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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 174 – Stories


Tanu asks Alia what they can do to get the money from Pragya.

They hear Mitali in the living room complaining about how her body hurts from all the work she had to do.

Alia and Tanu sit with her and Tanu says she’s pregnant and doing work too but she’s not crying like Mitali.
Alia asks Mitali if she has some money, like a couple of millions?
Mitali says she has never seen that kind of money.
She asks what they need it for.
Alia says they need to hire a lawyer to help them get rid of Pragya.
Mitali says they don’t need to spend that much because she knows a girl who can help them.
Alia suggests they go to her right away.

Pragya and Ronnie are in the room, looking for a good place to hide the briefcase that would still be visible.
She decides to hide it behind the pillows on the bed.

Later on, Pragya goes is walking past Grandmother’s room.
She sees her and rudely asks what she’s doing.
Grandmother tells her to come in as nobody is there.
Pragya runs into her arms.
Grandmother commends her on a good job.
Pragya says she has come up with a plan to expose Alia and Tanu.

Mitali takes Alia and Tanu to the lady who is not a lawyer but an astrologer.
Alia gets upset and says she’s leaving.
Mitali tells her that the lady is very good.

As they are about to leave, the lady says they can leave but they should know that their money problems will not be solved if they do.

Abhi wants to use the bathroom but he thinks Pragya and Ronnie are still in his room, so he decides to use his grandmother’s own.

Pragya is still with Grandmother.
She says she will have to expose Alia and Tanu first.

Abhi sees her as he opens the door.

Pragya panics as she doesn’t know if he heard her.

He enters the room and says her plans will fail, she can’t hide anything from him especially if she tells his grandmother about it.

Grandmother stares at him, not knowing what he’s talking about.

Abhi says he knows exactly why Pragya is there.
She asks what he knows.
He says she’s there to complain to his grandmother about his secretary so that she can be fired.
He says she can’t separate him from his grandmother.
Grandmother says she will always support him.
She tells him that Pragya threatened her.
Abhi makes his own threats.
Pragya tells him she already made a complaint at the police station and if they don’t hear from her, they know where to come.
She tells him she will get rid of the assistant and there is nothing he can do about it.

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The astrologer tells Tanu to pick a card.
Tanu does.
The astrologer tells her that she’s hiding the truth and it will cause her problems.
Tanu gets upset.

Alia chooses a card and the astrologer tells her she betrayed someone close to her in the past.
Alia says she just wants to know when she would get her money.
The astrologer tells her she will get it if she works hard but if she keeps going after someone else’s money, she won’t succeed in life.
Alia says she’s leaving.

Abhi’s PA sees Pragya and her assistant talking.

She goes to call Abhi to come and see them plotting against him.
Abhi follows her and they hide to watch Pragya and Ronnie.

When Pragya leaves, Abhi collects some money from his assistant.

He gives the money to Ronnie then asks what Pragya was telling him.
Ronnie complains the money is not enough for him to betray his boss.
Abhi asks for the money back but Ronnie asks if he gave him any money.
Abhi asks his assistant if she didn’t see him give Ronnie the money.
She says she had her back turned and didn’t see.

Ronnie walks away and Abhi tells his assistant that it was her money.

At night, aunt Indu asks Robin why the table is not set.
Robin says Alia didn’t make dinner.

Alia and the others return home.
She asks Robin if he ever saw her cook before.
Grandmother tells Alia to leave Robin scold Pragya who gave her the task instead.
She says because of Alia they all have to go to bed on an empty stomach.

Pragya comes to the balcony and asks them why the are all talking.
Tanu says they were discussing what to make for dinner.
Pragya reminds Alia that she gave a rule that anyone who didn’t complete their task would be punished
She says the punishment is to make 3 different dinners for tonight.

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Alia tries to protest but Tanu takes her away.

Pragya and grandmother exchange smiles and Aunt Indu sees them.
Pragya runs off and aunt Indu tells Grandmother she just saw the smile they exchanged.
Grandmother denies it and says she can’t stand Pragya.
Aunt Indu becomes confused.

In the kitchen, Alia blames Tanu for not allowing her to tell Pragya what she wanted to.
Tanu says Pragya would have thrown both of them out.
Alia starts chopping up the leaves to make dinner.
She tells Tanu that she just got an idea, everyone is downstairs waiting for dinner, so now is the perfect time to go and steal the briefcase from Pragya’s room and Tanu has to do it.

She sees a shadow and asks who is there.
Ronnie walks into the kitchen and says Pragya asked him to get her some water.

Abhi is upstairs, on the phone with a producer.

Pragya sees him and makes fun of him.
She holds up her own phone and says the number he’s trying to reach is unavailable.

Abhi tells the producer to cancel all his concerts as he no longer wants to make money.

Pragya strolls away and trips over a rug.
She falls down and holds her her ankle.

Abhi laughs at her but when he sees that she’s in pain, he goes to her and carries her

At the dining table, everyone is complaining about the food that is yet to arrive.

Tanu is making her way upstairs when she stops in her track.
She sees Abhi bringing Pragya down the stairs.

Everyone is shocked.
Tanu tells him to drop her.
Abhi says he’s going to throw her out.
He asks the family members and they all tell him to throw her out.
He throws her roughly on the couch and says he’s going out but if she troubles the family members, they should let him know.

Pragya tells him to be back before 10 pm or he won’t eat dinner.

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Mitali goes to the kitchen and sees Alia struggling to make dinner.
She laughs when she sees her watching a cooking video on her phone
Alia warns her not to tell anyone.

Pragya joins the family at the table.
Tanu decides it’s a good time to go and steal the briefcase.
She leaves the table saying she’s going to take her medicine.

Grandmother sees Aunt Indu staring at Pragya.
She warns her not to so that Pragya doesn’t get upset.
Aunt Indu says something is fishy because Pragya has been doing all the right things so far.
Grandmother says Pragya makes them work so much and she tortures Abhi.
Aunty Indu asks what she’s talking about.

Ronnie watches Tanu as she goes towards Abhi’s room.
He sends Pragya a text message.
Pragya tells herself that she will finally catch Tanu red handed.

Alia brings dinner and sets the table.
Nobody likes the food.
She asks why they are not having more.

She serves Pragya.
Pragya stands up and says she’s not hungry.
Alia holds her hand and tells her to eat.
Pragya asks why she’s trying to stop her.
Alia says she’s not.

Pragya leaves and Alia panics when she doesn’t see her phone because she wants to send a message to Tanu.
She borrows Mitali’s phone but Tanu’s number is not saved in it.

Tanu is in the room, wondering where the briefcase can be.

Alia is watching Pragya who is talking to Ronnie outside the room.

Tanu sees the briefcase behind the pillow and takes it.
She turns and sees Pragya who gives her a slap.

Alia sees them and runs off.

Tanu says she only came to get the papers Abhi asked her to.
Pragya tells her she’s been caught red-handed.

She takes her downstairs and tells Ronnie to bring the briefcase.

Grandmother asks Pragya why she is being rude to Tanu.
Pragya says she will tell them and afterwards, she will throw Tanu out of the house.

Tanu tells grandmother that Pragya slapped her.
Grandmother pretends to be horrified.
Tanu tells her to call Abhi.
Aunt Indu says they must first ask what Tanu did to warrant the slap.


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