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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 165 – Stories


Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 165
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In the morning, Abhi wakes up and looks around for Pragya.
He calls her name but no response.
He calls Robin to ask and Robin says he hasn’t seen her.
He goes to his grandmother’s room to ask.
She is still cold towards him.
He says Pragya left the house.
Grandmother says Pragya won’t leave before she announces her decision so he should go and look for her.
He leaves and she has tears in her eyes.

Bulbul is on the phone with Purab.
She complains he’s out of town again.
He says it’s work.
She says she’s going to Goa with her friends too for some days, so he can stay back.
He says he will return tomorrow so they can leave together.
When he hangs up, she rejoices that her plan to bring him back into tow worked.

Abhi gets downstairs to ask the family if they have seen Pragya.
Pragya enters the house with a suitcase.
She says she went to get Tanu.
Tanu walks in.

Grandmother and Aunt Indu are shocked.
Pragya asks Grandmother if she would allow Tanu and Abhi get married.
Grandmother says she won’t be able to say it.
She fights back her tears.
Pragya says she has to do it.
Abhi has tears in his eyes.
Grandmother tells Pragya not to ask her to do it because she chose Pragya to come into the family and she can’t ask her to leave.
She begs Pragya not to ask her to do it.
Pragya says Grandmother trusts her to always do what’s best for the house, so she should know she can’t stop her from leaving the house.
Grandmother hugs her tightly.
Pragya touches her feet to take her blessings then moves the rest of the family members.

She goes to Abhi and gives him divorce papers.
She says the papers state that she doesn’t want anything in return and she is okay with his second marriage.
She begs him to sign and remember they are doing it for a child.

Abhi reluctantly signs.

Pragya walks towards the front door.
Abhi runs upstairs in tears.

Tanu tells herself that she did it and she now has what she always wanted.

Pragya enters her mother’s house and decides to stay for a few days before telling anyone.
Sarla sees her and greets her in excitement.
Sarla asks where Abhi is.
Pragya asks if she can’t come to the house alone anymore.
Sarla says it’s Pragya’s house as well, so she can definitely come as she pleases.
Bulbul asks her why Abhi didn’t come with her.
Pragya says she has come to stay for 10 days.
Bulbul suspects something is wrong.
Pragya tells Sarla to make her favourite dishes for her.

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Tanu is in Abhi’s room packing up the things Pragya left behind and putting them in a box.
Abhi sits on the bed, lost in his thoughts.
Tanu packs Pragya’s books and throws them in the box.
She holds Abhi and says she’s so happy his grandmother approves of their marriage.
Abhi takes her hand away from his body.

Tanu picks a photo of Abhi and Pragya from their wedding day and throws it towards the box.
Abhi catches it and warns her not to touch anything in the room again.
Tanu tells him they are getting married.
Abhi says they are not married yet so she should leave the room.
Tanu sees he’s not in a good mood, so she leaves.

Bulbul catches Pragya staring at the same photo in her old bedroom.
She asks why Abhi didn’t come.
Pragya says he took his grandmother to the doctor.
Bulbul says she said earlier that he was in the studio.
She asks what the real deal is.
Pragya says she left him because Tanu is carrying his child.
Bulbul is stunned.
Pragya tells her everything.

They hear dishes crashing and turn to see Sarla.
They rush to hold her.
Sarla walks toward the photo.
She picks it up and smashes it on the ground.
Pragya assures her that everything is fine.
Sarla asks why Pragya didn’t tell her she left her husband.
She asks if Pragya realises the consequences of doing that.
Pragya tells her not to worry..
Sarla says Abhi always wanted to marry Tanu and she suspected as much.
She says Pragya is very naive and they took advantage of her.
She vows to deal with the members of Abhi’s family.
Pragya and Bulbul beg her not to go there.
Sarla heads out of the room.

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Pragya begs Sarla to stop because Abhi didn’t do anything on purpose.
Sarla says she can’t keep quiet.
She reminds Pragya of the beginning when Abhi’s grandmother came with a proposal and she convinced Pragya to accept.

Pragya’s grandmother asks if the marriage is over.
Sarla says it’s over and Pragya has returned for good.
She says she wants answers to why Abhi’s family maltreated her daughter.
Pragya says she and Abhi loved each other and it wasn’t Abhi’s fault.
Sarla says Pragya is just naive but she’s going for answers.
Pragya tells her grandmother to stop her mother.
Grandmother says she won’t stop her.

Sarla takes a taxi and leaves.

Bulbul and Pragya follow her in another taxi.

Aunt Indu begs Abhi’s grandmother to eat something.

Sarla walks into the house and yells for the family to face her.
Grandmother says she understand that she’s angry.
Sarla says she won’t understand since she doesn’t have a daughter of her own.
She accuses them of not understanding what it is to be a daughter in law.
Grandmother says she tried to stop Pragya from leaving.
Sarla says it’s not true because if she did, Pragya would have stayed.
Grandmother begs for her forgiveness.
Sarla says she wants to see the cheating rockstar Abhi.

Abhi comes downstairs.

Pragya and Bulbul arrive.

Sarla asks Abhi why he’s treating Pragya the way he is; he chose Pragya as his wife without any one forcing him and Pragya respected him and his family but he broke the promise he made to her.
Abhi is unable to respond.

Tanu tells Sarla not to talk to Abhi like this because it was Pragya who interfered in their relationship.
Abhi warns her to be quiet.
Tanu says he’s her husband, so she must defend him.
Abhi tells her not to utter another word because Sarla is like a mother to him.
Sarla lands him a hot slap across the cheek and says if he considered her his mother, he wouldn’t have done what he did and she used to want a son like him but not anymore because he doesn’t deserve to be anybody’s son.
Abhi has tears in his eyes.

Sarla holds her head and Bulbul runs to her.
Sarla says because of Abhi, Pragya would be sad for the rest of her life.
She asks Abhi why he married Pragya when he loved Tanu all along; he should have refused to marry her.
She sways and he tries to hold her but she warns him not to touch her.
She vows to never forgive him.

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Bulbul makes her sit down.
Grandmother goes to her and says none of them wanted it to happen and they are equally sad, even Pragya didn’t want it to happen, she could have fought for her right but because of her good nature, she has chosen an unborn baby’s life over hers.
She says Abhi has forgotten the values she instilled in him but Pragya hasn’t forgotten the values her mother instilled in her.
Tears roll down Pragya’s face as she watches Abhi who looks devastated.

Grandmother apologises to Sarla and says she’s so ashamed of what he has done but they shouldn’t ruin the sacrifice Pragya has made.
She says she asked Pragya to stay because she can’t live without her and their custom doesn’t allow a woman leave her marriage but Pragya has done that and she loves Pragya so much that she can respect her decision; she will always love Pragya like her own and respect her decisions.

Abhi tells Sarla that he respects Pragya as much as she respects his family and never wanted to let her down but he made a mistake unknowingly.
He begs for her forgiveness..
He says he couldn’t be a good husband to Pragya but he is promising to be a good friend and would never leave her alone.

Pragya goes to her mother and begs he to understand that they are all doing it for the unborn child and they don’t have a choice.

Tanu tells herself that they are all trying to trick Abhi into changing his mind.

Sarla stands up.
Grandmother begs her to forgive the family.

As Sarla and her daughters head for the door, Grandmother stops them.
She tells Pragya to go and light the lamp of the gods for them before leaving.
She tells Abhi that he must pray to God for forgiveness and if not to God, he should apologise to his late parents.


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