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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 170 – Stories


Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 170

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Alia and Tanu go to the apartment where Abhi is staying.
They beg him to open the door.
Alia says they know the way he feels.
Abhi ignores them.
Tanu tells Alia to go back to the house and see what Pragya is up to.

At the house, Pami says she’s sure Pragya will throw them out soon, like she did Abhi.
Mitali says Pami has never had a good relationship with Pragya so she would be the first one Pragya throws out.

Pragya comes downstairs to ask she the women if they won’t go to sleep.
She turns to Grandmother and says she must be worried about her grandson and her daughter in law has gone to look for him.
Aunt Indu tells her to leave them alone as she has done what she wants.
Pragya reminds her the house is hers so they have to do as she says.
She tells them they need to go to bed and by 7am in the morning, they should all report back downstairs and she will assign them their duties.
Aunt Indu is furious and about to react but Grandmother gestures for her to keep calm.

Abhi is surprised that Pragya hasn’t called him yet.

He calls Purab to ask what’s happening at the house.
Purab says he’s not there but he will find out what’s going on with Pragya.
Abhi tells him to find out what she’s up to and if she’s really after his money, then he wants his grandmother out of the house.

Alia enters Abhi’s room and starts searching for anything she can find to use against Pragya.
She turns around and sees Pragya.
She lies that Abhi told her to get something.
Pragya asks what.
Alia looks around then sees Abhi’s CD on the bed.

She picks it up and says that is what she came to get.
Pragya takes it from her and tells her to let Abhi know that if he needs anything from the house, he should come for it himself.
She warns Alia that if she sees her in the room again, she should pack bags.

Pragya tells herself that Alia is very smart and will not stop.

Tanu is now in the apartment with Abhi.
She asks why he’s not doing anything to stop Pragya.
Abhi says he wants to figure out if she’s serious or merely acting.
He tells her to keep an eye on Pragya and let him know what she’s up to.

Pragya is in the room, wondering what she can do to get Abhi back in the house.
Robin comes to inform her that Purab wants to see her.
She panics then tells him to let Purab know she is busy and can’t see anyone.
Robin leaves and it occurs to her that Purab can help her bring Abhi back home.

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Robin tells Purab that Pragya doesn’t want to see anyone.
Purab is shocked.
He insists on seeing her.
Robin begs not to get him in trouble.

Pragya comes down and Purab asks her what’s going on.
Pragya tells him to keep his distance.
She addresses him as Mr Purab Khanna and tells him to let Abhi know not to be a fool by staying away from the house.
Purab calls her madam and says he doesn’t know what she’s up to but she should know Abhi is like a wounded lion right now so she had better quit her behaviour and call him herself.

Pragya is back in the room, confused.
She decides to keep her feelings in check and stick to the plan.

Abhi gets a call from her and tells himself that he knew she would miss him and call.
He answers and Pragya says she needs to know all about his workload and would want to see him at the office in the morning or take him to court.
He dares her to take him to court.
Pragya hangs up.

Abhi calls Purab to ask if everything is alright.
Purab tells him to come back home because Pragya is being very rude to everyone.
Aunt Indu takes the call and says Pragya told them to go to bed early so they can be healthy because she doesn’t want to spend money on Grandmother’s treatment anymore.
Abhi is livid.
Purab says she was rude to him too.

Abhi says he’s coming home.

He gets to the house and decides to go on the balcony so that Pragya doesn’t see him.

He picks up a ladder and climbs up.
He thinks of what to do to Pragya when he gets inside.
He picks up a stone.
He gets up to the balcony and the stone falls down.

Pragya hears it the sound of the stone hitting the ground and goes to the balcony.
She sees someone climbing up and gets scared.
She picks up a stick and hits Abhi on the head.
He falls on the floor of the balcony.

Purab sees Abhi’s car and alerts the family that he must be at the house.

Alia and Tanu return home.

Aunt Indu says Abhi will put Pragya in her place.
Alia and Tanu are shocked to hear Abhi is home.

Pragya throws a duvet on Abhi and continues beating him and calling him a thief.
He takes the duvet off and she’s shocked to see he’s the one.
She says she didn’t know it was him.
He says she knew.
Pragya remembers she’s supposed to act so she agrees she knew and beat him up.

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She goes into the room and he follows.
He tells her to apologise to his entire family.
She tells him he should have been a comedian.
He gets very upset and puts his hands around her neck then decides against choking her.
He leaves her.
She asks why she has to apologise.
He asks why she stood his grandmother’s treatment.
She says she didn’t stop it; if the family members go through more routine, they won’t fall sick so much so she doesn’t waste her money.
He says it’s his money.
She says it’s hers and from tomorrow, she will control his expenditure so he needs to get his credit card statement ready for her to see.

Abhi holds his head and sits down in frustration.

Pragya asks if he’s not leaving her room.
He gives her an evil look and she tells him to do what he wants.

She walks away and he follows her.

Alia and Tanu are walking along the corridor upstairs.
Tanu says Abhi swore not to return and she doesn’t know why he has come back.
Alia tells her to just admit that she has lost him and it seems Pragya never wanted Abhi to marry Tanu from the onset

They hear Abhi’s voice coming from the room so they press their ears against the door to listen.

Abhi begs Pragya to stop what she’s doing because he can’t bear to see her hurt his family.
Pragya says the earlier he adjusts, the better.

He says so she’s not the Pragya he loved?
She says no.
He says before he believes her, he would have to confirm it.
She panics and tells herself she needs to keep herself under control so she can pass the test.

Abhi moves close to her and leans in.
He asks her to tell him she’s not the Pragya he loved.
Her breathing gets louder and she starts p@nting.
She tries to walk away but he pulls her back and leans in again.
She closes her eyes and he says she’s lying.
He looks at his hand and sees she is gripping it tightly.
He tells her she’s lying and she’s the same Pragya he fell in love with.

As he turns to leave, she pulls him and back and asks why he stopped.
She tells him to continue because she liked it and she can pay him good money for it.
He pushes her hand away and says she’s not the one he fell in love with.

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Abhi comes out of the room and sees Alia and Tanu by the door.
He asks what they are doing there.
Alia says they heard some noise.
Tanu asks if Pragya was insulting him.
Abhi says she can’t insult him and he would teach her a lesson.
He goes into the room to warn Pragya not to mess with him because it’s his house and he would kick her out.

Pragya doesn’t respond.
She is facing the wall, hiding her sadness from him.

Abhi leaves the room, feeling proud of himself for putting her in her place.
Tanu and Alia are surprised Pragya didn’t say anything to him.

The family is gathered downstairs thinking of what to do about Pragya.

Abhi says they need to come up with a plan and find out what her motive and her weaknesses are.
He warns that nobody should fight with her and get they should also not fight amongst themselves.

Alia puts her head in his and says she would support him.
The other family members all put their hands in his.

Pragya gets ready for bed in a purple silk nightgown.
She pulls the bed covers.

Abhi and Tanu enter the room and Abhi snatches the covers from her.
He lies on the bed and says he’s sleeping there.

Tanu tells Pragya that Abhi has a right to sleep in his room.
Pragya says in that case, she would also sleep on the bed.
She asks Tanu if she really wants to marry Abhi but let him sleep with her.
She lies on the bed and snuggles up to Abhi.

Abhi leaves the room with Tanu.
Tanu says he can’t sleep with Pragya.
Abhi asks if she doesn’t trust him.
Tanu says Pragya might want to touch him at night.
Abhi says he would kick her.
Tanu blows a kiss at him but he just taps her hand and says goodnight.
Tanu is hurt he didn’t return the kiss.

Abhi returns to the room and tells Pragya to leave the bed.
She threatens to call the police if he touches her.

He moves to the edge of the bed and faces away from her.

Pragya longs for him to face her.

She slightly kicks his feet to get his attention.

Abhi tells himself that her plan must be to make him touch her so she can call the police on him.
He takes his pillow and goes to sleep on the chair.

Pragya tries to touch his feet again and panics when she doesn’t feel it.
She opens her eyes and she’s relieved when she sees him on the chair.


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