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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 173 – Stories


Abhi is still talking to Pragya’s glasses.
He says Fatty should please come back to him.
He asks if she can hear him.
He says he knows she can hear him.
He says ‘goodnight Fatty’ and blows a kiss, then says he forgot to tell her that Pragya is a dangerous woman.
He asks if Fatty can just run her fingers through his hair while he sleeps.
He begs and closes his eyes.

Pragya goes to him and caresses his hair.
Abhi has his eyes closed.
He says Fatty is the best woman in the whole world.

Pragya pulls him up to take him to bed.
He opens his eyes and puts the glasses on her face.
He looks at her like he’s seeing her for the first time then smiles and says his Fatty is back.
He falls on the bed and passes out.
Pragya helps him take off his shoes.

In the morning, Alia goes to the kitchen and yells for Robin.
She asks him why he hasn’t made breakfast.
Tanu joins her and asks for food too.

Pragya enters the kitchen and they are shocked to see she’s still in the house.
She tells Robin to go and do some other chores.
Alia asks who will make breakfast.
Pragya says she fired the other helps so Robin has to do other things.
She says she is cutting costs and Alia would start cooking for everyone.
Alia says she won’t cook.
Pragya says she won’t eat then.
She tells Tanu to do the dishes.
Tanu says she’s a supermodel.
Pragya says she’s no longer one and she has to work to stay in the house.
She warns her to manage one washing detergent per month.
She turns to leave then tells them they are useless.

She calls the rest of the family and tells them that she fired the helps except Robin so everyone will handle chores.
She tells Mitali that she would be in charge of doing everyone’s laundry.
She tells Pami that she needs to lose weight and as such she would be in charge of cleaning the house.
Mitali tells Pami not to complain so that Pragya doesn’t add mopping the floor to her task.
Pragya says it’s a good idea so not only will Pami sweep, she would mop as well.
Pami’s looks like she could kill Mitali.

Pragya tells Raj he would be in charge of taking care of the children.
Grandmother tells her that they are not used to doing chores.
Aunt Indu tells her that Pragya may be doing the right thing because everyone has gotten used to not doing chores in the house so it’s good for them to work.
Pragya tells her not to think she would be spared because even grandmother will have to do chores.
Alia asks why she would make her grandmother do chores.
Pragya warns Alia not to talk while she’s talking.

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She tells Grandmother and aunt Indu to take care of the prayer room.
Mitali asks if Alia and Tanu don’t get chores.
Pragya says she already assigned work to them, Alia will cook and Tanu will clean the dishes
She tells them not to think they can avoid the chores when she’s not around.
Pami asks how she would know.
Pragya calls a guy to come inside.
She introduces him as her personal assistant and his name is Ronnie; he will watch them when she’s not around

She leaves the room and Ronnie tells them all that he answers only to Pragya and he cannot tolerate anger and laughter.
He orders them to start work immediately.

Pragya watches Abhi as he sleeps.
She sees him stir, so she picks up a newspaper and pretends to be reading.
He asks how he got into bed and who changed his clothes.
She says she did.
He asks if she made him coffee.
She tells him to drink and get ready to go to the office.
He takes a sip and secretly rejoices that it tastes the same.
He swallows and says there is no sugar.
She says sugar is unhealthy.
He pours the coffee on the ground.
She tells him that he usually takes 5 cups of coffee a day but she has reduced it to 3 and now he has only 2 left.

Alia and Tanu are in Alia’s room with Raj.
They complain about the chores and Raj tells them to keep Pragya busy at home so he can have time to do what he needs to do at the office.
He tells them not to discuss the topic at home anymore.

He leaves the room and narrowly misses Pragya.

Pragya overhears Tanu and Alia talk about getting a lawyer so they can get rid of Pragya.
Pragya smiles.

Pami is sweeping the floor while Mitali is mopping.

Bulbul and Purab enter the house.

Purab helps Mitali up and asks why she’s doing chores.
Mitali says she had to wash all the clothes and now she has to also clean.
Pami says she also has to clean.
Purab asks why.
Pami says Pragya gave them all chores
Purab says Pragya is not there so they don’t have to.
Mitali points to Ronnie who is lying on the couch with a handkerchief covering his face.

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Purab goes to him and asks who he is.
Ronnie doesn’t move.
He says they have 15 minutes to complete their chores them he will assign them new ones.

Purab and Bulbul look at one another.

Abhi comes downstairs.
Purab asks who the strange guy is.
Abhi takes a throw pillow and hits Ronnie with it.
Ronnie jumps up and he’s star struck when he sees Abhi.
He says he’s Abhi’s biggest fan.
Abhi asks him what he’s doing in the house.
Ronnie says he’s Pragya’s personal assistant.

Abhi tells Purab that he will go and find out what’s going on.

Tanu and Alia and in the car.
Alia complains about her hands from the chores.
She calls Raj to asks if he has seen a lawyer.
Raj says the lawyer is asking for 100 thousand to fight the case and he doesn’t have the money because he invested his money before Pragya’s arrival.

Alia tells Tanu that she will borrow some money from her friend.

Pragya is at home, checking the company records.
She discovers 30 people are being paid salaries when she saw only 20 people working there.
She calls and requests for all the employee records to be sent to her.

Abhi enters the room to accuse her of hiring someone to keep an eye on his family members to make them work.
Pragya says she’s impressed.
Abhi tells her to go and fire him.
Pragya refuses.
Abhi says if she doesn’t fire him, then he will show her.

He leaves the room.
Pragya gets a call from the office saying the employee information have been sent to her.
Pragya asks who signs the employee letters.
The staff says it’s Purab.

Pragya remembers the time she overheard Alia telling someone on the phone that she would do what she plans on doing and wouldn’t get caught because she will frame Purab and let him take the fall for it.

Alia and Tanu return home.
Alia is upset that none of her friends would give her money.
Pragya hears them talking about it.

She yells for Ronnie.

Alia and Tanu hide.

Pragya makes sure they can hear her as she tells Ronnie that someone from the office will bring a suitcase full of money for her.
She tells him to look for Alia and make her cook dinner.

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When she leaves Alia tells Tanu that they have to get the money.

Grandmother meets Pragya upstairs and stands behind a pillar to talk to her.
Pragya gives her an update of what she discovered with the company records.

Aunt Indu comes upstairs so Pragya gets back into character.
She asks why grandmother hasn’t done her work.
Aunt Indu tells her the player room has been taken care of.

Pragya is about to go into her room.
A lady comes out and says she’s Abhi’s assistant and Pragya can’t enter the room without an appointment.

Pragya pushes her out of the way and enters the room.
She sees Abhi pretending to listen to music on his headphones.

She asks him who the lady is.
Abhi asks the lady why she allowed Pragya in.
She says Pragya forced herself in.
He tells Pragya that’s she’s his assistant so nobody can see him except she agrees.
Pragya says she is his boss so she doesn’t have to listen to his assistant and also she won’t pay the assistant.

Abhi tells the PA to leave the room.

He tells Pragya that she doesn’t have to pay his assistant because she’s working for him for free.
Pragya says they will see.

Alia and Tanu are on the lookout for the man bringing the money.

The man arrives and gives the briefcase to Ronnie.

Alia goes to Ronnie and lies that Pragya has a headache and needs him to make her some tea.
He gives her the briefcase to hold them he comes back and reminds Alia that the kitchen is her duty so she should make the tea.
He takes the briefcase from her.

Pragya is standing by the door, wondering what to do about Abhi’s PA.

Ronnie brings the briefcase to her.
She tells him to hold on to it for a while.

She tells Abhi’s PA to let him know she needs to bring a bag in.

The PA tells Abhi and he tells her to let Pragya know he’s changing his clothes.

Alia and Tanu wonder what’s happening.

Pragya starts shouting and asking why Grandmother fell.
Abhi rushes out in a panic.

Pragya and Ronnie run into the room and lock the door.
Abhi bangs on the door but she doesn’t open.
He berates his PA and walks away in anger.


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