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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 169 – Stories


Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 169

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Alia calls Raj who is at Abhi’s office to tell him to come back home because Pragya is about to ruin everything.
She tells him all that happened.
He tells her he will be coming soon.

At the house, Abhi tells Pragya to just say she’s lying.
Pragya says what she said was true and she just wanted his property and planned everything so nobody would suspect her, now everything belongs to her.
Abhi’s voice breaks as he asks if she only married him for his money, he was hoping for her to return but she was making plans to take everything from him?
Pragya says he always thought so about her so why is he shocked?
She says she’s no longer one who thinks of others but will now look out for herself because no one else does.
She tells them all to remember she’s the owner of the house.

Everyone is shocked at her behaviour.

Sarla is at the door of Abhi’s house, refusing to go in.
Her family members beg her to go in.

She enters and sees Pragya.
Pragya is shocked and lets down her guard briefly.

Sarla rushes to her and hugs her.
Pragya puts her guard back up and acts aloof.
Bulbul hugs her too and tells her they were so worried about her and can’t believe they are seeing her.
Pragya doesn’t say anything.
Sarla tels her that she looks different.
Alia says not only is her look different but her behaviour has also changed.
Sarla is shocked.
Alia tells her everything Pragya told them.
Sarla warns Alia not to lie.
She tells Pragya to come home with her.
Pragya says Alia said the truth and it’s her house, so she won’t leave.
Sarla asks if she thinks she would believe her act.

She says she is her mother and knows she never cared about money and wouldn’t even dream of such a thing.
Pragya says she’s tired of thinking of everybody else and now she wants to do what makes her happy and won’t think of anyone else, not even her.
Sarla is about to slap her but Bulbul stops her and asks Pragya what she’s doing.
Pragya tells Bulbul to take their mother home.
Sarla says she won’t leave because she wants to see what Pragya wants to do.

Pragya faces Abhi’s family and asks if there is any confusion.

Tanu accuses Pragya of deceiving her husband.
Pragya says she learnt from them and she hasn’t even done anything yet, she’s about to teach them a lesson.
Alia says she would put Pragya behind bars for stealing from Abhi.
Pragya dares her to try.

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Raj enters the house.
Alia shows him the documents Pragya brought and tells him she would throw Pragya out.
Raj tells her not to act like a fool when the papers clearly show Pragya’s name as the owner.
He tells her not to be rude.

He goes to Pragya and apologises then says he wants their lawyer to confirm the authenticity of the documents.
Pragya says she doesn’t have a problem with the verification.
She says she now wants to go and rest in her room.
She tells Robin to bring her luggage to the room.

As she walks past Sarla, she stops to look at her briefly.

When she gets inside the room, she shuts the door and breaks down as she remembers Abhi telling her how much he missed her.

She sees his photo and picks it up.
She clutches it to her chest and cries.

Alia takes Raj into a room and asks why he was supportive of Pragya.
Raj says to know your enemy’s secret, you have to make good friends with them and anger won’t help.
He says they need to find out if the papers are legitimate first.
Alia asks what happens next.
He is playing a game on his phone and tells her to allow him to play his game.

Pragya tells herself that she needs to put up the act for them so Abhi can learn to trust her because even if she tells him what Alia and Tanu are plotting, he might not believe her so she needs to gather evidence against them and also find out who is plotting with Alia.
She says she has missed him and their room but now she’s back.

The lawyers have arrived and they are checking the papers.
Pragya sits in a corner, casually playing with her phone.

Abhi looks at her with disappointment in his eyes.
She stares back with a smirk.

The lawyers confirm that everything belongs to Pragya even up to Abhi’s phones and his clothes and nobody can spend Abhi’s money without getting permission from Pragya first.

Pragya tells Robin to escort the lawyers to the car.


She tells Abhi’s family that starting from today, she would call the shots in the house and they will all follow her rules otherwise they would get punished and the punishment will be decided according to the person.
She tells Abhi that she would be the one to decide what projects he takes on, even his concerts and the songs he composes and if he doesn’t comply, she would take him to court.
Abhi says if they are her conditions to let him stay in the house, then he refuses and she can take him to court if she likes but he’s not staying in the house for her to control like this.

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Pragya is disappointed.
Abhi says he is leaving the house and will only return when she leaves, she might control all his money but she won’t control him.
He walks out of the house.

Pragya loses her composure but hides her emotions from everyone.
Abhi’s grandmother almost breaks down.

Tanu goes to Grandmother to complain that she’s the one allowing Pragya do all she’s doing because of how nice she treated Pragya.
She tells her to do something to Abhi back.

Grandmother goes to Pragya and says Tanu is right, it’s all her fault for loving and trusting Pragya so much because she fooled everyone.
Sarla is in tears.

Aunt Indu asks Pragya if she’s not ashamed of herself.
She says they will never forgive her.
Pragya says what they think about her doesn’t matter to her anymore.
She says Abhi left himself and she can’t help it if he prefers to live elsewhere but he would be back in no time otherwise she would force him to.

She looks at her family and sees the disappointment and hurt in their faces.
She loses her composure but quickly turns and goes upstairs.

Mitali tells Pami that Pragya was pretending and she has finally shown her true colours.

Aunt Indu tells Grandmother that she has never been betrayed like this before and Pragya is doing all this just for money.
Grandmother says she doesn’t understand what’s going on.
Pami says Grandmother caused it by handing over the keys to the safe and everything to Pragya.
Akash tells his mother to stop.
Mitali says Pami is telling the truth.

Sarla goes to Abhi’s grandmother to plead with her, saying she doesn’t know the woman she saw today because she knows who Pragya is and can’t believe that person is her daughter.
Pami asks Sarla if she doesn’t know who Pragya is because all she said about suitors leaving is not true, Pragya must have been the one sending suitors away because they were not rich enough.
She tells Grandmother that she’s sure Sarla and Pragya planned it all together.
Mitali says Pami is right and when there is no man in the family, women resort to such tricks.
Grandmother tells her to be quiet.
She tells Sarla not to feel ashamed because one would never know with children and she went through a similar situation when she got to know Abhi made a mistake, so she understands.
Sarla says she doesn’t even understand what is going on.
Pragya’s grandmother says they are so ashamed.
Abhi’s grandmother tells her that God is testing all of them and in time all will be fine.
She tells Purab to go and drop them at home.

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Pragya enters the room, confused. She tells herself that she didn’t expect that Abhi would leave.
She picks up a photo of them on their wedding day and puts on her glasses.
She asks why he left, couldn’t he see she’s the same person, his fatso?
She says he could have scolded or fought with her not leave, he needs to come back to her because what she is doing would serve no purpose in his absence.

Alia is back with Raj and Tanu, complaining about how Pragya keeps ruining her plans.
Tanu asks why she had to come just before her wedding to Abhi.
Alia says she’s sure Pragya has a plan to ruin them.
Tanu asks if she’s there to call off the wedding.
She begs Alia to do something because she needs to get married to Abhi.
Alia says she needs to think.
Raj asks if Alia thinks she can guess what the plan is since Pragya carried out the first plan all on her own.
He says the only person that can help them is Abhi, he’s the only one who can find out what Pragya is up to.
Tanu says Abhi is in love with Pragya and would never go against her.
Raj says Alia and Tanu will have to get him on their side and make him go against Pragya.

In the car, Sarla is reliving all Pragya said.
Grandmother begs her not to think too much.
Sarla says she can’t forget what she just saw.
Grandmother says they should just accept that Pragya has changed.
Sarla asks Bulbul if she didn’t say she spoke to Pragya a lot while she was away.
Bulbul says she lied because she didn’t like seeing everyone sad and she never got any call from Pragya.
She says they should just forget they saw Pragya because she’s now a stranger.


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