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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 172 – Stories


Pragya sits on the bed.
Abhi says the 20 days when she was away felt like a lifetime and now she’s back, the pain she’s causing is more than he felt when he was missing her.
He says he would have preferred she stayed back than see her like this.

He takes her to the wardrobe and shows her the belongings she left behind.
He says he used to talk to her things.
He tells her to pick one of the books up.
Pragya picks one.
He tells her to go to a particular page.
She opens it and sees he coloured a paragraph in it.
He tells her to pick up another one.
She obeys and he tells her to go to a page.
She sees a photo of her and Abhi from their wedding day.
He shows her the letter she wrote to him and says he read it so much and it gave him hope that she would return, now he wishes he had burnt it.

He goes to the bed and lifts up the mattress.
He picks his diary from under the bed and says she said Pragya was his best friend but after she left, the diary became his best friend and he never thought all Pragya wanted was his money.

Pragya is unable to hide her hurt.
He flings the diary and grabs her face.
He asks why she came back.
She is unable to respond.
With rage in his eyes, he tells her not to make the mistake of thinking he’s weak.
He says he fell in love with her but now he will learn to hate her and his hate will be stronger; he will never forget her good side and if she had asked him to transfer all his properties to her, he would gladly have done it, now he will treat her with hatred and take everything she loves too because she took away his love.

He vows to do all this or his name won’t be Abhishek Prem Mehra.
He storms out of the room.
Pragya breaks down in tears.

Abhi goes back downstairs to meet the family waiting eagerly to hear what happened.
Alia and Tanu ask him what happened but he leaves the house without saying anything.

Pragya goes into a different room in the house to pray.

Alia says she’s sure Pragya is packing to leave because Abhi put her in her place.
Tanu says she doesn’t think so but she must be crying.

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They go to Pragya’s room to see what’s going on.
They find the room empty.

Alia says she must have fled through the back door and Abhi must have taught her a good lesson to make her leave.
Tanu gets excited that everything will return to normal now.

Pragya is on her knees, praying and saying she can’t continue anymore because her happiness and peace is threatened.
Someone touches her.
She turns to the person and says she can’t continue to hurt Abhi and there might be no use doing all she has done at the end of the day if Abhi hates her and she loses him.

The person touching her is Abhi’s grandmother.
She pulls her up and Pragya says she can’t bear to see the hatred in Abhi’s eyes so Grandmother shouldn’t ask her to do it anymore because she would rather die.
Grandmother says what if Pragya had died that day.

There is a flashback.
Grandmother was at the hospital the day Pragya was taken there after the accident.
She sees a nurse holding Pragya’s wedding chain at the reception and asks where she got it.
The nurse tells her it belongs to a patient who was dead.
Grandmother begged to be taken to the patient.

She is taken to see Pragya who has already been covered in a white sheet.
The nurse tells her they tried to save her but they were unsuccessful.
Grandmother says no harm can come to her.
She prays for Pragya to come back.

Pragya starts breathing again.
The nurse rushes to get the doctor who now examines Pragya and says it was a miracle.

The nurse later tells Grandmother that Pragya must love her husband very much because she was holding on to her wedding chain like her life depended on it.

Grandmother tries to call Abhi but his phone is switched off.
She then calls the house phone and Alia answers but when Alia heard she was at the hospital, she pretended the connection was bad and ends the call, telling herself that she didn’t want to have to drive to the hospital to pick her up.

Grandmother goes back to Pragya who is still unconscious.
Abhi calls and as Grandmother is about to answer the phone, Pragya calls her name.
Grandmother abandons the call and pays attention to Pragya.

Grandmother asks her how she got in an accident.

Pragya tells grandmother how it happened.

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Grandmother says she wants to call Abhi.
Pragya begs her not to tell him anything.
She tells her all about Alia and Tanu’s plans.

In the present, Grandmother says they should be glad Pragya found out about Alia and Tanu’s plans.
She says she’s ashamed to call Alia her granddaughter and Abhi has forgiven for 3 times already but she is still plotting evil.
She tells Pragya not to forget the promise she made to her.

In another flashback, Grandmother goes to see Pragya and Pragya says she wants to tell Abhi the truth.
Grandmother says she’s beginning to regret that Pragya married Abhi because she never wanted a weak daughter in law but one who would fight for him.
She says Pragya wants to accept defeat so easily instead of doing what it takes to save Abhi.
She says if she trusts Abhi’s ability to do the right thing, she wouldn’t have found Pragya for him to marry but she did that because Abhi is unable to do the right thing due to the bad people who surround him.
She says not only Alia and Tanu betrayed her but Pragya is doing the same.

Pragya says she already left the house and she doesn’t know how she would go back there.
Grandmother tells her about a goddess who was able to save her husband through her love and faith.
She asks if Pragya has no idea of the power a wife possesses in her love.
Pragya says she loves Abhi.
Grandmother tells her to promise that she will make sure Alia and Tanu’s plans are exposed to Abhi and they won’t get a chance to ruin him.
Pragya asks what she would do.
Grandmother says she has to change her ways and looks and she has to take complete control of everything in the house.
Pragya says she would do it.
Grandmother makes her promise she would never lose hope or fall weak.

In the present, Grandmother asks Pragya to remember the promise she made.
Pragya apologises for falling weak and begs for forgiveness.
Grandmother says she doesn’t want to see her cry again, she wants to see Alia beg for forgiveness and Tanu thrown out of the house.
She says Abhi will come to her for help since he can’t go to Pragya and she will make sure Abhi is okay.
She tells Pragya to always remember she is right there by her side.
Pragya says she won’t fall weak.
She vows that Alia and Tanu will see a change in their lives.

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Raj is in Abhi’s office.
He asks the accountant what job Pragya has done.
The accountant tells him that Pragya is very good on the job.
Raj asks how many fake employee accounts he has opened.
The accountant says he opened 10 but warns Raj not to open the system because Pragya has changed the password and if he tries to use a fake password, she would know.
Raj tells himself that he would have to find a way.

Pragya returns to the room remembering Abhi’s vow to deal with her and her promise to his grandmother.

She sees his diary on the bed and tries to pick it up.

A drunk Abhi enters the room and warns her not to touch it.
She asks if he’s a drunk.
He says he is and he’s sure she’s wondering where he got the money but he has friends who love him and she shouldn’t forget he’s a rockstar.

He falls on the chair.
She almost runs to him but stops herself.
He says he went to a pub and the owner was a fan who told him to always come for free drinks.

He falls on the floor and she tries to help him but he warns her not to.
He says he prefers to be touched by a murderer and in fact, she’s a murderer because she murdered his Fatty.

He goes to his drawer and starts throwing the contents out.
She asks what he’s looking for.
He goes to the dressing table and picks something.
He hides the thing behind his back and tells Pragya to go to sleep as he needs to talk to someone.

He puts the thing on the table and it’s Pragya’s glasses.
He starts talking to the glasses.
He says ‘Hello Fatty’.

Pragya is shocked.

He tells Fatty not to look at the woman behind him because she may look like Fatty but she’s not like her.
He says he doesn’t care about what the world thinks of her glasses but he loves them and he has missed her beautiful eyes, her hair and the way she talked to him even when she was angry.
He tells her to come back to him because he doesn’t know how he would live without her.

Pragya is watching him and crying silently.


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