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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 164 – Stories


Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 164
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Pragya takes Abhi backstage.
She asks the organiser why he was so careless as to allow people bring stones to a concert.
She says she saw people giving out boxes of stones and they can’t be fans.
She has tears in her eyes as she tends to the wound on Abhi’s forehead.
She says Abhi does so much for his fans yet they treat him this way.
The organiser says Abhi stopped performing and the crowd got upset.
Pragya cleans the cut on Abhi’s forehead and covers it with a plaster.
She asks Abhi why he stopped singing and why he didn’t move backstage instead of standing there as they threw stones at him.
Abhi says she said she was coming then he got the text message.
Pragya says he doesn’t know how it made her feel to see people throwing stones at him.

Abhi asks if she knows how he also felt when he got a message that she was in an accident, he couldn’t think of anything else and felt like he had no reason to live anymore and she was all he could think about.
Pragya says she never sent him a message.
She asks why he would say such a thing about not having a reason to live, knowing she would soon be out of his life.
She turns to leave but he holds her hand and pulls her close.
He says in his heart that he would tell her how he feels today but before he can talk, the organisers return.
Their boss says some men were paid to disrupt the concert and they’ve been handed over to the police.

Abhi says he is going back to perform.
Pragya tries to stop him but he tells her not to worry as he will put an end to the chaos.

Grandmother and Aunt Indu are watching the news and it is announced that there was chaos at the concert but Pragya came and held on to Abhi and it was clear to see Abhi and his wife are in love.
Aunt Indu asks Grandmother why she agreed to Pragya’s request.
Grandmother says she didn’t agree but she wants Pragya and Abhi to figure it out and realise what she has always known about them being made to be together.
Aunt Indu asks what will happen if Abhi is unable to convince Pragya to change her mind.
Grandmother becomes worried.

Abhi gets on stage and says the love songs he sang before today were not to entertain but deceive them because he didn’t believe in love and thought people who did were losers and perhaps he is paying today for betraying them all.
He says he thinks he deserves the treatment he got today and from now on he will only sing songs he truly believes in and won’t care about record sales but songs that will touch their hearts.
He says he has a confession to make, he’s in love and doesn’t care if he’s called a loser.
The crowd cheers.
Pragya looks sad.

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Alia and Raj return home.
Alia is furious.
Raj says they will come up with another plan.
Alia says the plans will always fail because Pragya always ruins plans and now people are saying this is Abhi’s best concert ever.
Raj says the higher Abhi goes, the harder it will be when he falls.
Alia says she doesn’t understand.
Raj says he’s not sure if she wants revenge or wants Purab back but he will forever be Abhi’s enemy because Abhi took away his dignity and respect and he will never get that back.
He tells her to decide what she really wants because there is a possibility that if Abhi gives her Purab, he will become her beloved brother again.

Nekhil is with Tanu in her house.
He asks why she fooled him into going to Delhi.
Tanu says she didn’t fool him, she had no idea that her parents had sorted the issue.
Nekhil yells at her to keep quiet.
He says he knows her pregnancy is no longer a secret and Abhi’s grandmother even threw Abhi out of the house when she heard.

Alia is approaching.

Nekhil says Tanu’s playing games with him and if she thinks she will be happy, no problem but she won’t get married till she tells Abhi that he(Nekhil) is the father of the child and not Abhi.
He says he’s giving her 24 hours to tell Abhi.

Alia hears everything and she is shocked.
She hides as Nekhil leaves.

Tanu is confused and furious.
She takes a knife and stabs her pillow.

Alia enters and Tanu asks when she got there.
Alia asks when friends have started keeping secrets from each other.
Tanu asks what she’s talking about.
Alia says she knows Tanu is pregnant with Nekhil’s baby.
Tanu tries to deny it but Alia threatens to call Nekhil back and ask him.
Tanu says she was drunk when it happened.
Alia asks if she’s still drunk and doesn’t realise what she’s doing is a mistake.
She threatens to tell Abhi.
Tanu begs her not to.
Alia says she severed ties with Abhi so she will punish him by allowing him believe the baby is his.
Tanu says she loves Abhi.
Alia tells her everyone knows she doesn’t love Abhi but she will allow her marry him then they can destroy him together.
Tanu asks about Nekhil because he’s a problem.
Alia tells her not to worry as she will handle him.

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Abhi brings Pragya to a garden.
She asks why they aren’t going home.
He says he wants her to see something but he has to blindfold her first.
Pragya thinks he’s only fooling around.
He brings out the blindfold, then takes off her glasses and covers her eyes.
He opens the door for her and she complains of a pain in her foot.
He carries her.

Abhi carries Pragya into what looks like a private restaurant in an artificial garden.
He drops her on her feet in the middle and walks away.
Pragya says she’s scared of the dark.
She takes off her blindfold and begs him to come back and she won’t fight with him.
He tells her to promise.
He appears and asks if she will promise to never leave him.
She asks why he brought her there and asks if she’s dreaming.
He says she’s not but he has decorated the place to look like a scene from one of her dreams.
He tells her to always smile like she is doing because he loves her like that.
He hugs her and Pragya tells herself that she can’t let him hold her.

She pulls away.
He tells her to just imagine they are the only people in existence and tell him what comes to her mind.
He holds her face and she pulls away.
He says he wants to touch the sky and he wants to know if she will come with him and live with him forever and it will be just the two of them.
She asks if he’s playing a prank on her.
He says her feelings are in the right place, he has never felt this way before and he loves her with all of his being.
He hugs her and begs her to give her all to him and promise to spend the rest of her life with him.
He hugs her again.

Pragya is unable to answer.
Abhi says he won’t force her to say anything and he will look for her anywhere she goes because he loves her too much to live without her.
He walks away and she tells him to wait.
She runs to him and says ‘Yes!’.
She asks why he thinks she will ever leave him and why it took him this long to realise she loves him, she woke up many days hoping he would realise how she felt for him but he never did and she almost gave up on their love.
Abhi says he’s sorry for hurting her and putting her through so much and from now, they will not misunderstand each other again and he will never let her go.
They both have tears in their eyes.

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Abhi is lying with his head in Pragya’s lap.
He tells her not to look away from him.
He calls her fatso and she asks if he will keep calling her fatso.
He says he will come up with another name for her.

Pragya’s phone rings.
Abhi tells her to put it on silent.

Pragya picks it up and it’s Tanu calling.

Pragya tells herself it’s wrong to have expressed her feelings to Abhi in spite of knowing how things are with Tanu.
She stands up and walks away.
Abhi follows her and starts suggesting nicknames.

He turns her around and asks if she doesn’t like the nicknames.
Pragya asks how much he loves her.
He says he can’t measure his love but he will do anything for her.
She gets him to promise then she says she wants him to marry Tanu.
He asks if she’s joking.
She says now that he loves her, it makes it more difficult for her.
She begs him to understand because she already told his grandmother and marrying Tanu is the right thing to do.
Abhi says he can’t do that because he loves her.
Pragya says the child can’t live without his father.
Abhi says the child is important and even if he marries Tanu, he will not be able to make her happy.
He says she’s thinking of just his happiness and he’s thinking of the happiness of 4 people.
He asks how she expects him to leave her now.
She says she will always feel guilty about the child if they stay together and she can’t live with that.
She begs him to give in even if it’s difficult, they should end their relationship and go their separate ways.
She tells him to promise her he will always be happy.
He has tears in his eyes.

Abhi and Pragya return home.
Grandmother panics when she sees tears in their eyes.
Pragya says they have both come to tell her to approve for Tanu to be Abhi’s wife.
Grandmother tells Abhi to say it himself.
She asks if Abhi has agreed to it and wants to spend the rest of his life with Tanu.
Abhi hesitates then nods.
Grandmother loses her balance and Aunt Indu holds her.
Grandmother says she will make her decision tomorrow and she wants them to leave.
Abhi and Pragya leave the room.

Grandmother breaks down asking why they would want to go their separate ways when they love each other so much.
Aunt Indu consoles her.


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