idol and he doesn’t care about what he has done.
He begs him not to go.
Abhi says he has to go.
He tells Mitali to tell Bunty and Bubbly that he’s sorry he wasn’t a good uncle.
Mitali tells him he’s a good uncle.
Abhi insists he’s not a good role model and should be punished.

He begs them all to please look after his grandmother because he knows she would lock herself in her room and refuse to eat or come out.
They assure him that they will take care of grandmother.

He sees Alia sitting at the bottom of the stairs.
He goes to her and she stands up to go back upstairs.
He tells her he knows she’s thinking he sent her out for making a mistake and now he’s facing the same thing.
He says he knows she can’t forgive him but he’s leaving.

He picks up his suitcase and heads towards the door.
Pragya shouts from upstairs for him not to go.
She runs downstairs and holds him from behind.
He turns her around and hugs her.
They cry together, then he picks his suitcase and walks out.
Pragya falls on the floor.

Grandmother peeps from the balcony, then goes back to her room.

Abhi is walking on the street and thinking of his grandmother.
He sits by the side of the road, thinking.

Tanu stops her car in front of him and gets out.

She begs him to come with her.
He tells her to leave him to think.
She tells him he’s thinking about people who don’t care for him.
Abhi says he’s not going anywhere.
Tanu says she won’t leave him alone but would sit by his side till morning if she has to.

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People start taking their photographs.

Abhi gets upset and lunges at the people.
Tanu holds him back and tells him to just come with her.
Abhi gets into the car.

In the morning, Pragya sees a doctor coming out of Grandmother’s room.
She asks Akash what’s going on.
He says Grandmother was a little unwell because of all that happened and it’s up to Pragya to do something and restore the happiness in the house.

Alia has come to see Raj in prison.
She tells him he’s an honest man who is being wrongly punished.
He tells her to get to the point.
She says she wants to ask him for support to get her revenge on her enemy who is also his enemy, Abhishek Mehra.
She tells him what Abhi did to her then asks if he would help her destroy Abhi since he destroyed both their lives.
Raj says until now, he decided to support the truth but just this morning he decided to change his statement and get out of jail, then take revenge on everyone.
He says if he refuses her, he would rot in jail and if not, he will be free.
He says times are changing and from now on, he would do what will bring him riches and relationships no longer mean anything to him.
Alia shakes his hand.

Abhi enters his office and asks for Akash.
He is told Akash hasn’t arrived.

He starts playing the keyboard and Akash enters..
Akash gives him a hug.
Abhi asks why he’s late.
Akash says he had to drop off medicines at home for Grandmother.
Abhi panics and asks what’s wrong with her.
Akash says she hasn’t been doing well since he left.
Abhi runs out of the office.

Pragya is feeding Grandmother.
Mitali tells herself that Grandmother sent out the person who takes care of her.

Abhi rushes into the room and asks what’s wrong with his grandmother.
He yells at everyone for not taking care of her like he asked.
Grandmother tells Pragya to asks him to leave.
Abhi says he won’t leave till she gets better.
He calls Robin in.

Robin enters with a tray full of sticks.
Abhi tells Grandmother to beat him as she likes and if the sticks are not enough or get broken, he can get more.


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