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Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 167

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As Pragya walks along the road, she stops to check her bag for her phone and her wedding necklace gets hooked on the zipper.
As she tries to unhook it, a car hits her from behind and she falls on her face, unconscious.

Abhi is driving.
He asks why he’s feeling like something is wrong and hopes Pragya is alright.

Another car stops in front of Pragya and a crowd gathers.
The driver of the car begs the people to help carry her to his car.

Abhi sees a roadside tea vendor and remembers the time Pragya took him there.
He stops to get some tea.
The vendor says he hasn’t seen him in a while.

Some guys see Abhi and ask if he’s the rockstar.
Abhi shakes his head.

The man who took Pragya away is driving and his wife is in the back seat, cleaning Pragya’s wound.
The man stops by the tea vendor’s stall to ask for directions to the nearest hospital.
Abhi gives it to him but doesn’t see Pragya in the backseat.

The crowd at the accident site pick up Pragya’s bag and see a photo of her and Abhi.
One of them says he knows she’s Abhi’s wife and he will go to Abhi’s house to inform him.

Abhi returns home and doesn’t see Pragya.
He calls for his grandmother so as to know if Pragya is with her.
Tanu asks him what’s wrong.
He decides not to mention Pragya to Tanu.

He asks Aunt Indu for his grandmother.
Aunt Indu says she went to the hospital for a report.
He asks if she went with anyone.
Aunt Indu says she went with the driver.
Abhi is disappointed that Pragya is not with her.

The lady tells her husband that Pragya is holding her wedding necklace so she must be married and her husband will be looking for her.

Her husband tells her not to blame herself as it wasn’t her fault.

Tanu enters the room and sees Abhi still looking worried.
She asks what the problem is.
Abhi tells her to leave him alone.
She asks if Pragya or his grandmother said anything.
He says he went to Pragya’s house to give them the invitation.
She asks if they are coming.
Abhi says he gets the feeling he’s doing something wrong.
Tanu tries to convince him that they are doing the right thing.
Abhi tells her to just leave him alone as he has a headache.
She offers to give him a massage but he says no.

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He remembers a time when Pragya gave him a head massage then he also gave her one and they ended up arguing about who was better at it.

Abhi has his eyes closed while Tanu is massaging his head.
She thinks the smile on his face is from him enjoying her massage.

Pragya is brought to the hospital and rushed towards the theatre.
The couple is told to wait outside.

Tanu is enjoying herself as she hopes she will be taking Pragya’s place in Abhi’s life.

Mitali rushes into the room to tell Abhi that a fan is downstairs saying Pragya had an accident.

Abhi rushes out and Tanu berates Mitali for intruding on her private time with Abhi.

Abhi gets downstairs and asks the fan what happened.
The fan says he just saw her lying on the ground but someone took her to the hospital.
Abhi asks what hospital that is.
The fan says it has to be one of the only two hospitals in that area.

The doctor says Pragya’s family needs to sign the form otherwise they can’t operate on her.

The man who brought her to the hospital is called Arjun and his wife is called Purvi.
They are confused on what to do.

Abhi is driving but meets a traffic jam due to some men fighting.
He gets out of the car and says he has to get to the hospital.
One of his fans offers him a motorbike.

Arjun asks what they would do.
Purvi tells him to sign because Pragya’s life is in danger and she feels responsible.
Arjun says it isn’t right.
The nurse brings the consent forms to him and he signs.

Abhi is still riding as fast as he can to get the hospital.

The doctor says he only wants the patient’s husband to sign because of the risk involved.
The nurse asks it Arjun is the husband.
Purvi says he is.
The nurse tells him to write Pragya’s name down and pay the bill.

Pragya is finally taken to the theatre.

Abhi arrives at the hospital but his fans delay him by blocking his way and asking for photos.

Pragya opens her eyes when she feels Abhi is close by.

Abhi finally breaks away from the fans and enters the hospital.

Janke and Pragya’s grandmother are watching TV.
Sarla tells them she’s worried about her daughters and they are worried about a TV show.
They don’t hear her.
Sarla stands in front of the TV and switches it off.
She asks Grandmother where Bulbul is.
Grandmother says she went to see Purab.
She tells Sarla to leave the TV.
Sarla tells her that the program is repeated 4 times so she can always watch it again but now she has to have dinner.
She tells them not to turn on the TV again and tells Janke to set the table for 4 people because Bulbul and Purab will join them for dinner.
When she leaves, Grandmother tells Janke to turn the TV back on.

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Abhi enters the hospital and asks if anyone named Pragya Mehra has been booked.
The nurse checks and says nobody like that was booked.
He tells her to check Pragya Arora but the nurse says she’s not there either.

Arjun tells Purvi to relax.
Purvi says she’s worried about Pragya’s husband and family.
Arjun says he doesn’t know where her husband is but he’s sure he must be looking for her.
The nurse brings the receipt and asks who Purvi is.
Purvi says she is a family friend.

When the nurse leaves, Arjun asks Purvi if she’s feeling bad that she introduced herself as a family friend.
She says she’s lucky to have him.
He tries to kiss her hand but she tells him if the doctor finds out they are husband and wife, it would be a problem.

A doctor recognizes Abhi and tells him only two accident victims were brought in, one is with her family and the other one’s husband hasn’t arrived.
Abhi asks to see them.

Mitali enters the room and Raj closes his laptop.
She complains that he hasn’t gone anywhere with her since he came.
He says he has an agenda and she can go out if she wants but without him.
She complains he has changed since he came back from Prison.
He says prison changed him and he wants to make a lot of money.
Mitali tells him to do what he likes and she will tell their children that he doesn’t care about them anymore.
He tells her to go ahead.

Grandmother asks Janke if Pragya called.
Janke says she didn’t hear from her.

Sarla returns with Bulbul and Purab.
Grandmother asks if they saw Pragya.
Bulbul tries to call her number but the phone is switched off.
Purab tries Abhi and his phone is also switched off.
Sarla panics.

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Purab tells her to relax while he and Bulbul go to look for Pragya.

The doctor is told that the patient has been moved to surgery.
Abhi panics.

Bulbul and Purab come to Abhi’s house.
Mitali asks if they heard Pragya was in an accident.
They ask what happened and she tells them about the fan who came and all he said.

Purab tries to calm Bulbul down.

Abhi stands outside the theatre and looks through the glass but he doesn’t see Pragya’s face.

As the nurse comes out, he tells her he’s the patient’s husband.
The nurse points to Arjun and says that’s her husband.
Arjun thanks Abhi for giving them directions earlier.

Purab and Bulbul are in the car.
He calls the police to help him find out about the accident.
Bulbul is crying, wondering if it’s a major or minor accident.
Purab consoles her and assures her that Pragya will be fine.

Her phone rings and it’s her mother.
Purab tells her not to answer.

Abhi is sitting outside a temple.
Arjun sees him and asks if everything is alright.
Abhi tells him to imagine the one he loves is taken away from him.
Arjun asks if he’s religious.
Abhi face tells the answer.
Arjun tells him that the Lord instills fear in us of losing our loved ones and that fear stops us from making mistakes.
He tells Abhi to just forget his ego and talk to God.

Akash runs up to Abhi and says the family members are worried about him.

Abhi is back home but deeply worried.
Tanu and Aunt Indu are asking what’s wrong.
Grandmother returns home and asks him what’s wrong.

Abhi starts crying.
He says it’s Pragya.
He holds her and says he can’t find Pragya and doesn’t know where she’s gone, he’s been looking for her all day and checked different places but can’t find her.
Grandmother tells Akash to inform the police.

Sarla is hysterical.
She says Abhi’s grandmother told her about the accident and they don’t know where Pragya is so they have to go and look for her.
Bulbul tells her to just wait so that when the police find her, they can inform them.
Sarla breaks down crying and blaming Abhi.
She says Pragya must have found out the news of his wedding and she’s shattered.


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