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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 166 – Stories


Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 166
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Abhi and Pragya move slowly towards the family temple.
The other family members follow.

After the prayers, Pragya struggles to wear her slippers.
Abhi helps her.
She tries to move away but her necklace gets hooked in his shirt.
Abhi’s grandmother says no matter how they try to separate, fate brings them together.

Pragya unhooks the necklace.
Sarla says since they are getting a divorce, Pragya needs to take off her necklace and ring and Abhi has to take off his ring as well
Abhi fiddles with his ring and Pragya tells him she doesn’t want him to take it off.
Sarla tells her that she no longer means anything to Abhi so he needs to take it off.
Pragya says she will only take off her ring the day Abhi and Tanu get married and until that day, she will wear it.

Alia comes to see Raj at Abhi’s office.
Raj says they need to find out about Abhi’s investments so as to know where to hit him.
Alia says it’s a good idea.
She asks when they can start.
He tells her to do it because nobody will suspect her and she needs to pretend to be on good terms with him.
He tells her to also stay away from Purab for a while.

Abhi’s grandmother begs Sarla not to leave the house angry and to forgive her for not keeping her promise.
Pragya hugs her and Aunt Indu.
She turns to Abhi.
He moves close to hug her but she moves back.
Sarla calls her and they leave.
Abhi is unable to hold back the tears.

One morning, Sarla is in the kitchen.
The family listens as they hear on the news that Abhi is leaving his wife to marry his ex-girlfriend and his fans are sad about it.

bul tells Sarla that Pragya shouldn’t hear about it.

Pragya enters the living room and her grandmother turns off the radio.
Pragya asks why and they tell her there was nothing interesting.
Bulbul picks up the newspaper to read but sees Abhi and Tanu’s photo as well as a story about the divorce.
Pragya asks why she’s not reading it out.
Bulbul says there’s nothing interesting in it.

Tanu rushes to Alia’s room excited that the story about her and Abhi is all over the news.
Alia says it means Pragya must be sad.

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Pragya enters her room and wonders why everyone is acting strangely.
She turns on the TV and hears the news about Tanu and Abhi’s upcoming wedding.

She tells herself that she would go to Abhi’s house to congratulate the family.

Tanu suggests to Alia that they go to see Pragya and pretend to sympathize with her.
Alia says it’s not a good idea.

Pragya enters Abhi’s house and doesn’t see anyone.
Rachna enters the living room, carrying her baby.
Pragya is shocked that Rachna had the baby.
She congratulates her and asks for grandmother.
Rachna says grandmother has gone to the hospital and Abhi took her.
Pragya asks if Tanu is home.
Rachna says she is upstairs.
Pragya decides to go and see her with a promise to come back down and have tea with Rachna.

As she goes up the stairs, she tells herself that she did the right thing.

She gets upstairs and opens Tanu’s door.
Tanu is on the phone telling Nekhil that it doesn’t matter if Abhi doesn’t know the child doesn’t belong to him and that the child belongs to Nekhil.
Pragya faints.

Tanu sees her and panics.

Abhi returns home and calls Tanu from downstairs.

Tanu decides to hide Pragya so Abhi doesn’t see her and feel sorry for her.

She drags Pragya into the room.
Abhi comes to the door and she blocks him from entering the room.
He says he has something to show her.
She tells him she feels suffocated in the room and would rather come out to see what he wants to show her.
She follows him out.

They go to the balcony and she asks what he wanted to say.
He says he wanted to show her the invitation cards.
She says she doesn’t care what’s in it, as long as it’s their card.
Abhi says his grandmother also said they have to go and invite the wedding guests personally.
Tanu says she has an appointment with the dress designer and she won’t me able to make it.
Abhi says he would go himself.
He leaves.

Tanu goes back into the room.
She says she can’t be nice to Pragya even if she’s a good person because Abhi is not over her yet, so she will throw Pragya out every time she comes around.

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Nekhil calls and threatens to tell Abhi the truth.
Tanu begs him not to.
He tells her to come and see him right away.
She agrees.

She decides she must do something about Pragya so nobody finds her.

Bulbul calls Pragya’s phone.

Rachna hears the phone ringing and enters Tanu’s room.
She sees Pragya’s bag on the floor and wonders where she is.

She is shocked to see Pragya under the bed where Tanu hid her.

Abhi is driving and thinking of his wedding day with Pragya.

Rachna gets some water and sprinkles on Pragya’s face
Pragya comes to and asks where Tanu went.
Rachna says she doesn’t know.
Pragya asks for Abhi.
Rachna calls Akash to find out and he tells her that Abhi is in the office.

Pragya says she has to go to Abhi.

Bulbul calls Pragya but Pragya says she can’t talk because she has to go to Abhi to tell him something very important.

Pragya is in a taxi going to Abhi’s office.
She tries to call him but he is not answering.
She gets out of the taxi and forgets her phone.

Abhi enters Sarla’s house.
She asks what he came for.
He says he came to give them their invitation.
She collects it.
He asks for Pragya.
She says he no longer shares a relationship with her and she can’t see him.
Abhi says the only reason he’s getting married to Tanu is because Pragya asked him to and if she changes her mind, he would leave Tanu in a heartbeat.

Bulbul walks in and says Pragya said she was going to see him for something very important.
Abhi rushes out.

Pragya gets to Abhi’s office and just before she enters, she hears someone talking on the phone about how they plan to ruin Abhi’s life.
The person turns around and she’s shocked to see it’s Alia.

Abhi gets outside and wonders why Pragya didn’t call him.
He sees he forgot his phone in the car and she had tried to call him.
He calls her number and the taxi driver tells him she forgot her phone in his taxi and he’s waiting for her to come out of the building so he can give it back to her.
Abhi asks where he is so he can come to pick up the phone.

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Alia is still on the phone, she says she has no intention of getting caught and even if anyone finds out, they will blame Purab and not her, thinking Purab became jealous of Abhi.

Pragya hides and listens.

Alia says nobody will also find out that Tanu is carrying Nekhil’s baby because they have fake reports to back up the claim.

Pragya walks into the office and asks if what she heard is true.
Alia asks what she heard.
Pragya tells her everything and begs her not to repay Abhi’s favours by deceiving him.
Alia says Abhi is not her brother and she hates him, it’s because of Abhi that she and Purab can’t be together, so Abhi should endure the same pain she endured.
She vows to take everything from Abhi so that his fans will abandon him.
Pragya begs her not to allow hate take over her heart.
She says she’s disappointed because she hurt Grandmother for her and now she knows who Alia is.
Alia tells her not to give her a lecture.
She asks if she knows how it feels like to have a person you love not to even look at you.

She says she is shattered because of it and Abhi didn’t even understand, Purab is the man of her dreams and she will ruin everyone who was involved in taking him from her.
She tells Pragya that she’s the one in trouble now.
She dares Pragya to go and say the truth.

Pragya snaps out of her daydream.
She is still standing outside Abhi’s office watching Alia talk on the phone.

Abhi goes to meet the taxi driver.
He collects the phone and wonders if Pragya came to see him because she wants them to be together.

Pragya tells herself that Abhi would not believe her if she tells him all she heard Alia say.

Abhi enters the building but they miss themselves.
He enters his office and he’s shocked to see Alia.
He asks if Pragya was there.
Alia says she didn’t see her.

Abhi rushes out.

Pragya is walking along the road, distressed.
She tells herself that she can’t allow Alia carry out her plans.


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