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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 163 – Stories


Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 163
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Abhi begs Pragya to tell his grandmother that he wants her to get rid of her anger by beating him up.
He turns to his grandmother and says when he stepped out of the house, he realised he couldn’t live without her, he can bear any punishment she gives him but he can’t live without her.
He admits he made a mistake and begs her not to ask him to leave because as a child he lived without his parents but can’t live without her.
He holds her feet and sobs.
Pragya and Aunt Indu cry with him.

Abhi and Pragya are in their room.
Abhi is pacing up and down.
He says he doesn’t know if his grandmother would allow him stay.
Pragya assures him that she will allow him stay because she hasn’t said anything, so it must mean she wants him to stay.
Abhi becomes hopeful and starts to act as his arrogant self again.
He jumps on the bed and playfully orders her to unpack his bag.

A servant brings Tanu her breakfast on the terrace of her house.
She asks if Abhi has woken up.
He tells her Abhi left already.
She is surprised.

She calls Abhi on the phone to invite him to see a movie.
He tells her he’s back in his house.
She asks why he went after his grandmother threw him out.
He tells her not to say anything bad about his grandmother.
She tries to convince him to come for the movie but he tells her to go with her friends.

Mitali suggests to the family that they celebrate Abhi’s return.

Alia and Raj walk into the house.
Mitali rushes to Raj with tears in her eyes.

Alia tells her her wish has finally been fulfilled.
Mitali asks how she did it.
Alia says her friend who is a lawyer helped.
Raj’s parents welcome him.
Alia introduces him to Racha.
Abhi stands watching and smiling.

Raj goes to him.
Abhi brings out his hand for a handshake but Raj ignores it and goes to his room.

Pragya goes to meet Abhi in their room.
Abhi says Raj’s behaviour was weird.
Pragya says maybe he hasn’t gotten over his jail time.

Akash enters the room to inform Abhi that he has to perform at a concert.
Abhi says he can’t perform.
Akash says he already made a commitment.
Pragya tells Abhi he has to do it.
Abhi gives excuses but Pragya tells him he has become lazy from spending time at home.
She begs him to do it for her as a friend.
He agrees to do it for his friend.

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Tanu thinks of what she would do now that Abhi is back home and his grandmother won’t allow her back in the house.
She decides that Pragya would be able to help.

Pragya tells Abhi to go and get ready for the concert.
Abhi leaves for the closet room.

Pragya gets a text message from Tanu saying she will handle her problem herself henceforth and just put an end to it all.

Abhi comes out and tells Pragya to go and get ready.
Pragya says she can’t go.
Abhi says he won’t go if she’s not coming along.
She begs him to go and she will come to meet him as soon as she takes care of an errand, before the concert is over.
Abhi tells her not to break her promise.

Pragya gets to Tanu’s house.
Tanu is hiding in a corner waiting for her to see a letter she left.

Pragya sees the letter and reads.
Tanu says she has gathered all the things Abhi gave her and put them in a box with the letter, so after her death, Abhi would get rid of all his problems.
Pragya panics and starts calling Tanu’s phone but it’s switched off.

She goes outside and the security guard tells her that Tanu hasn’t come out of her house.

Pragya runs back into the house and sees Tanu standing on the ledge of the terrace.
Pragya begs her to come down.
Tanu tells her goodbye and asks her to tell Abhi that she loves him.
Pragya goes to her and pulls her down.
Tanu says she’s all alone and can’t do it.
She says no matter how Pragya tries to help, it doesn’t work because even Abhi’s grandmother says they don’t want her.
Pragya tells her that suicide is not the solution.
Tanu breaks down crying and saying she misses Abhi and thinks of him when she wakes up every night but he’s never there to hold her and help her go to sleep.
Pragya says she will make sure the baby doesn’t grow up without a father.
Tanu thanks her.

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Grandmother is looking for people in the house.
She opens Abhi’s room, wondering if Abhi and Pragya have sorted things out.
She is shocked when Aunt Indu comes out.
Aunt Indu asks if she came to snoop as well.

They see Akash and Grandmother asks him where everyone is.
He tells her every one is home and he lists them one after the other.
Grandmother asks for the rest.
Akash tells her to just ask about Abhi and Pragya like she wants to and she should know they went to Abhi’s concert.

Alia is eavesdropping on their conversation.

Grandmother goes to her room to try and see what TV channel the concert is showing on.
Pragya comes in and says she wants to ask her something.
Grandmother tells her to go ahead.
Pragya first gives her her medicine.
Grandmother takes it and asks what Pragya wants to say.
Pragya’s heart is beating.
She musters up courage and says she wants Tanu and Abhi to get married.

Grandmother asks if she’s out of her mind
Pragya begs her to just hear her out.
Grandmother says she doesn’t want to hear it.
Pragya says her and Abhi’s marriage was going to end anyways
Grandmother tells her she won’t leave and she will be the one to decide which marriage is right for the family; she won’t allow Tanu marry Abhi.
Pragya begs her to think about it, she must have a valid reason for wanting to break the vows she made to her husband.
Grandmother tells her that her happiness lies with Abhi..
Pragya says she’s doing it for the one she loves.
Grandmother says Tanu committed a sin and
Pragya says she should remember Tanu is carrying Abhi’s baby.

Aunt Indu enters the room and says the relationship between Abhi and Tanu is not acceptable.
Pragya says the baby is innocent and shouldn’t be made to suffer plus Abhi would never be able to forget Tanu and the baby.
She pleads with Grandmother and says the decision will affect so many lives.
Grandmother says she promised Sarla that she would treat Pragya like her own daughter.
Pragya says she knows Sarla would be angry at first but would later be proud of her.
Grandmother says Pragya thinks of everyone but hasn’t thought about her and how she would live without her.
Pragya says she won’t leave the city and would always come to see her.
Grandmother is in tears.
Pragya says Abhi can’t accept Tanu’s child if he doesn’t marry her, so she should please say yes.
Grandmother says she will only give permission if Abhi and Pragya both tell her this is what they want, otherwise she won’t allow it.
She starts sobbing and Aunt Indu consoles her.

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Raj and Alia are at the venue of Abhi’s concert.
They pay a man some money and tell him to do as they have instructed him.
The man says his men are in the crowd and Abhi might get hurt.
Alia says she doesn’t care.
Raj tells the man to ensure Abhi doesn’t get hurt.
He tells Alia that if Abhi gets hurt, he will gain sympathy.

Pragya is on her way to the concert.
She tells herself that she will have to convince Abhi to also agree to her decision.

Abhi is in his dressing room, wondering where Pragya is .
He tries to reach her on the phone but she doesn’t answer.

Alia peeps into Abhi’s dressing room and sees him on his phone, trying to make a call.
She decides to make him even more anxious.
She sends him a text with a different SIM.

Abhi receives the message informing him that Pragya was in an accident.
Abhi says it just be a prank.

He is called on stage and he goes.

He gets on stage starts performing but he begins to wonder if Pragya was really in an accident.
He stops singing.

The man Alia and Raj paid earlier and the men he hired start yelling at Abhi about his poor performance.
This gets the crowd to start protesting and throwing things on stage.

Alia is enjoying herself.
She picks up a stone and hurls it at Abhi’s head.

He falls down, holding his head.

Pragya arrives and runs to get on stage but some security men prevent her from getting to Abhi.
She struggles till she is able to get to him and hold him.


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